Ennovi presents contacting system for prismatic battery cells

Singapore-based Ennovi announces the market launch of a contacting system for prismatic battery cells. The electric mobility specialist was only created at the end of 2023 through the spin-off of the electric division from the Interplex Group.

Image: Ennovi

According to Ennovi, the contacting system, called CellConnect-Prism, will enable the integration of individual prismatic cells to create larger battery modules or extended cell-to-pack and cell-to-chassis configurations. “By streamlining the assembly process and eliminating inefficiencies, Ennovi-CellConnect-Prism accelerates battery pack production while optimising material usage and reducing costs,” the company writes in a press release.

One of the most important innovations is the use of a die-cut circuit (FDC) as an alternative to the conventional flexible printed circuit (FPC). The process reduces production time and costs and also minimises the environmental impact. In addition, the use of automotive-grade PET material and a special soldering process should ensure optimum heat resistance and component attachment. Voltage and temperature measurements are integrated directly into the assembly.

“Traditionally, prismatic cell contacting systems have relied on current collector assembly (CCA) technologies, which often suffer from inherent inefficiencies,” said Randy Tan, Product Portfolio Director, Battery Platform Development Solutions at Ennovi. “These systems entail complex processes, including laminating and assembling carriers with low-voltage data collection circuits, current collectors, and terminal busbars. However, ENNOVI-CellConnect-Prism revolutionises this approach by introducing innovative features that enhance performance and sustainability.”

Ennovi was only formed in October 2023 through a spin-off from Blackstone’s portfolio company Interplex and will focus on battery, power and signalling solutions for the next generation of electric vehicles. The company is headquartered in Singapore and claims to employ more than 7,000 people across 15 locations.


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10.03.2024 um 21:36
The battery pack needs some detailed attention and design, redesign to bring up efficiency and reduce battery pack costs moving forward. Range in the U.S. is and probably always will be a concern. High two hundred or just over 300 mile ranges are becoming common. Compared to modern ICE motors ranges 400 to 600 miles can actually be achieved now. BEV packs have a way to go to beat out fueled modern injection ICE power plants in vehicles.Operations differences between ICE and BEV is making 'turbulence' in consumers experience moving from ICE to BEV, there are new protocols involved in preconditioning battery temperature before public charge sessions.

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