Solaris delivers further electric buses to Warsaw

Solaris has received another electric bus order from the Polish capital Warsaw. The public transport operator MZA Warszawa has ordered twelve Solaris Urbino 12 Electric buses, which will be delivered within a year.

Image: Solaris

In December 2023, transport operator ZTM ordered twelve new electric articulated buses from Solaris, which will arrive in the Polish capital in 2024 and 2025. Solaris has already delivered 152 electric buses to Warsaw, which, according to the manufacturer, is one of the largest electric bus fleets in Europe.

In the press release on the MZA order, Solaris only writes that each “of the ordered buses will be equipped with an electric motor, which will draw energy from advanced Solaris High Energy batteries.” However, their energy content is not mentioned. The only clear thing is that the vehicles for Warsaw can be charged both overnight in the depot by cable and along the route using pantograph fast chargers.

At the beginning of March, Solaris presented a new version of its 12-metre city bus at the VDV Mobility Move electric bus conference. Among other things, the revised Urbino 12 has been given a new drive design and, therefore, no longer requires a motor tower – providing more seats in the interior. In addition, the battery system now has an energy content of up to 600 kWh, compared to the previous maximum of 520 kWh. The range should thus increase to over 600 kilometres. Solaris does not mention whether this new variant will be delivered to Warsaw.


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