Biliti Electric builds manufacturing plant in India

Californian electric tuk-tuk manufacturer Biliti Electric has started construction of a new production facility in India. The plant in Hyderabad will produce battery packs in addition to Biliti Electric's three-wheeled electric vehicles.

Image: Biliti Electric

The new facility is designed for a capacity of 2,000 vehicles per month and will span about 13 acres. According to media reports, Biliti has invested more than Rs 400 crore (or 4 billion rupees, about 48.33 million US dollars) in the new facility, creating about 10,000 new jobs.

In addition to building tuk-tuks and the corresponding batteries, Raja Gayam, CEO at Biliti Electric, emphasised that the company is also looking at other aspects of urban mobility.

“Biliti Electric specialises in creating a scalable battery swapping network for urban mobility and energy storage,” he said at the groundbreaking ceremony. “The company pioneers the development and manufacturing of advanced modular battery technology suitable for various vehicle form factors. Its primary application has been in the realm of three-wheelers for last-mile delivery.”

All of the company’s three-wheelers are designed for delivery services, and are offered with swappable batteries. In 2022, the manufacturer also presented a fuel-cell trike, but it is no longer featured on the company’s website.

Biliti Electric was founded in 2021. It currently has assembly plants in the USA, Portugal and Kenya. It says it has deployed vehicles to some 15 countries on five continents, working with major companies such as Amazon, Ikea, and Flipkart (Walmart).,


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