Subaru and Aisin will develop eAxles together

Subaru and Japanese automotive supplier Aisin have agreed on a cooperation to jointly develop and produce eAxles for battery-electric cars. These will be used to power the new electric vehicles that Subaru plans to build from the second half of this decade.

Image: Aisin

According to Subaru’s press release, the cooperation between the two partners “aims to achieve various performance aspects that take into account the environments in which customers will use their vehicles.” The eAxles integrates the main components necessary to drive a battery-electric vehicle. “It mainly consists of a gearbox, a motor, and an inverter,” Subaru explains.

Moreover, the partners recognise that the existing supply chain for many in the automotive industry is changing as manufacturers focus more on electrification. With that in mind, Subaru and Aisin will look into “optimal parts suppliers and production scheme.”

Subaru revised its electric car target last August. The Japanese manufacturer is now aiming to sell 600,000 battery-electric vehicles by 2030. The battery-electric vehicles will account for 50 per cent of Subaru’s global sales. In its last strategic plan at the beginning of 2020, Subaru still assumed that only 40 per cent of its vehicles sold worldwide would be electrified in 2030 – electric and hybrid cars combined. According to the new plan, the latter will play a subordinate role.

Subaru currently only offer one electric model, the Solterra electric SUV. Seven more BEVs are to follow, the manufacturer announced. Three of them should hit the road by the end of 2026, and four more by the end of 2028.

To achieve its goal, the carmaker plans to set up a second production line in Japan in 2027 (also with a capacity of 200,000 BEVs/year) and one in the US. The latter remains an important sales market, and the manufacturer wants to sell 400,000 battery-electric vehicles annually there alone by 2028. The above-mentioned 600,000 units are worldwide and only planned for 2030.

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about „Subaru and Aisin will develop eAxles together“
D and Slink
15.03.2024 um 22:59
Will this eAxel be able to be used to more easily and inexpensively convert ICEs to BEVs or is it to only be used by Subaru?

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