Mallorca likely to drop planned 2025 diesel vehicle ban

The ban on new diesel cars, which was due to come into force on Mallorca and the other Balearic Islands from 2025, is likely to be cancelled. The background to this is a change of government that has brought the People's Party (PP) to power.

Image: unsplash/Stock Birken

As the Mallorca Zeitung reports, the People’s Party, which has been in power since last year, wants to suspend the regulation passed by the previous left-wing government, according to which a ban on the registration of new diesel vehicles is to take effect from 2025. A spokesperson for the Balearic energy ministry explained that the EU does not envisage such a ban until 2035 and that the move on the islands is therefore premature. A new deadline for the ban has not yet been set.

The previous government of the Balearic Islands passed a climate protection law in 2019, according to which the islands should be fossil fuel-free by 2050. The law also included a ban on the registration of new diesel cars from 2025 and new petrol cars from 2035. In its current form, vans and trucks with diesel engines are exempt from the ban – as with petrol cars, they will only be banned from registration from 2035.

The drive transition on the Balearic Islands is currently being promoted via the Spanish eMobility subsidy programme Moves III. Between 2021 and 2024, subsidies totalling 9.3 million euros will be available to the islands as part of this programme. Of this, 6.3 million euros are earmarked for subsidising e-vehicles and 3 million euros for charging stations. However, according to the government, a third of the 720 charging stations currently available on the Balearic Islands are not operational. (in German)


about „Mallorca likely to drop planned 2025 diesel vehicle ban“
EV Lover
19.03.2024 um 07:48
Foolish political decision, especially when it should be made by climate scientists who understand that humans will NOT have a future on this planet if we continue to burn fossil fuels.Reinstate the future diesel ban.
19.03.2024 um 16:02
It is easy to blame politicians but, ultimately, it rests on the shoulders of the electorate who vote them into power. In the global context the issue is quite complex and one can make the point that the Mallorca ban was in essence virtue signaling.

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