Nio switches 75-kWh pack to LFP cells

In future, Nio will only supply its 75 kWh battery pack with LFP cells, apparently in order to further reduce costs. Previously, Nio had relied on a mixture of LFP and NMC chemistry for this battery.

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The 75-kWh exchangeable battery has been available from Nio since September 2021. So far, the basic battery pack has mainly used LFP cells. One module with NMC cells has been installed in each of the four corners of the battery pack. According to Nio, these cells in the hybrid pack are used as a kind of power booster. They serve to ensure that the battery can deliver a lot of power in the short term – in fact, the performance of the vehicles is independent of whether the 75 kWh or 100 kWh pack is installed.

The company has now announced that these four NMC modules will also be replaced by LFP cells. However, the 75 kWh energy content will remain in the standard Nio battery, with deliveries set to begin soon according to a publication in the Nio app.

The move to dispense with the NMC modules should primarily benefit Nio in terms of costs: The pure LFP batteries should be slightly cheaper. The development will probably be made possible by a new generation of cells from main battery partner CATL.

According to Nio, the cell resistances have also been optimised, increasing the maximum DC charging power from 140 to 170 kW, which means that the standard charging process from ten to 80 per cent will now take 27 minutes – previously it was 30 minutes. The power output at low temperatures is also said to have been improved, and the new pack is “industry-leading in the accuracy of LFP cell estimation”. In other words, the difficult detection of the charge level due to the voltage curve of LFP cells should be more precise, making the range forecast in the car more reliable.

The new LFP battery will soon be delivered with the 2024 models from Nio. The company has not yet announced if and when the new battery generation will also be introduced in Nio’s battery swap system. A European launch of the new 75 kWh battery is also not yet explicitly mentioned.


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