Seres wants to export 50,000 electric cars in 2024

The Chinese car brand Seres announces its global expansion strategy. The focus is on luxury SUVs - purely electric or with a range extender. In the current year, Seres plans to launch a total of six new models from the three series Seres 5, Seres 7 and Seres 9 on the global market.

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During its “Oversea Business Conference,” Seres announced its goal of exporting 50,000 vehicles by the end of the year. In the next three years, the company wants to increase this figure to 200,000 cars and 500,000 by 2030. Seres Auto (formerly active as SF Motors) is a brand of the Chinese Sokon Group. Its origins date back to 2016 when Dongfeng and Sokon founded the company as a joint venture based in San Francisco. It moved to China in 2019. The headquarters have been located in Chongqing ever since.

Seres is already present abroad, albeit with no resounding success. The brand claims to sell in 20 countries, primarily in Europe, the Middle East, North America and Latin America. The carmaker plans to be active in 60 markets by the end of the year. The focus is on SUVs. Six new models from the Seres 5, Seres 7 and Seres 9 series will launch shortly. These include purely electric and range extender vehicles.

At the same time, Seres is endeavouring to expand its sales and service network. To this end, the company intends to further expand its collaboration with global partners, according to an email to electrive. The plan is to establish “a series of luxurious, intelligent offline sales and service centres.” According to the brand, plans include the development of service systems and local sales companies as well as the construction of production facilities abroad. However, Seres is not more specific at this point.

“The concept of service has changed significantly in recent times, so our service philosophy and approach should also be improved and optimised,” says John Zhang, Rotating President of the Seres Group. “We will define our vehicles through software and become a leader in intelligent services to ensure our customers have the best experience available in the luxury segment.”

Seres intends to promote the Seres 5, Seres 7 and Seres 9 SUVs abroad, which the company refers to as “new models.” However, the Seres 5, for example, is already available in Europe. The attached press images suggest that there will be a facelift. In addition, the press release we received mentions a 90 kWh battery for one version of the Seres 5 – so the vehicle is apparently also being technically overhauled.

While the Seres 5 and Seres 7 (as well as the Seres 3) already attracted attention at the IAA in Munich in 2023, the new flagship Seres 9 is actually still completely unknown. Built on an 800-volt SiC platform, the “full-size luxury SUV” is said to have a smart passenger compartment with ten screens and a flexible seating arrangement with three to six seats. An intelligent augmented reality head-up display with 2K resolution and intelligent air suspension are also emphasised. Seres provides no further insights into the data sheet in its press release.

In China, Seres sees itself as a “top 5 luxury brand, hot on the heels of traditional luxury brands such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes.” The brand refers to the annual statistics (1 January – 10 March 2024) of the luxury car brand sales ranking of the China Passenger Cars Association (CPCA).

“We are at the forefront of the electric car revolution and aim to redefine luxury in the electric age with smart technology,” says Zhang Xinghai, founder and chairman of the Seres Group. “In the coming years, Seres will take a pioneering role in ‘defining vehicles through software’ and deeply integrate smart technology into its vehicles to cover the entire value chain of smart products, smart safety and smart services. This will provide a completely new experience that fulfils users’ most basic luxury needs.”

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about „Seres wants to export 50,000 electric cars in 2024“
25.03.2024 um 11:17
As Fischer discovered without a dealer network it's a hard slog selling cars in a crowded marketplace. They will struggle to find distributors willing to invest in yet another upmarket noname EV. With the market saturated, good luck in selling 50K.
Jan André Walderhaug
10.05.2024 um 19:04
Why add ugly grill on a 2024 model. Why mimic a fossil car.

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