Seres launches deliveries of the Seres 5 in Europe

Seres, a subsidiary belonging to the Chinese Sokon Group, has delivered the first units of its all-electric SUV model Seres 5 in Europe. The first delivery ceremony of of a Seres 5 in Europe was held at Mount Floyne in Bergen, Norway.

According to a company statement, the American-Chinese brand handed over the first Seres 5 in Norway as part of its “Europe Grand Tour”, which started in mid-June. The tour covered 21 countries in 25 days – including Norway, Italy, Spain, France and Germany. The Seres 5 is the second electric export model after the Seres 3, a slightly smaller compact SUV with a length of 4.39 metres (the Seres 5 comes in at 4.70 metres). The Seres 3 will be available in Germany via importer Indimo from autumn 2020.

The European premiere of the Seres 5 was in January 2023 at the Motor Show Brussels. Offered in China with a hybrid drive as the Seres SF5, the mid-sized SUV will be launched in Europe as a pure electric vehicle in three variants: a front-wheel-drive standard version 2WD, a premium version 4WD and a flagship 4WD. In January, Seres quoted 63,900 euros for the basic version and 67,900 and 74,900 euros for the all-wheel drive Premium and Flagship versions, respectively, as basic guide prices.

We looked at the technology of the SUV model here. Therefore, only briefly at this point: an LFP battery with 80 kWh is installed on board as standard, which is supposed to provide a WLTP range of 500 kilometres in the standard 2WD version. Seres only states the vehicle’s power output for the top version: 430 kW with 960 Nm of torque. Seres gives the WLTP range of this 430 kW all-wheel drive version as 530 kilometres. A semi-solid-state battery with 90 kWh is installed here.


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