German battery recyclers RET and Tozero join forces

The two German companies Reckelberg Environmental Technologies (RET) and Tozero are cooperating in battery recycling. The partnership brings together two specialists for "black mass" - a producer and a processor.

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RET specialises in the mechanical processing and recycling of batteries. While the company is based in Bremerhaven in the far north, its partner Tozero is based in Munich. The startup specialises in the development of a hydrometallurgical process for processing black mass. According to an email we received, the newly agreed collaboration is based on joint tests in which RET produced “black mass” in its pilot plants, which was then processed at Tozero.

“The aim of the partnership is to closely coordinate and optimize the systems and processes of both companies in order to further increase the efficiency and sustainability of battery recycling across all process steps,” Tozero announced. RET will contribute its expertise in mechanical engineering as well as in electrical and environmental development, while Tozero will contribute its chemical engineering and hydrometallurgical know-how as well as its hydrometallurgical process. Representatives of the companies recently sealed the cooperation by signing a letter of intent.

Tozero opened its battery recycling pilot plant near Munich in September 2023 and aims to operate Europe’s largest factory with an annual capacity to recycle 90,000 tonnes of lithium-ion batteries by 2027. The startup was founded in summer 2022, but already has the aforementioned pilot plant in Karlsfeld in operation and has entered into a partnership with the Chinese company Huayou Recycling.

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