Opel unveils design of the upcoming electric Frontera

Opel has shown first pictures of the new Frontera, which will be launched later this year. The SUV will also be available with battery-electric drive from the outset. It is regarded as the successor to the Opel Crossland and is intended to be the "perfect car for urban centres".

Image: Opel

The images now published by Opel show a wide-looking SUV in bright orange-red with a black contrasting roof. The front end does not look too aggressive due to its rounded shape. The Opel design language with the face known as the “Opel Vizor” is clearly visible. The Rüsselsheim-based company describes it as having a “robust appearance”. In the course of the Opel press release, “robust” is mentioned in three more places. This makes the direction of travel clear: the new Frontera is primarily intended to offer everyday usability – either as a mild hybrid or fully electric. However, Opel has not yet provided any technical data.

The Frontera was once called an Opel. The manufacturer sold an off-road vehicle under this name from 1991 to 2003. In 2024, it will become an SUV that will inherit the Crossland. However, there is no direct relationship between the Crossland and the former Frontera. The Crossland is a B-segment SUV, which basically succeeded the small Meriva van. The Frontera, on the other hand, was an off-road vehicle built in two generations and measuring just under 4.65 metres in length. This means that the then Frontera is actually the predecessor of the Opel Grandland, which has been rolling off the production line since 2017 and will soon also be launched fully electrically, via the Opel Antara, which has since been offered in this size class.

According to Opel, the battery-electric versions of the new Frontera and the new Grandland will be launched this year – a Grandland successor based on the STLA Medium and a new Crossland had been expected for 2024 anyway. CEO Florian Huettl recently explained why Opel is reviving the model name from long-gone GM times as follows: “The name ‘Frontera’ is ideally suited to our new exciting SUV model. It will have a confident character and be positioned right in the core of the market.”

Commenting on the images now published for the first time, Opel writes that the black Vizor seamlessly integrates the LED headlights and the Opel flash into one element. The design remotely reminds us of a Zorro mask. The new Frontera drives forward in SUV style with emphasised wheel arches and sills. According to Opel, the upright front end and the unusual proportions of the new Frontera form the basis for a “cabin that is as functional as it is spacious”. The boot volume is said to be more than 460 litres or up to 1,600 litres with the rear seats folded down. The model also has a second load floor as standard and optional roof rails, which allow a roof load of more than 200 kilograms to be carried.

Regarding the interior, Opel is currently announcing that the Frontera will feature the “Pure Panel” cockpit familiar from other new models – including two 10-inch displays, multimedia infotainment and a redesigned steering wheel. Customers can also integrate their smartphone as a control and information display, as is also possible in the new Dacia Spring. “The newcomer also caters for those who prefer to rely on their own mobile device by offering an optional innovative smartphone station. After connecting to the station via a dedicated app, the user’s smartphone becomes the vehicle’s infotainment control panel, also interacting with the steering wheel buttons,” explains Opel.

Other well thought-out features in the interior include a wireless charger, two USB ports at the front and rear, a flexible fastening system in the centre console and open storage and stowage options with a rubber surface. “With its combination of rugged design, spaciousness, clever solutions and efficient drivetrains, our new Opel Frontera will appeal to a wide range of customers who want to stand out from the crowd,” said Opel CEO Huettl. It is the perfect car for urban centres and their surroundings and offers customers a restful, relaxing driving experience.


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