Coastal Workboats to source batteries from EST-Floattech

UK ship builder Coastal Workboats has announced a battery supply contract with EST-Floattech. The battery system is to be employed in the purpose-built Electric-Landing Utility Vessel.

Image: EST-Floattech

Ship battery manufacturer EST-Floattech has announced a contract from British shipbuilding firm Coastal Workboats to supply the battery system for the purpose-built Electric-Landing Utility Vessel (E-LUV) to be built at Coastal Workboats new yard Stornoway and the Shore-based Power Supply System (SPSS).

The new vessel, E-LUV, is planned to be the UK’s first commercial electric workboat. It will perform the duties of a Ro-Ro (Roll on Roll off) and dry cargo transportation ferry, and will be equipped with a 2400 kWh Octopus High Energy battery system from EST-Floattech.

The collaboration is supported by Coastal Workboats receiving a £6 million grant from the Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition (CMDC) to demonstrate the UK’s first commercial electric workboat and charging station. In the CMDC3, as the third funding round is titled, the Department allocated a total of £60m to 19 flagship projects supported by 92 UK organisations to deliver real-world demonstration R&D projects for clean maritime solutions.

“Our attraction to the Octopus Series quite simply comes down to safety,” explained Coastal Workboats’ Chief Engineering Manager Luke Parnell, adding: “EST-Floattech have produced a class-approved product that brings to market a level of safety unseen previously. In particular, the passive nature of the heat dissipation system represents a marked step forward in safety, particularly for an application in the marine environment.”


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