Citroën launches new C3 Aircross with electric drive

Citroën has published the first images of the new generation of the C3 Aircross. The new edition of the C3 Aircross with up to seven seats is not only similar in design to the small e-C3 - but also in its drive system.

Image: Citroën

In addition to the C3 Aircross, there will also be a ë-C3 Aircross with an all-electric drive. Citroën promises “an affordable all-electric drive produced in Europe”. The manufacturer has not yet provided any technical details.

Like the ë-C3, the ë-C3 Aircross is also likely to be built in Slovakia. The Aircross version also adopts the CMP Smart Car platform from the 4.02-metre-long small electric car. As the C3 Aircross is significantly larger at 4.39 metres in length and has the aforementioned seven seats, it is questionable whether the 44 kWh battery and the 83 kW drive of the small car make for an attractive overall package. It is possible that this drive system will be offered as a basic variant in the electric Aircross. As the CMP Smart Car is related to the e-CMP from Stellantis, the 115 kW drive with the 54 kWh battery (known from the Opel Astra Electric, for example) could possibly also be used. However, this has not been confirmed by Citroën.

However, the French company itself states in the press release that the new C3 Aircross has been “radically” changed – “with the aim of strengthening its position in a very competitive sector”. The rather rounded shapes of its predecessor have been transformed into an emphatically angular vehicle with the design language of the ë-C3. Or as Citroën itself puts it: “The all-new C3 Aircross is changing from a model that emphasizes roundness and friendliness to a model with a more angular, muscular and assertive appearance – without being aggressive.”

At 4.39 metres, the new generation is almost a vehicle class longer than the previous model at 4.15 metres. As the sides and rear are also steep and angular, the interior should be very spacious. Citroën does not specify the volume of the trunk, but the fact that two folding seats can be accommodated in the trunk alone is an indication of the space available. Citroën also announces that the new model is “full of tricks” to “make family life easier by offering great flexibility of use”.

The new C3 Aircross will be available to order in the summer – with petrol, hybrid and electric drive. Prices are not yet known, but are likely to be slightly higher than the ë-C3, which starts at 23,300 euros or 27,800 euros in the higher-value MAX trim.


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