Tata and JLR to build 200,000 EVs per year in Ranipet

JLR and its Indian parent company, Tata Motors, want to produce EVs on a large scale in India. Tata Motors will likely build its new EV plant in Ranipet in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Image: Jaguar

The new plant’s initial production capacity will be at least 200,000 electric cars, two-thirds of which will be used for JLR vehicles and one-third for Tata cars, reports the Indian portal Autocar Professional. The majority of JLR’s production should be destined for export. “As a policy and practice, we don’t comment on speculation,” a Tata Motors spokesperson told Autocar Professional.

Back in February, the portal reported that negotiations between JLR and its Indian parent company about a plant in India were well advanced. There was speculation at the time about a one-third to two-thirds split. Joint BEV production in India could certainly make sense: Tata reportedly wants to use JLR’s 800-volt Electrified Modular Architecture ( EMA) platform for its future Avinya series. This is not just a rumour, but there has been a corresponding contract between Tata Passenger Electric Mobility (TPEM) and JLR, both wholly owned subsidiaries of Tata Motors Limited (TML), since November 2023.

The move to make India a major manufacturing base for JLR comes as the free trade agreement between India and the UK is progressing and is likely to be finalised soon, making the upcoming plant an important location for the exchange of cars. So far, JLR has only produced in the UK and Slovakia.

The Tata Group has committed to investing the equivalent of around €17 billion in JLR over the next ten years to make it an all-electric brand, while the majority of the Land Rover portfolio is expected to be available as electric variants by 2026.

In the future, however, not only electric Jaguar models could come from India: Autocar Professional has also learnt that the Tata Group is examining the possibility of relocating part of the production of combustion vehicles for JLR to India in addition to the production of electric vehicles.



about „Tata and JLR to build 200,000 EVs per year in Ranipet“
20.04.2024 um 05:42
Hopefully, the car would be sold on a level playing field price like at US and UK price instead 2.5X priced in India
Ruchir Goyal
20.04.2024 um 07:27
Prakash R
20.04.2024 um 09:05
Clive Jervis
20.04.2024 um 13:28
Jaguar was once a niche sports car and sports saloon. It won at Le Man's. It was once the fastest production car in the world. It was the car to own if you came into money or wanted to rob a bank. Jaguar XK120, 140, 150. C type, D type, XJ6, XJ12. Jaguar mk7, mk8 and mk 9. Jaguar S Type. Proper sporting cars built at Brown's Lane.Now look at it....an electric truck with a Chinese floor built in India. These are not Jaguars You are just buying a name.Same with Land Rover. Once renowned the world over and now reduced to a joke.It is not only British makes that have suffered terribly Buy a Mercedes Benz and you get a Renault engine. Buy a Chinese Volvo, a name once renowned for the P1800 Saint sports car. Tough and rugged vehicles from Sweden . No more.I always wanted a Jaguar. Not now. The name means nothing now. A bit like looking for a silver cup and ending up with silver plate at the same price.
D Anthony
20.04.2024 um 14:06
Will be built at Indian costs and sold at European prices with no investment in the UK .Will no longer be buying
Anil Singh
21.04.2024 um 00:00
Big opportunity for tata motors
21.04.2024 um 03:55
When will tata learn to produce hybrid electric vehicles which cuts off range anxieties
kenneth Enyabine
21.04.2024 um 08:05
They could as well build part of the cars in castle BROMWICH,Birmingham, west Midlands as the facility has the tech and equipment, it just needs upgrading and updating. My honest opinion.
A. Narayann
22.04.2024 um 08:16
A very professional and laudable approach. May generate lot of employment opportunities for technical and professional people in india Tatas have always professed country first policy and brought laurels to Govt of India

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