Norway redesigns subsidy programme for electric commercial vehicles

Norway has launched a new funding programme for electric commercial vehicles, which awards funds on a monthly basis. In a first step, the business development agency Enova will subsidise the procurement of 108 heavy-duty electric vehicles with battery-electric or fuel cell drives.

Image: Enova

Enova has earmarked 136.5 million Norwegian kroner, the equivalent of around 11.6 million euros, to subsidise the 108 electric commercial vehicles. The budget feeds the first round of a new funding programme for “heavy zero-emission vehicles”, which replaces two previous funding programmes in Norway. Various vehicle categories in the truck and bus sector with a gross vehicle weight of 4.25 tonnes or more will be subsidised.

The new programme is designed as a competition, with Enova supporting the procurement of EVs that promise the “greatest CO2 reduction per krona”. The maximum subsidy rate is 60 per cent of the additional costs compared to a comparable diesel vehicle.

The application must be submitted before the order is placed. The programme replaces previous Enova programmes that promoted H2 vehicles and filling stations, as well as heavy electric vehicles.

What is new is that the funds from the new programme are allocated based on monthly application deadlines throughout the year. “This means a short processing time and allocation decisions can be made just a few days after the application deadline,” says Enova, which expects that “several hundred vehicles will be replaced” as a result of the subsidy.

Norway’s Minister for Climate and Environment, Andreas Bjelland Eriksen, points out that heavy goods vehicles are responsible for a significant percentage of Norway’s greenhouse gas emissions. “If we can get more buses and trucks to switch to batteries or hydrogen, it will bring great benefits. I’m pleased that many in the industry want to make the switch. The government has increased Enova by 5 billion Norwegian kroner since we took office, and we are now seeing the results.” (in Norwegian)


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