Lancia opens order books for the Ypsilon in Italy

Lancia has started series production of the new Ypsilon, which is the brand's first model to be launched as a battery electric vehicle. At the same time, it now accepts first orders in Italy, which means that prices are now also known.

Image: Stellantis

The all-electric version of the new Lancia Ypsilon starts there from 34,900 euros before subsidies. Deliveries will begin at the beginning of June. It is not yet known when the Ypsilon will be available in other markets. However, it is clear that Lancia will offer its model throughout Europe and not just in Italy, as was recently the case. “It is the first of three new cars in the strategic plan for Lancia to enter the European premium market,” says brand CEO Luca Napolitano.

The model is a small car based on the Stellantis CMP platform and the electric version, the eCMP. It is thus hardly surprising that the Lancia presented in mid-February adopts the drive technology of the Peugeot e-208 and Opel Corsa Electric – i.e. the familiar combination of the 115 kW electric motor and the 54 kWh battery. That allows for a WLTP range of over 400 kilometres. There are also no deviations in terms of charging – AC with 11 kW and DC with up to 100 kW.

The Peugeot e-208 and Opel Corsa Electric are not only identical in terms of drive technology, but the Ypsilon is also being built together with these two models, which have already been available for some time, in Zaragoza, Spain. Although that creates some short-term synergies, it gives the Ypsilon an unclear perspective. There are reports that Stellantis plans to prioritise Peugeot and Opel production at the Zaragoza plant – and it is unclear what part of the production capacity is earmarked for the Lancia. In addition, the plant will be converted to produce vehicles based on the new STLA Small by 2026. There is already speculation that the Lancia could be relocated to a Stellantis plant in Italy when the Zaragoza plant switches to the STLA Small., (Italien configurator)


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