FedEx orders 150 electric trucks from the Shyft Group

The Shyft Group announced an order for subsidiary Blue Arc with FedEx for an initial order of 150 Blue Arc EV Trucks to be integrated into the FedEx pickup and delivery fleet in the United States.

Image: The Shyft Group

Following a series of tests undertaken by FedEx, the choice was made for the of 150 Blue Arc EV Trucks to be ordered. According to the Shyft Group’s press release, “FedEx tested the vehicle in real-life conditions, using it on last-mile delivery routes in Memphis. During the pilot, the Blue Arc truck operated extended 8-10 hour routes under challenging conditions, including temperatures ranging from 95 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit.”

This testing process not only helped FedEx establish its usage patterns, but also proved useful for the Shyft Group itself, as John Dunn, President and CEO of the Shyft Group stated: “Our collaboration with FedEx has been instrumental in refining our strategy for meeting commercial-grade EV fleet needs. Customer satisfaction is core to our operations and we look forward to seeing these vehicles on the road for FedEx, reflecting our mutual commitment to innovation and sustainability.”

The Blue Arc electric trucks are designed for long routes, so their energy use is more efficient, and it advertises being able to regenerate 20-30 kW of power through a regenerative braking system.

Shyft manufactures its electric delivery trucks at a factory in Charlotte, Michigan, where production kicked off last year. The battery is sourced from Proterra. When the deal was announced, Proterra was supplying its H-series battery system, which would allow for a range of 150 to 175 miles, or about 240 to 280 kilometres. Randy Marion had also ordered a fleet of 2,000 of the electric transporters in 2022.

“As we work towards the phased electrification of our entire global pickup and delivery fleet by 2040, FedEx is eager to incorporate new and efficient electric vehicle models that meet the demands of our diverse network,” added Pat Donlon, Vice President of Global Vehicles, FedEx Express. “We look forward to bringing the Blue Arc into our growing portfolio of electric vehicles in service around the world.”

FedEx has in fact been stepping up its electric vehicle acquisition efforts across the globe, with an order for 33 eSprinters to support the company in Spain, as well as electric transporters for use in London announced. The mail delivery company also has ongoing procurement deal with General Motors subsidiary BrightDrop.


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