FedEx adds 33 eSprinters to its Spanish fleet

FedEx is now deploying its first electric vans in Spain. 16 Mercedes-Benz eSprinters are added to parcel collection and delivery routes in the centre of Madrid. Another 17 electric vans will be deployed in Barcelona soon.

Image: Fedex

A total of 33 charging points will be installed at both locations in Madrid and Barcelona. According to the press release, these will be powered by certified green electricity and feature dynamic load management. It will be used to charge the vehicles “adequately” overnight, according to FedEx Express Europe.

It is not explicitly mentioned, but the 33 vehicles for Spain are probably not yet the newly revised eSprinter. Mercedes-Benz Vans presented the technically new but visually almost identical successor in 2023, and the model has been available to order in Germany since January. One important change concerns the battery, which is now significantly larger at 56, 81 or 113 kWh. The previous generation, designed for the CEP sector, still has to make do with smaller batteries and shorter ranges – which should be fine for delivery operations in Madrid and Barcelona, especially as each vehicle has its own charging point.

FedEx already has experience with the model: as reported, FedEx is using 23 eSprinters in London. There are also twelve units in Amsterdam and soon 28 eSprinters for the Paris region.

“Our employees and customers alike are excited to see the first of these vehicles out and about in Madrid and Barcelona, making low and zero emissions pickup and delivery more commonplace in Spain,” says Ian Silverton, Managing Director Ground Operations, FedEx Express Spain. “These two locations are key in our network, and these new vehicles help us move towards more sustainable operations in both cities.”

David Perdomo Hollatz, Head of Sales & Marketing Mercedes-Benz Vans Region Europe & Germany, adds: I am pleased that our battery-electric eSprinter are helping FedEx Express towards its own goals in the area of locally emission-free delivery. Reliability and customer orientation are important values, in logistics as well as in vehicle manufacturing.”


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