VW determined to launch the ID.1 despite the EV slump

A VW ID.1 could arrive as the VW e-up! successor later this decade. Volkswagen has begun initial planning but faces some challenges in bringing the new electric city car to the market, but the slowdown in EV sales is not one of them.

Image: Volkswagen

The ongoing EV slump has led to several automakers postponing their EV launches and pushing back deadlines for EV transition goals. Meanwhile, Volkswagen is working on smaller EVs to popularize them among the masses. The VW ID.2 is on track to premiere in 2025, followed by the VW ID.2 SUV in 2026. An even more affordable model, potentially called VW ID.1, has a chance of debuting in 2027.

On May 8, talking about Volkswagen’s future EV launches at the Financial Times’ Future of the Car Summit in London, CEO Thomas Schäfer briefly touched the subject of launching a VW ID.1 as the successor to the e-Up!, the production of which ended in 2023. While Schäfer admitted several factors would affect the decision of whether to launch a VW ID.1 or not, the current EV slump in Europe is certainly not going to be one of them.

The slowdown in EV sales in the region is not really coming in the way, as this model would arrive “probably 2027 onwards,” Car Magazine quoted Schäfer saying at the event. Volkswagen is trying to conclude this matter before summer. The VW ID.1 would belong to a very price-sensitive segment, so the company would need to bring its A-game in cost.

Volkswagen is developing a new low-cost EV platform for China simply called ‘China Main Platform (CMP)’ and plans to launch at least four models on its basis from 2026. However, Schäfer revealed that importing the ID.1 from China is not an option.

Unless Volkswagen develops a new platform for city cars, partnership with another automaker seems to be the only plausible way to go for the ID.1. There is a rumour in the media that the company may borrow the next-gen Twingo’s platform from Renault for this car. In that case, it may outsource the production as well for better economies of scale.

The decision to launch a VW ID.1 also depends on the available technology at the desired price point, be it indigenously or through a collaboration with another automaker. Volkswagen is considering a range of 300 km for this model, and Schäfer says a low figure of 150 km or so would not be compelling enough for customers. If everything works out, the company may formally announce the ID.1 in the second half of the year.



about „VW determined to launch the ID.1 despite the EV slump“
12.05.2024 um 17:13
ID1 should've been released with the ID BUZZ but VW execs made the gamble on prioritising premium and profitable, hence the lack of accessibility, affordability and diversity of choice causing the EV slump
12.05.2024 um 21:12
I hope they bring these smaller EV's to North America. Not all of us want monster vehicles.
Kurt K
14.05.2024 um 09:59
Yes, please no more Monster cars anymore! Thamks, the market needs the smaller ones!

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