New Fuso eCanter electric truck with comprehensive updates introduced

The new Fuso eCanter, which entered series production and went on sale in 2023, has received a wide range of updates for better safety, comfort, and versatility. The electric light-duty truck is a derivative of the Fuso Canter, which has been the brand's best-selling light truck for over six decades.

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A year after its launch in 2023, the new Fuso eCanter has received a slew of updates for enhanced comfort and safety. In addition to these improvements, the new Fuso eCanter will give customers more versatility, as it will be available in more chassis layouts.

The new Fuso eCanter has some big revisions on the safety front. It features more sensors and cameras working with a total of eight additional or updated safety systems. Its Active Brake Assist 6 (ABA 6) is an updated version that can detect bicycles and stationary pedestrians in addition to moving and stationary vehicles and crossing pedestrians.

The new eCanter prevents speeding by showing the current speed limit on the display. In case the driver still speeds, they receive visual and acoustic warnings. A rear camera displays the people or objects behind the vehicle, ensuring the driver doesn’t hit anyone or anything despite the obvious blind spot.

Also part of the safety systems are Blind Spot Information System (BSIS), Front Protection Assist (front parking sensors), Attention Assist, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), and Emergency Stop Signal (ESS). BSIS issues an acoustic warning and displays a coloured triangle in the interior on the windshield pillars as a visual warning when it senses a vehicle in the blind spot on the sides. Front Protection Assist, gives the driver visual and acoustic warnings when it detects pedestrians or cyclists in the front of the vehicle, and it operates at speeds below 10 kph.

Attention Assist alerts the driver to be attentive when they are not and suggests taking a break if needed. TPMS displays the tyre pressure in each wheel and warns the driver if it notices the tyres are losing pressure. ESS is operational at speeds above 50 kph and activates the warning light for the traffic in the rear to mitigate rear-end collisions in the event of sudden braking.

Following the latest update, the eCanter includes cruise control, a feature that will make highway drives more relaxing for drivers. In the future, the electric light-duty truck will improve in the styling department also a little, by adopting sequential turn signals in the rear. Moving to applications, the number of variants has gone up from 42 to 46. There are three different battery configurations of these variants, built on a range of wheelbases.

Mitsubishi Fuso is 90% owned by Daimler and manufactures the eCanter for European countries in Tramagal, Portugal. The eCanter is a derivative of the Canter, which has been the company’s best-selling light truck internationally for over six decades.


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