Mercedes-Benz Trucks offers charging stations for its electric trucks

Mercedes-Benz Trucks customers can now purchase charging stations and electric trucks from a single source. Alpitronic is the strategic partner for the charging stations.

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When fleet operators purchase electric trucks for the first time, they are often faced with the question of how to charge the vehicles at the depot. With this in mind, Mercedes-Benz Trucks now also offers fast-charging stations through its dealers. The ‘Depot Charging’ offer includes consultation, the sale of hardware and technical services, as well as financing solutions for the charging infrastructure. In addition, Mercedes-Benz Trucks partner companies can take care of installation on request.

The goal is to ensure a smooth charging process and high vehicle availability for customers. The service will launch in Germany at the end of May 2024 with initial pilot projects at various dealerships, followed by a rollout and the gradual addition of other European countries.

To date, Mercedes-Benz Trucks has acted as an intermediary between transport companies and providers of charging solutions as part of its eConsulting advisory service. Adding consultation, charging stations, and charging station services to the Mercedes-Benz Trucks portfolio significantly reduces customers’ coordination effort, as they now only have one central point of contact for their electric trucks and corresponding charging solutions.

“We have been a pioneer in the industry for years with our wide-ranging consultation on vehicle fleet electrification,” says Stina Fagerman, Head of Marketing, Sales and Services at Mercedes-Benz Trucks. “Our eConsulting services have been continuously refined over the years through extensive customer engagement. As a provider of consultation and depot charging stations, we are meeting an important customer demand. In doing so, aim to make the transition to electric mobility even easier for our customers.”

The strategic partner for the charging stations is Alpitronic. The company was founded in Austria in 2009. Alpitronic has been focussing on the development and production of the ‘Hypercharger’ model series since 2017. The term characterises the product line of modular and highly sophisticated DC fast charging solutions. Today, operators of public fast-charging infrastructure, in particular, rely on fast-charging stations from Alpitronic in many places.


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