New electric trucks coming to the USA

ZM Truck has debuted in North America with a range of Japanese-infused zero-emission trucks. The newcomer showcased five models in the Class 4, 5, 6, and "baby8" segments at the ACT Expo in Las Vegas. The baby class includes a fuel-cell electric version.

Image: ZM Trucks

Each ZM truck will be assembled in North America, although it has not been disclosed where. The company adds that it used market-proven platforms that have accumulated millions of real-world driving miles. The track record goes back to ZM’s owner in Japan, ZO Motors Tokyo.

“ZM Trucks isn’t your typical untested startup,” said the company’s CEO, Joost de Vries. “As a subsidiary of ZO Motors Tokyo, our zero-emissions vehicles are grounded in proven and reliable technology, as well as solid funding and access to supply chain resources and partnerships that would be out of reach for most brands starting out.”

The ZM4 is the smallest model in the range and features a 132 kWH battery in the underfloor for a 150-mile driving range (242 km). ZM specifies a payload of 5,730 lbs., equivalent to 2,600 kg, and 497 cu ft (14 m³) of cargo space.

A larger example is the ZM8, a Class 6 BEV that claims to be equipped with “the industry’s largest cab with a flat floor”. ZM Truck adds that the platform has been sold in Asian countries since 2022, with over 6,000 units on the road and over 125,000,000 miles accumulated. The battery is the same as in the smaller model, although the range is given at a slightly higher 160 miles or 260 km. ZM Trucks specifies 12,900 lbs. or 5,850 kg payload and box sizes between 18′ – 22′.

This is also one of the segments featuring a fuel cell electric version. The ZM8 FCEV has a higher range than the BEV in its class, with 186 miles (300 km), and offers a higher payload of 13,560 lbs. (6,150 kg). Fuel cell power is 110 kW and 26 lbs. (12 kg) of hydrogen storage is provided.

The second hydrogen truck is the ZM22 FCEV, a Class 8 vehicle with the same e-axle as the battery-electric ZM22 and supported by a 60 kWh battery. ZM Trucks claims a range of 311 miles or 500 km at a payload of 34,720 lbs. (15,750 kg). The fuel cell holds 200 kW and relies on 66 lbs. or 30 kg of stored hydrogen.

The company expects the new electric trucks to hit the North American market later this year. Prices have yet to be specified.

In 2024, it also targets new markets in South America and the Middle East.


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Andre Perret
26.05.2024 um 05:03
Interesring & presentable trucks.However, the reporter should have provided the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) of each model, to allow a potential customer to determine what type of license-class would be required to operate each model. Stating their respective payloads is technically useless if one doesn't know either the GVWR or the tare-weight of each cab/chassis!
26.05.2024 um 16:32
Exactly my thought…

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