Tesla offers 6,000 euro environmental bonus in Germany

6,000 euros—that's how much cheaper the Tesla Model Y will be in Germany from now on. Until 30 June 2024, EVs already produced in Grünheide will be available with this promotional discount, which Tesla calls the environmental bonus. The sales measure will reduce the overproduction of recent months. (UPDATE BELOW)

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Tesla recently recorded a significant slump in sales in Germany – it sold around 40 per cent fewer Tesla Model Y in the first five months than in the same period last year. Inventory at the factory in Grünheide is correspondingly high. Tesla is now taking countermeasures – with an environmental bonus totalling 6,000 euros.

Thanks to the environmental bonus, the basic version of a Model Y with rear-wheel drive starts at 38,990 euros in Germany. The other prices are also impressive: The Model Y Long Range with rear-wheel drive starts at just under 43,000 euros with the premium and the Long Range all-wheel drive is available from just under €49,000. Even the most powerful Model Y Performance with a large battery is currently 6,000 euros cheaper and costs just under 54,000 euros.

It is important to read the fine print. The vehicle must be delivered by 30 June to be eligible for the environmental bonus. Used vehicles are also excluded from the offer and the Tesla environmental bonus cannot be combined with other offers such as the favourable financing with 1.99 or even 0 per cent.

Tesla’s environmental bonus should also boost for electric mobility in general. If thousands of stock cars alone, which are currently parked at the former military airfield near Berlin, are registered and on the roads within a month, there will be a noticeable revival. The German market has currently levelled out at around 30,000 new BEV registrations.

Update 11 June 2024

Tesla UK has announced a new promotion to incentivize customers to take delivery of inventory vehicles before the end of the second quarter. Customers from the UK who take delivery of their vehicle before the 1st of July are eligible for 15,000 miles of free Supercharging.

Somewhat reminiscent of the early Supercharger deals leading to an inflated value of older Tesla models, the transfer of the deal has been addressed: “Tesla also notes that the free Supercharging miles in its current promotion are not transferrable.”

Tesla is further adding such promotions in other European nations as well, ranging from 20,000 km free charging in France and Spain, to 10,000 km in Belgium and merely 5,000 km in Norway and Sweden.

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