Hyundai to launch affordable EV called Inster

Hyundai has announced that it will launch the Casper Electric in its overseas markets as the ‘Inster.’ The company will unveil it at the Busan International Mobility Show on 27 June.

Image: Hyundai

For the uninitiated, the Hyundai Inster is a derivative of the petrol-powered Hyundai Casper sold in South Korea. Thus, it’s an A-segment SUV, which makes it a direct Dacia Spring rival. It has the same shape as the donor model, but with a more technical-looking design, courtesy of pixelated turn indicators with a pattern reminiscent of the Hyundai Kona Electric’s DRLs and new DRLs in the round headlamps. The latter additionally gives the front end an extra-rugged look.

On the sides, the Hyundai Inster sports new four-spoke aero wheels and seems to feature black wheel arch mouldings as well. In a teaser of the South Korean model (Hyundai Casper Electric), we can see even a smiley face badge on the rear doors, right behind the side window. The tail lights are completely new, featuring an edgy rectangular shape and pixel graphics. Up top, the Inster features raised rails, a regular sunroof, and a shark-fin antenna.

In an interior teaser of the South Korean model, Hyundai has revealed that the digital instrument cluster is more advanced than the petrol-powered Casper, possibly featuring customisable layouts. The layout shown in the teaser suggests it features Hyundai’s previous-generation software, seen in the first-generation Kona Electric and other older models. So far, it was expected that Hyundai will use its new-generation ‘ccNC’ software in this EV.

Hyundai says it derived the name Inster from “intimate” and “innovative.” The company hasn’t revealed the EV’s specifications, but it has said it is targeting a driving range of 355 km, as per WLTP. In South Korea, the Casper Electric can go up to 315 km, according to the country’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE). Prior to today’s announcement, a report from Auto Daily had said that the Casper Electric will have a 48.6 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack.

The Hyundai Inster will likely go on sale in Europe at the end of 2024. It could have a competitive base price of around 20,000 euros. According to the Auto Daily report, series production will start in July and Hyundai will sell it in more than 50 countries, including right-hand drive markets like Japan. Thus, it’s safe to assume that customers in the UK will also be able to purchase (and maybe also lease) the Inster.,, (in Korean)


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