Scania announces subsidiary for charging solutions

Truck manufacturer Scania has founded Erinion, a company specialising in private and semi-public charging solutions. The goal is to install 40,000 new charging points at customer sites by 2030.

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Through its parent company Traton, Scania is already indirectly involved with Milence, an infrastructure provider for public truck charging stations. However, Scania is now taking a step further by offering charging solutions for electric trucks at depots and destinations. That is in line with the company’s goal of achieving half of its sales with electric trucks by 2030. That goal can only be within reach if there is a suitable charging infrastructure, which Erinion now aims to set up for Scania customers.

A study by parent company Traton suggests that depot charging will become the primary source of energy for short—and long-haul electric truck operations in the future. In addition to public charging networks, depot and destination charging provide charging infrastructure at the customer’s sites or other predefined locations. According to Scania, that has many benefits: predictable charging schedules ensuring vehicles are fully charged, increased uptime, and ultimately maximum operational efficiency and cost savings through predictable and stable energy costs tailored to each customer’s specific operations.

Scania’s research, confirmed by pilot programmes with customers, shows the potential for significant cost savings with the improved charging solutions. According to the company, customers can expect a reduction in capital investment by up to 50% and operational savings of up to €15,000 per truck per year.

With the new company Erinion, Scania’s transport customers can benefit from advanced integrated software and hardware, as well as operational services and support. The bespoke and modular solutions can be offered as a standard resale model with direct payment or as a hybrid, flexible pricing model where customers can combine down payments, finance leasing, and ongoing charges for service and maintenance.

“With our solution, customers get peace of mind and can focus on their core business, while a specialised charging unit takes care of the hardware, software, financing and operational services required to operate charging at scale with superior quality and cost efficiency,” explains Jonas Hernlund, Head of Energy and Infrastructure at Scania Group.

The new company will launch initially in Sweden, Norway, the UK, the Netherlands, France, and Germany. A global rollout will follow. The brand-independent approach aims to ensure that companies of all kinds, regardless of vehicle brand, can benefit from Erinion’s charging infrastructure and operational services. By 2030, an estimated 230,000 electric trucks will be on European roads. To support this growth, Erinion plans to install at least 40,000 charging points at customer sites by 2030.


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