Volvo subsidiary Nova Bus receives order for 51 electric buses

The public transport provider OC Transpo, which offers scheduled services in the Canadian regions of Ottawa, Ontario, and Gatineau, Québec, is purchasing 51 units of the electric city bus LFSe+.

Image: Nova Bus

Nova Bus also comes from Canada and was acquired by the Swedish Volvo Group in 2004. The LFSe+ model ordered by OC Transpo has been extremely successful: last year, ten public transport operators in the Canadian province of Quebec placed a collective order for 1229 electric buses of this type, 339 of which were ordered permanently and the remaining 890 as an option.

According to the manufacturer, the LFSe+ is the long-lasting, safe and sustainable all-electric bus model from Nova Bus. It was built on the reliable and well-known LFS platform and offers the all-electric version of a bus that several transport companies in Canada have been familiar with for many years. The LFSe+ reduces greenhouse gas emissions, lowers operating costs and is already in successful year-round service in several cities across Canada.

The order of 51 electric buses from Nova Bus is part of OC Transpo’s zero-emission bus programme, which aims to make the bus fleet completely zero-emission by 2036. “Nova Bus is incredibly proud to be working with OC Transpo to support its transition to a zero-emission bus fleet,” said Paul Le Houillier, President of Nova Bus.

He added: “We fully understand the importance of this milestone and commend OC Transpo for its ambitious plan. We are as committed as all our partners in the transit community to make this transition a reality by providing safe, sustainable and reliable electric buses. We are very much looking forward to seeing the first OC Transpo LFSe+ buses on the streets in Ottawa.”


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