Ferrari opens new factory – also for its first electric model

Ferrari has opened its factory in Maranello where it will produce its first electric model starting next year, along with the drives and batteries for it. However, the Italian manufacturer will continue building sports cars with combustion engines there.

Image: Ferrari

Ferrari inaugurated the so-called the ‘e-building’ in Maranello (Modena Province), Italy, in the presence of Italian President Sergio Mattarella, Ferrari Chairman John Elkann, Ferrari Vice Chairman Piero Ferrari, and Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna, the new factory marks a new milestone in the Prancing Horse’s history. Its name might suggest that it’s a dedicated EV production facility, but Ferrari plans to also make ICE cars and hybrids there.

Ferrari has started test production at the e-building with the Purosangue and the SF90, which is a PHEV. A report from the British publication evo says that it plans to commence series production at the new factory in 2025, beginning with existing models. The company’s first electric car will debut in late 2025 and start rolling off the assembly line in 2026, as per the report.

Along with cars, Ferrari will manufacture their internal combustion engines, hybridised engines, electric motors, high-voltage batteries, and axles at the e-building. 25 metres high and covering a total surface area of 42,500 square metres, the new factory comprises a lower floor for general systems, a ground floor for vehicle assembly and logistics, a mezzanine for general systems and offices, and a second floor for vehicle assembly, engines, and components. Its staff consists of more than 300 workers.

According to a recent report from Reuters, the first Ferrari electric car will carry a price of at least €500,000 before options. The average sale price of a Ferrari and many competing luxury EVs in Q1 2024 was around €350,000, which indicates this model will be positioned at a premium. Expensiveness, limited production, and long waiting times have a big contribution to Ferrari’s hype. The company sold just 13,663 cars in 2023, and, in 2024, it recorded a sale of 3,560 vehicles in the first quarter.

The e-building could help Ferrari expand its annual production capacity to approximately 20,000 cars, but it might not want to reach that level of yearly output, a person privy to its developments told Reuters. The source also said that early development of the second Ferrari EV is underway while adding that a potential increase in the company’s annual production would only be a result of an expanded line-up, as it continues to want the per-model output to remain within a certain limit.,,

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William Tahil
25.06.2024 um 11:06
Ferrari could develop an electric piston engine - make the piston head a permanent magnet and repel it with an electromagnet at the top of the cylinder. Various patents exist for that. Then all you need is a real electric power supply - zero point, "multi-dimensional" energy extraction. I call them ETEE systems - Environmentally Tuned Enhanced Energy systems. Banned by the "powers" that "be".

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