Aqua SuperPower & BlueGrid announce marine V2G project

British marine charge point operator Aqua SuperPower and the Canadian marineV2G software provider BlueGrid have have launched the first transatlantic vessel-to-grid (V2G) project for marine electrification.

The £1.8 million ($2.3 million) Canadian-UK vessel-to-grid project is intended to unite teams from the UK and Canada to create a transatlantic V2G project for electric ships. This transatlantic partnership will deploy bi-directional chargers and electric vessels in Plymouth, UK, and Halifax, Canada.

The major difference in climate between the two locations is intended to help prove the viability of the technology, and “demonstrate the bi-directional energy flow to and from the vessel batteries, highlighting their capacity to perform key energy services and enhance energy security.”

In addition to proving the hardware, the software aspects are also in the focus of the initiators, who state the project “will assist with the adoption of communication protocols to ensure interoperability between vessels, chargers, grids, and software management systems.”

“Winning our second Innovate UK grant for vessel-to-grid technology highlights our leadership in marine electrification. We’re thrilled to lead the UK consortium and collaborate with our Canadian partners on this groundbreaking transatlantic project, showcasing the potential of bi-directional boat charging in different energy markets and environments,” said Adam Marshall, Chief Technology Officer at Aqua SuperPower.

The project is funded through the Innovate UK R&D programme, “with the aim of stimulating the development and implementation of innovative technologies in ocean technology.”

While this project is the first of its kind on this scale, Aqua SuperPower had started working on the issue in 2022, funded by the British government to plan the world’s first demonstrator for electric boats with bidirectional chargers in Plymouth. In the project, Aqua SuperPower contributed its charging stations, while consortium partner Indra would bring the core of the bi-directional charging technology.


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