Nyobolt demonstrates extremely fast-charging battery

Using its in-house battery technology, the British startup Nyobolt has demonstrated a fast-charging process in which the battery of an electric sports car was charged from 10 to 80 per cent SoC in four and a half minutes.

Image: Nyobolt

Nyobolt is a Cambridge-based company that uses niobium, a rare heavy metal, in its battery technology. It raised 50 million pounds in Series B funding in 2022 and is now refining its concept based on this. Demonstrating a charging process on a specially developed EV prototype called Nyobolt EV is considered a milestone. It was developed in collaboration with Callum, an engineering firm founded by Jaguar design legend Ian Callum. The Lotus Elise served as the basis for the sports car prototype.

It took Nyobolt exactly 4:39 minutes to charge the battery of this EV from 10 to 80 per cent. The charging process was carried out using a 350 kW charger. However, the EV’s battery was relatively small at 35 kWh. Nyobolt states that the vehicle has a range of 155 miles, the equivalent of around 250 kilometres.

The British company cites cooling as the key to the fast charging process. In the prototype presented, cooling plates with a water-glycol mixture on the battery modules ensure limited heat development. According to the company, the vehicle maintained a constant current of 500 amps during the first four minutes of the charging demonstration.

According to Nyobolt, small-scale production could begin as early as next year, and several car manufacturers are said to be interested. The company demonstrated a similar charging process in June 2023. However, at the time, it took less than six minutes to charge the 35 kWh battery. And there was talk of going into production early 2024, which obviously has not yet happened.

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