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May 9, 2016 - 09:15 am

JB Straubel, Martin Leach, Ben Scott.

Jeffrey-B-Straubel“We’ve accelerated some of our plans there. And we’re still on track to have first cell production starting at the end of this year so that we’ll be able to ramp up to match the Model 3 schedule as well.”

Tesla’s Chief Technology Officer, JB Straubel, talks about the Gigafactory. Though most of the interior is still under construction, production lines will be up and running to support the increased demand for batteries once the Model 3 goes into production.

Martin-Leach“We’re not trying to be a niche company. Our products for the larger consumer market will be mainstream products with a premium feel, and we’ll have something towards the end of 2017.”

Martin Leach, co-president of NextEV, gives us a glimpse of what is still to come. The EV start-up planning to launch a mainstream vehicle that could get further than a Tesla on a single charge.

Ben-Scott“This could be a ‘now or never’ situation for FCEVs in mass market mobility.”

Ben Scott, senior analyst at IHS Automotive, suggests that if fuel cells don’t move past the early adopter phase in the next 20 to 25 years, they will likely never become mainstream.

Jul 10, 2015 - 08:53 am

Pedro de la Rosa, Ben Scott.

Pedro-de-la-Rosa“Electric cars will be the future, whether people like it or not. If it is lithium battery or hydrogen fuel cell or whatever, electric cars will take over.”

Pedro de la Rosa races a Formula E car for development purposes for Team Aguri. While nothing is set in stone, he believes that electrification is the future of racing, especially as the F1 got too narrow in his opinion.

Ben-Scott“Consumer consideration and choice has skewed in favour of states offering additional incentives, like the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project in California or Georgia’s Zero Emission Vehicle Tax Credit.”

Ben Scott, analyst for IHS Automotive, commented in a recent report on EV uptake in different countries. Obviously, those with incentives see the highest growth.

Jul 7, 2015 - 08:44 am

Takahiro Hachigo, Ben Scott.

Takahiro-Hachigo“As the next-generation of mobility products, Honda will evolve products that use electricity as a core technology.”

Takahiro Hachigo is the new President and CEO of Honda Motor Co. and laid out the cornerstones of his strategy. He also made reference to the Clarity fuel cell vehicle, which he intends to introduce on the Japanese market by no later than spring 2016.
hondanews.info via greencarcongress.com

Ben-Scott“We recognize the potential of Germany and France. They are the ‘sleeping giants’ of e-mobility, but their EV charging station networks are currently underdeveloped with respect to the size of those countries.”

Ben Scott, senior analyst at IHS Automotive, concludes in a recent report that infrastructure is crucial for EV uptake and sees Europe’s two biggest nations far behind countries like Japan and even the UK, Norway or the Netherlands.


Apr 20, 2015 - 08:08 am

Nick Connor, Ben Scott.

Nick-Connor“We were planning on a three to five per cent take rate of this model. But our current rate on sold orders is over 20 per cent. We underestimated it.”

Nick Connor, Volvo UK’s managing director, admits that the carmaker did not think that the plug-in hybrid variant of the XC90 would become this popular with customers.
autoexpress.co.uk via autoblog.com

Ben-Scott“By 2015 or 2016, we will actually see an inflection point where global plug-in hybrid production overtakes that of electric vehicles.”

Ben Scott, senior analyst at IHS Automotive comments on a study done by IHS Automotive that concludes that sales of plug-in hybrids will much exceed those of pure electric cars by 2020.

May 23, 2014 - 08:53 am

Sergio Marchionne, Ben Scott, Yoshio Ito.

Sergio-Marchionne“If you are considering buying a 500e, I hope you don’t buy it, because every time I sell one it costs me 14,000 dollars.”

These are the blunt words of Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne, who had previously dubbed the selling of electric cars as “industrial masochism” he will personally try to avoid as much as possible.

Ben-Scott“The increasing variety of EVs and PHEVs is encouraging for the market, but there still needs to be more of these vehicles available to reach parity with internal combustion engine cars.”

Ben Scott, analyst for IHS Automotive, still sees the EV market in its early stage. Even though “EV adoption (is) exceeding the historical precedent of hybrids,” he said, more EVs need to be offered to get on par with conventional cars.

Yoshio-Ito“We will make sure to carry out investments one step at a time in line with demand.”

Yoshio Ito, Panasonic’s senior managing executive officer, on a possible investment in Tesla’s Gigafactory. After the company had signed a letter of intend earlier this month, Panasonic has not yet disclosed how much it would invest.

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