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Sep 1, 2021 - 03:02 pm

Bosch enables ebikes to go further and smarter

Bosch has presented its innovations for the upcoming e-bike season including a smart system and a new app for more connectivity. The German engineering and technology company has also revealed a new battery – its largest e-bike battery to date – with a capacity of 750 Wh.

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Jun 19, 2019 - 04:09 pm

Bosch has new drive for electric cargo bikes

Bosch eBike Systems has presented its new products for 2020. In addition to better batteries and quieter motors, there are several new digital functions – as well as new drive units for electric cargo bikes.

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May 22, 2019 - 12:54 pm

Bosch eBike Systems announce R200 e-bike range test

Bosch eBike Systems has made progress on a standard for measuring the ranges of e-bikes with defined parameters. The R200 has been developed in cooperation with ZIV (Germany’s bicycle industry association) and major companies from the bicycle industry are getting behind it.

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Jun 25, 2018 - 05:40 pm

LAPD patrolling on speed pedelecs by Bosch

The Los Angeles Police Department has had a quirky addition to their fleet of patrol vehicles as they acquire 20 electric bikes. They have been specifically designed for the force and assist officers up to a speed of 28 mph (45 kph).

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Nov 23, 2015 - 06:08 am

Tesla Down Under.

A total of 536 Tesla Model S have been sold in Australia, EFTM reports. These are not official figures, but the website has kept a tally for each region. Maybe its time the carmaker expand its Supercharger network, now concentrated on the south-eastern side of the continent.



Feb 5, 2015 - 09:25 am

Nissan, EV market shares, EU, USA, Mahindra Reva, Bosch.

Nissan-Maxima-2016Nissan Maxima photos: The Japanese manufacturer first featured its all-new sedan in a Super Bowl ad and has now delivered more pictures. The 2016 Maxima is set to debut at the New York Motor Show in April and is believed to come with a hybrid drive too, but this has yet to be confirmed.
autoevolution.com, motoring.com.au

European EV sales are rising as their market share reached 0.49 percent last year, according to Automotive Industry Data (AID). Translated into numbers, 58,582 EVs were sold, an increase of 51.7 percent. In the U.S., 82,130 electric cars were bought, resulting in a market share of 0.5 percent

Real world emissions: The EU plans to introduce new regulations forcing carmakers to test emissions under real world conditions from 2017, the Guardian reports. A European Commission spokesperson is quoted saying that a proposal to introduce a new emissions testing procedure is being finalised.

Higher incentives in the US? The White House is again attempting to increase EV tax incentives. Instead of 7,500 dollars, buyers could get up to 10,000 dollars. Furthermore, the incentives could to be transformed from the current tax credit into a point-of-sale rebate – but nothing has been decided yet.
greencarreports.com, detroitnews.com

New Mahindra Reva CEO: The chief of the Indian electric vehicle manufacturer, Chetan Maini, will move to a new role within Mahindra Group. He will be replaced by Arvind Mathew as CEO of Mahindra’s EV subsidiary by May 1, 2015.

Bosch recall: Bosch eBike Systems has started a replacement program due to problems with its 1st gen Classic+ Line systems. The malfunction manifests itself in “clicking noises or as disruptions affecting the freewheel function”, the company said in a statement sent to retailers. Bosch bears all costs of replacement and extends the warranty period.

Jan 21, 2015 - 09:12 am

Jeep, BYD, CCS, AMG, Bosch eBike Systems.

Hybrid Jeep in 2017? Jeep is working on its new Wrangler for 2017 and is considering a hybrid variant, though no decision has been made yet. And Jeep seems to care less about saving petrol than about adding initial torque by adding an electric motor and optimising the crawl ratio.

BYD-TangBYD Tang in the starting blocks: The Chinese manufacturer is introducing its hybrid SUV Tang on its home market. The 354 hp strong vehicle is said to offer an all-electric range of up to 85 km and comes with a price tag of around 250.000 yuan (40,200 dollars), after green-car subsidies.

CCS included: BMW now offers its i3 with CCS rapid-charging capability as standard in the U.S. – an upgrade that still costed 700 dollars in 2014. Heated seats are also standard now. On the other hand, the price of the base MSPR went up by 1,000 dollars. Meanwhile, Volkswagen announced that all future plug-ins in the U.S. will come with CCS quick charging as standard.
insideevs.com (BMW), transportevolved.com (VW)

AMG super hybrid in the making? After speaking to AMG head Tobias Moers, Motor Trend is speculating that a hybrid hypercar to take on the Porsche 918, LaFerrari and McLaren P1 could be in the pipeline. Moers’ lips remained sealed and the speculations unconfirmed.

Bosch eBike Systems kicks off in the U.S.: The German-based company is ready for a new adventure, opening the U.S. headquarters for its e-bike business division in Irvine, California. The Bosch Group launched its e-bike unit in 2009 and now holds large market shares in Europe and Japan.
bike-eu.com, bicycleretailer.com

Oct 15, 2014 - 08:34 am

Tesla, Minerva, BMW, Bosch eBike Systems, Renault.

Model S-lovakia? Tesla may build its planned European facility in Slovakia, media reports. A spokesperson for the country’s Ministry of Economy confirmed that there had been talks with the California EV maker. Tesla did not comment.
spectator.sme.sk, transportevolved.com, green.autoblog.com

Minerva comeback: The plug-in Minerva JM Brabazon supercar is said to come with three electric motors and have a combined hybrid power of 1,200 hp. The company believes its car – that so far only exists in renderings – could make the 100 kph in 2.1 seconds and have a top speed of 400 kph.

Brits prefer the REx: BMW has already sold 1,000 i3 in the UK. 60 percent of buyers opted for the range extended version. Almost all buyers (80%) requested the iWallboxPure for home charging.

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E-bike training: Bosch kicked off a series of 100 workshops to take place in ten countries. The goal is to teach dealers about the latest e-bike system, featuring the Nyon on-board computer and smartphone app. Training sessions will be held in six languages and run until March 2015.

E-rickshaws and e-carts are now recognised as motorised vehicles in India. They can be operated on roads, transport passengers and goods, and are eligible for third party insurance. Existing e-rickshaws will be registered after one sample of each model is approved by government agencies.

Test drive EOLAB: Technologic Vehicles had the chance to test the Renault EOLAB and was rather impressed. Driving and braking were smooth, while the car felt very well balanced on the CERAM race track.
technologicvehicles.com (with video)

Oct 1, 2014 - 08:38 am

NTU, DLR, Taiwan Mitsui Chemicals, Bosch eBike Systems.

2-in-1 motor: Researchers from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and German Aerospace Centre (DLR) have found a way to integrate the motor of an electric car with its air-condition compressor, thus making space for bigger batteries. Thanks to system synergies, this could also increase an EV’s range by 15 to 20%, the scientists say.

Safe batteries from Taiwan: Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) signed a licensing agreement with Taiwan Mitsui Chemicals for the production of safe Li-ion batteries for EVs and other applications. By using the institute’s self-terminated oligomers with hyper-branched architecture (STOBA) technology, the risk of explosion can be minimised.

Service agreement ending: Bosch is to end its e-bike service agreement with Shimano Benelux comes November 1st. Maintenance of the Bosch eBike System will be taken over by Magura, which now handles service for all European countries except Switzerland. The move comes after Shimano introduced its own pedelec drive, the STEPS, earlier this year (we reported).

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Most clicked link on Tuesday was the report on a resourceful Chevrolet dealer, who used the Volt’s 4G hotspot to provide its garage with internet during an outage.

Jul 14, 2014 - 08:42 am

Exagon, ZF/TRW, Bosch eBike Systems, Tesla.

Furtive-eGTFurtive eGT ready for serial production? The concept version has been around for nearly four years, and now French carmaker Exagon seems ready to put it on the streets. The EV is powered by two 300 kW electric motors and has a top range of 300 kilometres. Its price tag is estimated at 388,000 euros. The sports car will be presented in London this week.
electric-vehiclenews.com, hybridcars.com (with video)

TRW take-over: German supplier ZF placed an preliminary offer for U.S. auto parts manufacturer TRW. The Michigan-based supplier of safety-related components such as airbags and seat belts, gets about 40% of its revenue from its business with Volkswagen.
reuters.com, autonews.com

Thief dies after accident in stolen Tesla: He succumbed to his injuries after stealing a Model S at a dealership in LA. Not wearing a seat-belt, he took police on a fierce chase through West Hollywood and was taken to hospital after hitting another vehicle, a light pole and splitting the EV in half (we reported).

Custom design drive for e-bikes: Bicycle manufactures can now choose from different designs of the drive units by Bosch. New colours and a special off-road version are available, with a “naked bike” version even saving 0.2 kg of weight by reducing the the design cover.

Tesla to hire more veterans: It is not only a patriotic move, but returning military personal have often been trained in technical skills that are similar to those necessary to build electric vehicles. Moreover, they have excellent skills in discipline, leadership and communication. So far, 300 of the carmaker’s 6,000 employees are veterans, with another 600 involved in the hiring process.
greencarreports.com, green.autoblog.com

Jun 30, 2014 - 08:26 am

Audi, Bosch eBike Systems, Volkswagen, BMW, Harley-Davidson.

Audi-A3-etron-300Audi to go global with plug-in hybrid: The German carmaker will start to sell the Audi A3 e-tron in Europe this month. In the States, Audi’s first plug-in hybrid will be available in the second half of 2015. It is set for China first though, where deliveries will start in the first half of next year.

Bosch boldly moves east: As of July, the Chinese city of Suzhou will become the headquarter of Bosch’s new-founded regional Asian-Pacific business unit. There aim is to help e-bike manufacturers in China, Taiwan and Vietnam with their export business to Europe and the U.S., before developing markets in the Asian-Pacifc region.

XL1 to come to Britain: Volkswagen has priced its “1-litre car” at 98,515 pounds (168,800 dollars) in the UK, so it is certainly not for everybody. Anyway, the XL1 is limited to only 200-250 cars, set to land on British shores.

BMW i8 got its own Wiki: The second round of advertising for the super plug-in hybrid has started. As part of it, test drives while wearing Google Glass are being offered at some German airports. The branding exercise is completed with the interactive online platform ‘Wiki8’ that holds everything there is to know about the BMW i8.

LiveWire live: The now much-talked about electric Harley has been ridden by Susan Carpenter before it went public. Starting the LiveWire with a fob as you do with all Harleys was easy but then Susan had to choose between power and range. Guess what she opted for!
autoblog.com (with video)

Jun 27, 2014 - 08:41 am

Brutus Electric Motorcycles, Bosch, Tesla, Fremont Factory.

Brutus-ElectricEt tu, Brute: American Brutus Electric Motorcycles will start at this year’s Pikes Peak race with its ‘V2 Rocket.’ The rather beastly looking bike comes with an electric motor that delivers 94 kW and 233 Nm of torque and is powered by a 11.5 kWh Li-ion battery by EVDrive. Brutus aims at a top speed of over 185 mph.
green.autoblog.com (with video)

The end of a Classic: Bosch eBike Systems will base further developments for the 2015 season and beyond solely on the Performance and Active line drive systems, which were introduced last year. This also means the termination of the initial ‘Classic Plus Line’ since it is not compatible with Bosch’s on-board computer Nyon. The company said it would keep spare parts and service available.

Tesla’s electric powertrain has been named as ‘Green Engine of the Year’ in the 2014 International Engine of the Year award. Ford’s 1.0l Eco Boost engine won the overall competition. The Model S is the first electric car to win the award as the green category has only been introduced.
motorauthority.com, greencarcongress.com

History in the making: Automotive veteran Jeff Cohen takes a tour at the former GM and NUMMI Fremont Factory, which is now operated by Tesla. His account is full of history, as he visited the facility already when GM was still active. But it is the futuristic Tesla manufacturing that captures Cohen’s attention nowadays.

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Most clicked link on Thursday was Dongfeng’s super small EV, the Aeolus E30 which just went into production.

Apr 15, 2014 - 08:31 am

Volvo, Volkswagen, Saleen, Formula E, Bosch eBike Systems.

Volvo electrified: The Swedes’ new SPA platform, the XC90 is based on, is most variable. According to Dennis Nobelius, VP for the 90’s models, the XC90 drivetrains will include everything electric, from a mild and plug-in hybrid to a fully electric version. Even a version featuring Volvo’s flywheel KERS is likely.
autocar.co.uk, transportevolved.com

Jetta update: Volkswagen has freshened up its sedan for the New York Auto Show. Even though the 2015 Jetta is presented with a new diesel engine, the hybrid version remains. Apart from improving the aerodynamics, VW also introduces new driver assistant systems.
greencarreports.com, autocar.co.uk

Tuned Tesla tease: Saleen has released first renderings of its redesign of the Model S (we reported) making it look even more racy. Still it is not known though, which mechanical advances we can expect from the tuning specialist when the first cars hit the streets this summer.

No electric race in Rio: The Formula E has issued an updated calendar for its inaugural race sessions. Rio de Janeiro has been dropped and a new host city is to be named shortly. Furthermore, the electric racing series will adopt the scoring system of the F1.
green.autoblog.com, fiaformulae.com

Bosch eBike Systems U.S. launch: The German company has officially launched its Performance Line in the states. As in most countries in Europe, Magura will carry out the service of the e-bike system starting from September this year.

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