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Model S-lovakia? Tesla may build its planned European facility in Slovakia, media reports. A spokesperson for the country’s Ministry of Economy confirmed that there had been talks with the California EV maker. Tesla did not comment.
spectator.sme.sk, transportevolved.com, green.autoblog.com

Minerva comeback: The plug-in Minerva JM Brabazon supercar is said to come with three electric motors and have a combined hybrid power of 1,200 hp. The company believes its car – that so far only exists in renderings – could make the 100 kph in 2.1 seconds and have a top speed of 400 kph.

Brits prefer the REx: BMW has already sold 1,000 i3 in the UK. 60 percent of buyers opted for the range extended version. Almost all buyers (80%) requested the iWallboxPure for home charging.

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E-bike training: Bosch kicked off a series of 100 workshops to take place in ten countries. The goal is to teach dealers about the latest e-bike system, featuring the Nyon on-board computer and smartphone app. Training sessions will be held in six languages and run until March 2015.

E-rickshaws and e-carts are now recognised as motorised vehicles in India. They can be operated on roads, transport passengers and goods, and are eligible for third party insurance. Existing e-rickshaws will be registered after one sample of each model is approved by government agencies.

Test drive EOLAB: Technologic Vehicles had the chance to test the Renault EOLAB and was rather impressed. Driving and braking were smooth, while the car felt very well balanced on the CERAM race track.
technologicvehicles.com (with video)


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