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Mar 26, 2015 - 10:04 am

UK, Illinois, EV Connect & GE, Mitsubishi & Chargemaster.

Electric van subsidy extended: The UK government announced the extension of the plug-in van grant that offers buyers a 20 percent discount off the upfront cost worth up to 8,000 pounds as demand is only picking up. So far, 1,250 electric van purchases were suppoerted since the scheme began in 2012.
businessgreen.com, gov.uk

Meanwhile, Illinois ended its rebate scheme which saw customers get 4,000 dollars back when buying a plug-in vehicle. The suspension of the Alternate Fuel Rebate Programme is definite for now but does not affect other EV incentives in the state.

Charging partnership 1: EV Connect and GE embarked on a joint marketing and product agreement which will see them use their respective expertise. EV Connect thus becomes GE’s preferred management partner for its charging stations worldwide.

Charging partnership 2: Mitsubishi and Chargemaster have agreed to cooperate in the UK. Mitsubishi customers who install a Chargemaster homecharger will receive free access to the Polar network for half a year as well as to the ChargeVision reporting system.

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Mar 4, 2015 - 10:04 am

Philippines, PlugSurfing, Chargemaster, PG&E.

Bid for 3,000 e-trikes: The Philippine’s Department of Energy (DOE) has opened the bidding process for 3,000 electric tricycles through an Asian Development Bank-funded project.

PlugSurfing investor: Cleantech Invest is taking a stake of 3.45 percent in the Berlin-based start-up which connects charging infrastructure providers in five European countries with one app. PlugSurfing intends to use the money to expand internationally.

Chargemaster North is the name of a new Chargemaster business division formed to serve customers in the North East and North West of England, as well as Scotland. Headed by Alexandra Prescott, the operation will be based in Newcastle.

Dancing with the devil? PG&E has installed ten EV charging stations at the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant in California, another 12 stations are planned. The chargers are part of the utility’s providers plan to eventually install 25,000 such charging stations in California.

Feb 20, 2015 - 10:01 am

Cenex, Chargemaster, EVEN, OLEV, Tesla, Southern California Edison.

EV initiative for outer communities: British Cenex has secured funding to develop business plans to bring electric transport solutions to communities outside cities with the aim to include them commercially, environmentally and socially. The project is led by Cenex and will tackle the fringes in Poland, Spain, and Italy as well as the West Midlands and Scotland in the UK.

Charge point package: Chargemaster is offering British companies a package to get a 7-kW electric vehicle charge point installed for 995 GBP (1,533 dollars) excl. VAT. The charge point can be used by employees or the companies’ own fleet.

EV concept store:EVEN has opened a ‘Concept Store’ for electric cars in Iceland’s biggest shopping centre. Models of Renault, Nissan, Tesla, and Kia are on display and for sale. However, this could be just the start as the company aims at opening 250 stores across Europe within the next few years.

Late payment of the EV homecharger grant via the UK government’s OLEV scheme has caused outrage. SMEs are particularly concerned as waiting times of months instead of 30 working days disrupt their cashflow considerably. It is unclear if the scheme is to be continued beyond March 31, thus leaving infrastructure providers in the dark, too.

Tesla Stores for all: In a letter to U.S. legislators, 10 organisations urge the States to allow Tesla to sell and service its electric cars directly. The alliance includes free-market groups, consumer-protection and environmental organisations, and the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation.

Demand response: Southern California Edison has started a pilot involving its employees and 80 charge points. The utility is to test charging at peak times and how to manage it via several tariff options.
ocregister.com, greentechmedia.com


Jan 21, 2015 - 09:11 am

Chargemaster passes milestone.

The 1,000,000th EV has charged using the British Chargemaster network. The last 500,000 charges were counted in only the past six month. Since September 2012, EVs have charged a total of 9.5 million kWh within the network, enough to travel 49 million miles – or 200 times to the moon and back.

Dec 10, 2014 - 10:17 am

ABB, EDF, TEN-T, Qualcomm & Chargemaster, Louisville, Rome, Israel.

New fast chargers: ABB is to deliver another 100 fast chargers to Danish e-mobility service provider Clever. The latter will erect the ‘Terra 53 DC’ not only in its home country but in neighbouring countries, too. It is very likely that these chargers will become part of the planned European charge network ‘Central European Green Corridors’ (we reported).

More chargers for France: Just after Bolloré promoted its plan to build 16,000 charge points, Électricité de France (EDF) announced it will start to erect 200 fast chargers along French motorways starting in January 2015. The project is backed by Renault, BMW and VW, while the EU promised 4.5 million euros (5.5m USD). Most stations will be located close to the borders to Germany, Belgium and Italy.
leparisien.fr, automobile-propre.com (both in French)

European H2 infrastructure: 3.5 million euros are to be invested in studies preparing a European network of hydrogen infrastructure for transport. The money comes from the European Union´s TEN-T program and is intended for national implementation plans for Belgium, Finland, Poland and Riga, Latvia as well as three hydrogen refuelling stations with “specific innovative elements” in Finland and Sweden.

Wireless charging: Qualcomm is to invest in the British EV infrastructure provider Chargemaster that operates the Polar network in the UK. Its charging stations are planned to be retrofitted with Qualcomm’s inductive charging technology bit by bit although a detailed schedule has not been issued yet.
greencarcongress.com, electriccarsreport.com

Electric buses for Louisville: The city’s public transport TARC has introduced the ZeroBus, which will replace gas-powered trolleys when being phased into daily operation early next year. 10 electric buses for about 11 million dollars have been purchased with the help of the state and federal funds.

Electric christmas: To help Romans leave their car at home during the festive season, the Italian capital has introduced five new electric mini-buses. The buses serve the main shopping districts while stopping at major car parks, metro stations and bus terminals along the way.

Bi-national research: The energy ministries of both the U.S. and Israel will fund five Israeli projects with 4 million dollars in a bi-national effort. Among the supported companies are Fridenson Logistics and ChargePoint to jointly develop a smart grid capable, cloud-connected EV charging station.

Aug 14, 2014 - 08:33 am

France, Spain, Québec, BYD, Chargemaster.

E-mobilization I: France has now put its plans to strengthen electric transport into a law proposal. The current rebate shall be increased by 10,000 euros, if the purchase of a new EV means the scrapping of a diesel. Furthermore, the bill includes plans to install seven million charge points in France by 2030.
insideevs.com, evfleetworld.co.uk

E-mobilization II: Neighbouring Spain is running a similar programme called Movele 2014. There, every EV is eligible for a 6,500-euro rebate. Electric buses are funded with 20,000 euros even. The incentives already seem to be working as EV sales have gone up by 15% since the introduction of the scheme.
handelsblatt.com (in German), movele.es (project’s website in Spanish)

Canada recharges: Le Haut-Richelieu community in Quebec now offers charging to EV drivers at 14 new public charging stations. Those are part of the ‘Electric Circuit’ network which already boasts 300 charge points across the Canadian province.
newswire.ca, hybridcars.com

Range record: The new electric bus from BYD that serves the Antelope Valley Transit Authority (AVTA) in California exceeds expectations. AVTA sent it on a 24-hours run, circling between Palmdale and Rosamond 18 times thus operating for 746 miles. Only three charges, each after about 250 miles, were needed to set up this new best.
businesswire.com, greencarcongress.com

Free home chargers: Chargemaster will continue the free installation of is ‘Homecharge i 3kW’ in the UK. The programme is backed by the 9-million pound (15 million dollars) government scheme (EVHS). To top it up, Chargemaster offers a free POLAR membership for six months with any domestic charging unit.
thegreencarwebsite.co.uk, puregreencars.com


Jul 15, 2014 - 08:30 am

Volkswagen, China, Ferrari, Tesla, Chargemaster.

VW-CrossBlue-InnenlebenCrossBlue made in Tennessee: Volkswagen confirmed that it will build a new mid-size crossover SUV, based on the CrossBlue concept, at its site in Chattanooga. The seven seater is likely to come with a plug-in hybrid drivetrain and thus compete with the upcoming plug-in SUVs from Volvo and Mitsubishi.
forbes.com, transportevolved.com

China to promote EVs further: After scrapping the purchase tax for new energy vehicles (we reported), the Asian government now urges its officials to integrate electric and plug-in hybrids into their fleets. By 2016, 30% of all new vehicles sourced by the government are supposed to be (partially) electric.
automotive-business-review.com, techtimes.com, reuters.com

New LaFerrari editions: The Italian carmaker confirmed its plans for launching a 1,050 hp racing version of its hybrid supercar by 2015. However, only 30 units of the FXX will be build. The LaFerrari Spider convertible is limited to 50 cars and is said to cost about 2.8 million dollars.
autoguide.com, youtube.com (video of the LaFerrari FXX testing)

Tesla to stand alone: While the White House favours more consumer choice for fuel-efficient vehicles, it sees itself unable to regulate direct-to-consumer car sales. A petition had called on the Obama administration to preempt state laws preventing the Californian EV maker to sell through its concept stores (we reported) but this would be a matter for Congress, advisor Dan Utech said.

Chargemaster recharged: A fresh injection of capital by investment company Beringea will help the British company to further strengthen its posision in its domestic market. Moreover, Chargemaster wants to use the three million pounds to expand to the continent.
startups.co.uk, angelnews.co.uk

Jun 30, 2014 - 08:25 am

Chargemaster milestone.

Chargemaster erected its 10,000th charging point in the UK. The British company that describes itself as the country’s largest EV charging provider presented its milestone station at the Enderby and Meynells Gorse Park & Ride site. It has been installed on behalf of Leicester City Council.

Apr 9, 2014 - 09:00 am

Paris, Chargemaster, E-Mobility NSR, Norway.

Paris goes all e: Paris’ public transport provider RATP plans to electrify its whole bus fleet by 2025. A call for bids for as much as 4,500 electric buses will be started this year. The e-buses will join Bolloré’s BlueTram (we reported) in the streets of the French capital.
lemonde.fr (in French)

Pay by phone: Chargemaster is simplifying access to its Polar Network. Instead of registering and paying via RFID card, EV drivers can now download a free app which enables them to charge and pay via their smartphone.
fleetnews.co.uk, thegreencarwebsite.co.uk

London to Oslo: On Friday, five teams in five Tesla Model S will start a journey going from the British capital through Gent, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Copenhagen and Gothenburg to Norway. The tour is part of the EU project ‘E-Mobility NSR’ and shall only take 80 hours.

The good news from Norway never seem to stop as the country hits yet another EV milestone. Currently, there are 26,886 plug-in vehicles of which 25,710 are electric. The latter, make for a market share of 1%, together with hybrids it is even 1.1%.
gronnbil.no (in Norwegian) via greencarreports.com

Mar 11, 2014 - 09:39 am

Way ahead of his time.

According to his Polar Network online account, one EV owner in the UK began charging up his Nissan Leaf in 1970 – some 41 years before the car was even made and 42 years before the charging network existed. The single charging sessions was logged at 386,655 hours! And if you think the poor man is broke after paying the bill, you are wrong. According to the software, he saved 1.6 million pounds (2.6m dollars) in fuel costs…

Mar 7, 2014 - 10:07 am

Chargemaster, Toyota, Switzerland, Stuttgart.

Charged for charging: UK firm Chargemaster has just unveiled details of the new tariffs for users of its Polar EV charging network which will take effect from April. EV drivers will be charged by the hour, using up credits as a member, or for each charge event when choosing the PAYG option.

i-Road takes to the streets: Toyota has started trials of its electric three-wheeler in Toyota City, Japan. Here, the i-Road will be made available at public charging stations. Later this year it will enter a carsharing scheme in Grenoble, France.

Swiss charging cooperation: Energy provider BKW Energie and Groupe E team up to expand the MOVE charging network. BKW will distribute charging stations to private households, companies and local communities and will integrate those into the Move network.
ee-news.ch (in German)

Living lab: At the Fraunhofer Institute Center Stuttgart IZS up to 30 EVs can re-charge at AC charge spots at the same time. If all spots in the Fraunhofer Campus garage are taken, the electric cars could amount for up to 20% of the centre’s energy demand thus making the installation ideal to test smart grid applications. The facility is part of the charge@work project in which the Daimler AG, University of Stuttgart and Fraunhofer scientists work on micro smart grids powered by renewable energy.

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