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Feb 20, 2015 - 10:04 am

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It is official, Rolls-Royce will build a luxury SUV, following customer demand. A launch in 2017 is likely, as is a plug-in hybrid variant, Auto Express reports. The portal expects prices to start at 250,000 GBP (385,000 dollars) – it is a Royce after all.

Citroen-Berlingo-2016Berlingo Electric facelift: Citroën has issued pictures showing the new Berlingo which is to debut at the Geneva Motor Show. The new model will again be offered with an electric drive, that powers the mini van with 49 kW. Range is out at about 106 miles.
carscoops.com, worldcarfans.com

The electric cab for London is to go-ahead as the London Taxi Company will build a 300-million-dollar facility close to Coventry. The Geely subsidiary plans to launch an all-electric cab by 2018 and will also host R&D and sales at the British site.
china.org.cn, shanghaidaily.com

Ford to cut prices: Both the Fusion Hybrid und Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid will become 900 dollars cheaper once the model year 2016 starts. New prices are set at 25,675 dollars for the Fusion Hybrid S and 33,900 dollars for the Fusion Energi SE Luxury.
carsdirect.com, hybridcars.com

Spy shots: Chrysler’s new Town & Country Minivan, which is to come as a plug-in hybrid as well, has been spotted heavily camouflaged. Also, another PHEV has been caught on camera, the BYD Yuan.
autoblog.com (Chrysler), carnewschina.com (BYD)

Formula E double-header: The London race of the all-electric FIA Formula E Championship has received planning approval to be held within the grounds of Battersea Park. The final in London will see not one but two races (June, 27 & 28). Hence, the Formula E season now includes eleven dates.
electricautosport.com, fiaformulae.com

Feb 17, 2015 - 10:43 am

Porsche, Apple, Chrysler, Citroën, Tesla.

Porsche-Panamera-Hybrid-ChargingMeet the electric Porsche: Industry insider Georg Kacher delivers an update on the 717 aka the “Tesla fighter”. According to his sources, this purely electric Porsche will be driven by two electric motors powering the front and rear and will be able to go for at least 300 miles on one charge. However, the Porsche 717 still has a long way to go as its launch is set for 2019 at the earliest. Inductive charging technology will be developed by VW and the American Quantumspace.

iCar update: Apparently, Apple’s Titan project (we reported) is much more than “just” an electric car. It is a “software game” instead as the company is looking into autonomous vehicle technology, Reuters reports quoting inside sources. The IT giant is said to be in talks with automotive experts.

Plug-in Chrysler in 2016: Chrysler’s ‘Town&Country’ minivan has been confirmed as plug-in hybrid for next year, a spokesperson for Fiat Chrysler said at the Chicago Auto Show. If all goes to plan, the PHEV minivan will be introduced at the NAIAS in Detroit in January 2016.
thedetroitbureau.com, hybridcars.com

Citroën hybrid facelift: The French carmaker´s subsidiary brand DS will unveil an updated version of its DS5 at next month’s Motor Show in Geneva. While the hybrid drivetrain stays the same diesel-hybrid as before, the system now goes under the name “Hybrid 4×4” with 200 hp.
autovolt-magazine.com, autoevolution.com

Tesla goes Indonesia: Prestige Motorcars, a dealership from Jakarta, is now taking orders for the Tesla Model S. First deliveries to Indonesia can be expected in April. Prestige Motorcars offers a home charging station but buyers will have to pay between 140,000 and 190,000 dollars for the electric sedan.

Nov 18, 2014 - 09:02 am

Provoking performance.

“So großartige Autos werden nur in Deutschland gebaut” (A car this great can only be made in Germany) is the slogan Chrysler uses to promote its new 200 model. Of course it is not made in Germany, so check out for yourself how the Americans turn it around. Well, they try at least…


Oct 7, 2014 - 08:36 am

Cadillac, Chrysler, Boulder Electric Vehicle, Orange, Tesla.

Plug-in Cadillac: The new CT6 Caddy will come as a plug-in hybrid version, Mark Reuss, GM’s head of product, now announced. The new model is to be produced in the U.S. and set to launch next year to take on other premium PHEVs like Mercedes’ S-class.
greencarreports.com, detroitnews.com

Early bird: Chrysler is prepared to issue its plug-in hybrid minivan (we reported) already at the end of 2015, one year ahead of schedule, CEO Sergio Marchionne said. And this is just the start as the company plans more hybrid vehicles, among them a crossover.

Boulder down: The start-up that wanted to build electric trucks has run out of power and closed its plant in Colorado. However, management has not filed for bankruptcy as Boulder Electric Vehicles is determined to continue servicing its trucks but refused to say how many are out there.


Subsidies a success: Croatia is to continue its EV scheme next year as it has proven pretty effective. In 2014, 440 electric cars were bought through the 2-million-euro programme while 2013 saw only 13 EV sales made.

Tesla will work with Orange’s business division to offer Model S drivers full connectivity in France. The network operator is to provide wireless internet to secure in-car software updates, interactive navigation and online entertainment services.
electriccarsreport.com, automotive-business-review.com

Buy back guarantee: British Tesla buyers now get a ‘Resale Value Guarantee’ when purchasing their Model S via Alphera Financial Services. The EV maker thus promises to buy back the electric sedan for 50% of the base price of the 60 kWh Model S during the 37th month of the hire. Options (like the 85 kWh battery) will be taken into account with 43%.
puregreencars.com, businessgreen.com

May 7, 2014 - 08:46 am

Chrysler, Tesla, Porsche, Berlin, Mercedes.

Two plug-ins from Chrysler: Chrysler wants to introduce a plug-in hybrid Town & Country minivan by 2016, and new full-size crossover PHEV. Instead of offering electric-only or H2 drive options, Chrysler plans to introduce several mild hybrids following the plug-in launch.
detroitnews.com, greencarreports.com, autonews.com

No Model E from Tesla: The carmaker officially abandoned its Model E trademark, which was supposed to get used for Tesla’s 2017 affordable, mass-market electric car. The reason for the withdrawal has not been specified. But a few months ago, Ford had also applied for the same trademark. Originally, Tesla had applied for names reading Model S, E, X and Y.
tsdr.uspto.gov via green.autoblog.com, teslamotors.com (SEXY)

Porsche 911 plug-in: In a recent interview, Porsche chairman Matthias Müller confirmed that the next 911 will also be available with a plug-in hybrid drivetrain. Also, he declined plans of a new low-cost Porsche, available for less than the 50,000 euros (70,000 dollars).
presseportal.de, transporter-news.de (both in German)

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SiemensElectromobility powered by Siemens: Siemens is presenting its drivetrain solutions for electric and hybrid cars on “Vehicle Show Electromobility” in Bad Neustadt a.d.S on May 10th and 11th. Find Siemens at the fairground of the demo city for electromobility and take a ride with an electric car.

Berlin in the old days: The planned Eco-Mobility Festival in Berlin (we reported yesterday) has been cancelled. For one month in 2015, residents of the Helmholtz neighbourhood would have enjoyed a time of fossil fuel-free mobility. Obviously not everybody liked that idea and so the local authorities pulled the plug.
tagesspiegel.de, morgenpost.de (both in German)

C-Class spy shots: The estate version of the latest Mercedes C-Class will debut in September and also come with hybrid and plug-in hybrid drivetrains (we reported). The so-called T-Model has now been caught on camera with almost no camouflage.
autozeitung.de (in German)

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