Chery & Huawei’s sedan to be called S7

The electric sedan from tech company Huawei and electric car manufacturer Chery, announced a few days ago in an official photo, will be launched on the market as the Luxeed S7. This was now revealed in the registration application submitted to the Chinese Ministry of Industry alongside other information about the model.

A few days ago, Huawei teased the coupe-like electric sedan with a first official photo and announced its intention to unveil the vehicle this quarter. The electric car is a co-production of Huawei and Chery and will be called Luxeed S7, according to the latest information. Various Chinese portals wrote a week and a half ago that it would be launched under the Luxeed brand.

As far as technical specifications are concerned, all that was initially said was that the coupé sedan would be based on Chery’s E0X platform, which also serves as the basis for the upcoming Chery models Exeed Sterra ES and Exeed Sterra. The platform is designed for two-motor all-wheel drive and uses an 800-volt battery from CATL for 700 kilometres of range.

The registration application now shows that the Luxeed S7 is 4.97 metres long, 1.96 metres wide and 1.47 metres high, with a wheelbase of 2.95 metres. The car is powered by electric motors from Huawei. The single-engine version has a motor with an output of up to 215 kW, while the all-wheel-drive version has an additional drive source with an output of up to 150 kW. The top speed is said to be 210 km/h. As mentioned, the batteries come from CATL, with LFP, LMFP and NMC variants planned. Further details on the energy content are not available.

The Luxeed S7 is produced by Chery. The photo posted on Weibo a week and a half ago by Huawei CEO Richard Yu showed a coupe-like sedan with four doors, a rounded bonnet, narrow headlights, wide wheel arches, retractable door handles and a LiDAR sensor on the roof. The body shape resembles models from other Chinese manufacturers, such as the BYD Han or the Nio ET7.

According to CarNewsChina, the intelligent driving system will be the Huawei ADS 2.0 system, which includes a LiDAR sensor, eleven HD cameras, 3-millimetre radar and twelve ultrasonic radars on the hardware side. In addition, the model is likely to be the first to drive forward with the Huawei operating system HarmonyOS 4, which has just been completed.

Nothing was known about the cooperation between Huawei and Chery until now. Together with Changan’s electric car brand Avatr, Nio and CATL, Huawei is reportedly developing four new models by 2025, based on a new platform called CHN – including CATL’s cell-to-pack battery. Together with Seres, Huawei also operates the Aito brand, which launched its first M5 EV model on the Chinese market last year.,


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