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Feb 3, 2022 - 03:10 pm

Superpedestrian closes largest funding round at $125Mn

Superpedestrian announced today closing its largest-ever funding round, adding $125 million in debt and equity capital to the scooter company. The MIT spin-off says it will use the funds to expand the Link shared e-scooter service, boost R&D, and deploy more advanced scooters that utilise AI.




Apr 13, 2017 - 11:24 am

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Battery production in India: The Automotive Research Association of India (Arai) has tested Li-ion batteries developed by the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre and found them valid for commercialisation. True to the local market, the batteries are specifically made for use in two- and three-wheelers. The government is now planning to transfer the technology to companies for production and also plans to install a central agency to lead the country’s EV programme. State-owned utilities have shown some interest in particular with regards to the EV batteries’ potential to double as storage for solar energy India hopes to have in excess.

Human-enhancing technology: The Copenhagen Wheel has been around for some time and now Superpedestrian makes another attempt at commercialising the MIT idea fully. The latest version of the in-wheel pedelec system, that combines sensors, computers, battery, and motor in one case, is said to react ever faster and subtler to changes in the human motion. The Copenhagen Wheel can be ordered online for 1,499 dollars or already installed in a bike for 1,999 dollars.

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10 years of trust: Corvus Energy has been awarded a 10-year contract to maintain and service Scandlines’ entire hybrid ferry fleet. The agreement includes both maintenance of the fleets’ batteriess, which Corvus delivered, as well as the firm’s remote monitoring service, Watchman.
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Full disclosure: Rheinmetall Automotive will exhibit components for electric vehicles and emission reduction in Shanghai. To showcase its wares, the German OEM made a car from plexiglas with a range extender and heater/cooler module inside.

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