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Opel, Kia, Schaeffler, Electric GT, Ineos, Toyota.

EV-only Opel to go through? GM’s European brand may indeed go all-electric as planned even if sold to PSA, Manager Magazin reports. GM would licence its electric car tech to the French group, at least for the Ampera-e. So it is possible PSA will put the idea Opel had been working on into practice., (original source)

Kia Niro fully electric by 2018: Like Hyundai with the Ioniq, Kia is to electrify the Niro successively. Already this year, the hybrid crossover will get a plug and by 2018, there will be a Niro EV, COO Michael Cole announced. The E-Niro will utilise the Ioniq Electric’s motor. via,

Schaeffler completed the acquisition of Compact Dynamics as planned. With the integration of the expert for electric drives, Schaeffler strengthens its e-mobility activities.

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Electric GT to kick off in England: The world’s first electric GT racing series, which uses remodelled Tesla Model S P100D, will launch at the UK Silverstone Circuit on August, 12. More races will take place in the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal Spain and France until November.

Land Rover Defender inspired: Chemical company Ineos plans to build a hybrid and/or entirely electric 4×4 that takes inspiration from the Defender, Autocar reports. 2020 is set as production start and the firm plans to produce up to 15,000 units annually.

Toyota pushes hybrids in India,where it just launched the Camry Hybrid as well as the new Prius. The Japanese see India as a “crucial” market for green technology. Also, Indian carmaker Mahindra Electric wants to scale up production at its Karnataka facility from 2,000 to 5,000 units by next year. (Toyota), (Mahindra)

Number of the Day

January EV Sales in China.

No more than 5,682 PEV were sold last month in China, the Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) reports. It is a 74 percent decrease compared to January 2016 and may reflect the 20 percent cut in subsidies for EV and PHEV in the country.

Research + Technology

ZF, Porsche, LG Chem, Eberspaecher, Wolfspeed.

ZF-8DT-300x150ZF and Porsche together developed a new 8-Speed dual clutch transmission for sports vehicles. The modular hybrid transmission kit works for rear-wheel and all-wheel drives. It was possible to integrate a 100 kW hybrid module without increasing the length of the transmission as compared to the current 7DT sports transmission. The 8DT will first be used in the Porsche Panamera.

LG Chem to grow in China? News of the Koreans expanding their battery production in Michigan are echoed in China. Apparently LG Chem plans to grow its facility in Nanjing, Business Korea learned. Already the factory can produce enough cells for 50,000 EV and 180,000 PHEV a year.

Control platform for e-buses: Eberspaecher Suetrak developed E-Control, a platform that provides centralised control of all thermal management components on-board an electric bus. The tool is compact and can be retrofitted at any time.

No to Infineon: Cree Inc said it would terminate a deal to sell its Wolfspeed division to German chipmaker Infineon, citing security concerns raised by the U.S. government recently. Both companies failed to find a way to work around said issues.,

Quotes of the day

Rhea Suh, Ellen Spitalnik.

Rhea-Suh“Scott Pruitt is the worst pick ever confirmed to lead the EPA.”

Rhea Suh, president of the Natural Resources Defense Council reacts to the confirmation of Sott Pruitt as new head of the EPA. Pruitt is an outspoken denier of man-made climate change and has close ties to the coal and oil industries.

anonym“Scott Pruitt represents what we environmental lawyers call an ‘imminent and substantial endangerment’ to our health and environment.”

Adds Ellen Spitalnik, a former EPA attorney, who served Republican and Democratic administrations for 22 years.

Fleets + Infrastructure

London, Phoenix Taxis, Esslingen, Maven, India.

London’s T-Charge in is to go ahead and will take full force by 23, October this year. It applies to high polluting vehicles and will be added to the existing 11.50 GBP congestion charge, so motorists could pay as much 21.50 GBP to drive through central London.,

Electric cabbies: In Britain, cab service Phoenix Taxis wants to add 50 more electric taxis to its fleet and also plans to install fast-charging stations.

Battery trolleybuses in service: The city of Esslingen officially introduced battery trolleybuses with In-Motion-Charging (IMC) from Vossloh Kiepe. Four of them have been in active service since late 2016. Their lithium titanate (LTO) traction batteries with 37 kWh enable the bendy buses to also run on routes with no overhead contact lines.,

Electric ridesharing gains traction: GM wants to expand its carsharing service Maven in Los Angeles as it adds electric cars. 100 Chevy Bolt will soon appear in LA and more EV are headed to fleets in San Francisco and San Diego. Furthermore, GM plans to trial “thousands of autonomous electric Bolts” via ride sharing service Lyft by next year, Reuters quoted insiders.,,

Electric buses in Himalayas: The Indian state of Himachal Pradesh decided to buy 25 electric buses after testing has been successful. They will serve on the 50 km Manali-Rohtang pass in the Himalaya mountains, where glaciers had lately turned black from the exhausts of tourist shuttles.

Service + Suggestions

Refreeze the Arctic, Dodge vs. Tesla.

Reading tip: To refreeze the Arctic sounds like a desperate measure but one that our time may require. Researchers from Arizona want to thicken the region’s shrinking sea ice by building 10m wind-powered pumps. In winter, these would pump water to the ice’s surface, where it would freeze, adding to the cap.

Video tip: Drag king Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat was defeated in a fight he sought himself. A Tesla Model S P100D raced so hard, its opponent never made it over the quarter mile but broke down instead. via

Short circuit

When worlds collide.

BMW has asked i3 sold in North America to return to the garages due to fire risk. However, the fault is not with the batteries but with the gas tank of range extended vehicles only. Their vent line may leak as it rubs against the battery cable.