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Tesla, Aston Martin, Mean Metal Motors, BMW & Toyota, Indonesia.

Elon twitters up the stock: It took just one tweet by Tesla CEO Musk to boost the confidence of fans and shareholders. On April 30th, the carmaker will launch a new product series that Musk says is not a car. It will probably be the announced in-home battery, but some seem more convinced that Tesla will be launching an electric motorcycle.,, (e-motorcycle)

Electrified Rapide: Aston Martin seems to be thinking about offering an all-electric variant of its sports car Rapide. Quoting the carmaker’s new CEO Andy Palmer, the Wall Street Journal reports that the electric Rapide could hit the road in two to three years.

Hybrid supercar from India? Mean Metal Motors, an automobile start-up from India, says that it is working on the M-Zero sports car featuring a hybrid drivetrain. It would be the first of its kind from India. The design will definitely have heads turning., (video)


BMW and Toyota may not go hybrid: According to Car and Driver, the jointly developed successors of the BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra may not be offered as a hybrid variant, after all. Though it says that project “Silk Road” shows no signs of electrification, we are not ready to give up quite yet.,

National car project: Indonesia wants to develop and build an all-electric “national car.” Earlier this year, Indonesian firm PT Adiperkasa Citra Lestari and Malaysian automaker Proton Holdings Berhard had signed a MoU to collaborate on the project.,

Small electric bus from China: The Fulaiwo Polaris mini-mini bus was presented at the Shandong EV Expo in China last month. Its 1.5 kW electric motor and lead-acid battery allow for a top speed of 40 kph and 130 kilometers of range. It can apparently seat up to 20 children.

Number of the Day

Proterra electric buses.

Proterra’s buses have travelled a total of 1 million miles, the company reported. Proterra honoured each of its transit partners and their role as early pioneers in electrifying mass transit. According to the manufacturer, by going electric, Proterra customers have saved nearly 250,000 gallons of fossil fuel.

Research + Technology

Manz, GF Automotive, Airport Personal Transport, BNL.

Manz lassos new deal: The German engineering company has received a “strategically important” order from one of the “leading companies of the e-mobility industry in the USA” (Tesla?) for a pilot system in which an innovative laser welding process will be used for the manufacture of lithium-ion battery systems. Manz is confident that there will be follow-up orders in the coming years.

New player on the market: The automotive division of Swiss company Georg Fischer wants to begin selling components for electric vehicles. According to GF, it already received orders totalling 50 million euros from well-known manufacturers covering light metal battery housings and structural parts.

Never late for the gate: The APT (Airport Personal Transport) is essentially an electric-powered, semi-autonomous two-passenger vehicle that will take people from their car to the airport gate and back. The team, with 88-year-old team leader William Alden has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise 100,000 dollars to build the first prototype. via

Battery research: At the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory, a team of researchers has developed a cathode material for Li-ion batteries that can allegedly store three times as many lithium-ions as other cathode materials.,

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Most clicked link on Tuesday was the new Chevy Volt with its first units now being built at GM’s production site Hamtramck in Detroit.

Quotes of the day

Tony Posawatz, Dan Sperling.

Tony-Posawatz“Although I commend Tesla with what they’re doing with the continual upgrade and increase of the faster-charging Supercharger infrastructure. But the software announcement didn’t solve either of those. It just helps someone manage the range anxiety.”

Tony Posawatz, former head of carmaker Fisker and former GM executive, does not see range anxiety as a thing of the past. He says that range is still an issue, as long as customers cannot (in his eyes) “accommodate their everyday life and the spontaneous things that happen.”

Dan-Sperling“If we provided a more flexible approach, we are likely to get far more e-miles in 2030 than we would with pure EVs. I really don’t believe by 2030 we’re going to be able to get a really large market penetration with pure EVs.”

Dan Sperling, a member of the California Air Resources Board and director of the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California-Davis, argues that electric miles driven by plug-in hybrid vehicles need to be added to the equation of ZEV rules, instead of just counting miles driven by BEVs.

Fleets + Infrastructure

Helsinki, ClipperCreek, Lake Tahoe, Cobb Police Department.

Helsinki gets charged: The Finnish capital and their transport authority Helsinki Region Transport want to purchase 400 all-electric and 200-300 hybrid buses until 2025. In just the coming four years, Helsinki Region Transport wants to invest five to six million euros. The first twelve e-buses were recently ordered from the company Linkker (we reported).

ClipperCreek charging station: The company now offers its LCS-20P Type 2 charger with a plug for less than 400 dollars. The LCS-20 EV had previously only been available as a hardwired unit.,

EV Readiness Plan: Tahoe Regional Planning Agency has received 200,000 dollars from the California Energy Commission, to help develop a plan for the expansion of EV infrastructure around Lake Tahoe. It will identify private and public locations where additional chargers could best serve EV drivers.,,

Cobb Police Department goes electric: The police department in U.S. state of Georgia has received two electric motorcycles from Zero. They will be used for park patrolling as well as when police provides security at special events. They replace two 12-year-old gas guzzling dirt bikes.

Service + Suggestions

EV batteries, BMW X5 xDrive 40e.

Study tip: According to a recently published study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and US Berkley, the range of current electric cars can accommodate daily travel needs of 85 percent of U.S. drivers – even after battery capacity begins to fade.,,

Video tip: BMW brings its plug-in hybrid SUV X5 xDrive 40e to the small screen. For the Bavarian carmaker´s main brand, this is the first PHEV it is adding to its portfolio. via,

Short circuit


Or should we say “enjoy your coffee!” Either way, this is not something you see every day. Formula E driver Nico Prost parked his electric racecar on a street in Paris, while he sits in a café, enjoying the sun. It doesn’t get much better than this.