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Nissan, Brammo, London, Renault, Volkswagen.

Made in Russia: Nissan is showing its new Pathfinder at Moscow Motor Show, which for the first time will also be offered as a hybrid. It is the first petrol-electric hybrid to be built in Russia and one of nine vehicles produced in the country. It is a sign that Nissan is stepping up its commitment to Europe’s largest markets.,,

Nissan-Leaf-RenderingWhat the new Leaf could look like: AutoExpress issued what it says is an exclusive preview of the 2016 Nissan Leaf. The EV is said to come with a sportier yet conventional look. Moreover, the publication speculates that the next generation will be equipped with Tesla Supercharger capabilities instead of CHAdeMO.,

Brammo special offer: The U.S. manufacturer of electric motorbikes will offer an additional rebate of 5,600 euros (7,400 dollars) in Europe, making its two-wheeler available starting at less than 10,000 euros – the base model now costing 9,513 euros (12,570 dollars) to be precise. The deal is limited to September and October, however. The end-of-summer deal is also available in the States. (Germany), (U.S.)

Wirelessly charged buses for London: The trial is led by Transport London and will see four extended-range diesel-electric hybrid buses, which will be charged up inductively while waiting at the bus stands. Besides the one-year trial, the English capital plans on having 1,700 hybrid buses in service by 2016.,,

The perfect London commuter: The MacFarlane family has a Renault ZOE. They live near London and say that while they were worried about running out of power in the beginning, range is no longer an issue. Father Campbell MacFarlane also likes the overall feel of the vehicle, as well as its easy to access the rear seats. They call it the perfect family car.

Testing the E-Golf: U.S. journalists were invited to test the electric Volkswagen, and the overall result was rather positive. Still, Chris DeMorro notes that the EV will most likely not be a “breakthrough or gamechanger,” but that it is worth considering when shopping for an electric vehicle.

Number of the Day

Kandi Technologies.

A total of 5 percent is what Kandi shares grew in just one day. The spike are most likely based on nothing but rumours that the Chinese government will invest billions in charging infrastructure and EV incentives in the country. The news was published by Bloomberg (we reported) who based its report on “two [unnamed] people familiar with the matter.”

Research + Technology

Sinopoly Battery, Combined Charging System, Renesas, Highpower.

To the rescue? Earlier this year, Chinese company Sinopoly Battery, which changed its name to FDG Electric Vehicles, had invested 42 million dollars into struggling Smith Electric to keep the business going and become their exclusive battery supplier (we reported). But because FDG ended the last fiscal year (ending March) with a loss of 117 million dollars, the future remains uncertain.

Combined Charging System incompatibility: Volkswagen had actually tested several charging stations to see which work properly with their E-Golf before its market launch. But it obviously missed the DC chargers from DBT-CEV along British Ecotrity’s electric highway. Until the three companies have worked out a fix, the E-Golf will have to rely on its 3.7-kW AC charger along routes with the incompatible stations.,

New Renesas controllers: The new series of 32-bit micro-controllers will help manufactures of motor controllers to enhance efficiency, reduce system costs, and achieve higher safety levels of their systems, says Renesas. A diverse set of new functions has been implemented, such as functional safety requirements to meet ISO26262.

Battery approval: Chinese manufacturer of battery systems, Highpower International, received product approval by China’s National Quality Control & Inspection Center for Buses for their 20-Ah lithium-ion battery. The approval is based on tests according to China’s automobile standard QC/T 743-2006.

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Most clicked link on Wednesday was the rumour of Tesla looking into graphene-enhanced lithium-iron batteries.

Quotes of the day

Hubertus Troska, Peter Mertens, Jason Forcier.

hubertus_troska“We’re very upbeat because we definitely believe we have the best Chinese electric vehicle.”

Hubertus Troska, head of Daimler in China, is excited about the launch of the Denza electric car, designed for the Chinese market. Though he declined to comment on sales targets.

Peter-Mertens“We say for the next five or six years minimum, plug-in hybrids is the right answer.”

Peter Mertens, Volvo’s senior vice president of research and development say that the company will continue to focus on PHEV, because there is a larger market at time. But he does say that may change as battery prices drop.

Jason-Forcier“We’re not where we want to be yet, but we’re the largest lithium-ion battery maker in Michigan, and we’re coming back.”

Jason Forcier, CEO of A123 Systems, is certain that his company will make it back to the top with its new line of smaller low-voltage cells for the “micro-hybrid.” That is also because the batteries’ weight has been reduced significantly.

Fleets + Infrastructure

Rapid-Chargepoints, Hamburg, Tesla, South Africa, Cincinnati.

“Rapid Chargepoint” initiative: Transport for London and the Energy Saving Trust want to identify potential locations for charging infrastructure for commercial vehicles in London. They have invited business fleets who operate small lorries (up to 12.5 tonnes) and commercial vans to take part in the project. The goal is to further push for businesses to electrify their fleets.,,

Hamburg to quadruple charging stations: The North German city wants to have a total of 592 charging points by mid-2016. Of those, 70 will be DC fast chargers. Currently there are 138 across the city. Also, Hamburg’s senate is looking to trade its petrol cars for vehicles with alternative drives. Hamburg aims to become a leader in the field of electric mobility in Germany and expected to have 5,000 EVs on its roads by 2016., (both in German)

Madrid next on Supercharger map: According to a tweet by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Superchargers will be installed across southern Europe soon. Spain and Portugal are said to be covered by the end of next year. While the supercharger website was not updated yet, Tesla twittered the newest up-to-date version. via

BMW and Schneider Electric partner up: With the introduction of the BMW i3 in South Africa next year, the companies agreed that Schneider Electric will be in charge of installing chargers at dealerships, as well for the installation of wallboxes in customers’ homes. BMW and Schneider Electric have a similar agreement in Germany.,

Cincinnati airport gets charging stations: Travellers who leave their car at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) can now use one of six charging stations. Two are located in the long-term parking lot, the others at terminal parking. Parking and charging is free. According to CVG, almost all types of plug-ins can be charged there in about eight hours.,

Service + Suggestions

Battery Management Systems, McLaren.

Study tip: In its “Global and China Power Battery Management System (BMS) Industry Report, 2014-2017,“ Research In China names the leading actors in battery management sector in China and notes that the country has some catching up to do. A gap some companies are trying to bridge with takeovers and joint ventures. (Study, subject to fee) via

Video tip: In the newest edition of Fully Charged, Robert Llewellyn visits the McLaren Technology Centre and talks to Peter van Manen, Vice President of McLaren Applied Technologies, about the company’s role as a supplier of drivetrains and electronics for the Formula E.,

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How would you react if you are sitting at a red light and Batman pulls up next to you? Would you grant him the right-a-way, in case he was on a mission to safe anyone? Japanese drivers actually had to ask themselves exactly that, as a man in a Batman costume on a three-wheeled Batmobile drove down the motorway. (Video) via