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Mahindra, Kia, Mia Electric, Porsche, Corvette.

Mahindra hybrid to come: The hybrid variant of the XUV500 which Mahindra presented at the New Delhi Auto Expo earlier this year (we reported), will go into production and is set to launch in India by 2015. As the concept before, the hybrid SUV will combine a diesel engine with an electric motor.

Mild hybrid by Kia: The Korean manufacturer has unveiled its Optima T-Hybrid concept set to debut in Paris. The mild hybrid, as Kia classifies it, marries the company’s 1.7-liter turbodiesel engine with a small electric motor and a 48 V lead-carbon battery.,

Mia to be revived: In an auction, all assets of the insolvent EV manufacturer Mia Electric have gone for 1.35 million euros (1.7m dollars) to ‘Mia Génération.’ This consortium of Focus Asia, Kokam and Fulmen plans to restart production by mid 2015 and keeps aiming at an electric car for less than 10,000 euros. In the meantime, Mia drivers can get spare parts via GoElectrix., (both in French)

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Porsche Cayenne S: Ahead of its debut at the Paris Motor Show, the German carmaker issued pricing of its latest plug-in model, the Cayenne S E-Hybrid. In the States, Porsche’s third semi-electric car will start from 76,400 dollars and is set to launch by November nationwide.

Corvette electrified? Car and driver is looking at what the next generation Corvette might look like, as GM’s head of global product development, Mark Reuss, just confirmed that Chevy is working on it. The magazine expects the C8 to be electric, as least partially, as this would be GM’s only chance to comply with carbon emission regulations by 2020.

Number of the Day

SolarCity funding.

Elon Musk scores again as he gets 750 million dollars from the state of New York to build a new plant for SolarCity. Unlike Musk’s EV business, SolarCity failed to be profitable so far. Therefore, this renewed government assistance that includes free housing and manufacturing equipment will be most welcome.

Research + Technology

PG&E, EDI, Siemens, Akasol, Porsche.

Plug-in-TrucksTruck with power to spare: PG&E and Efficient Drivetrains Incorporated now introduced two jointly developed plug-in hybrid trucks designed for utility providers. With 120 kW exportable power, one of the trucks can provide enough energy to keep the lights on in a neighbourhood while crews are trying to fix whatever problem has caused an outage.,

Internet of Energy: Within EU-funded ‘Internet of Energy for Electric Mobility (IoE)’ project, Siemens is developing solutions for even smarter grids. One of the technologies the company works on, is the integration of EVs into the energy management systems of large buildings.,

Busy Akasol: The battery manufacturer just sealed a deal with the British bus builder Alexander Dennis London (ADL) to supply Li-ion batteries for London’s plug-in double deckers. The battery packs consist of 30 modules, which allow for a charging power of up to 170 kW and can store 61.2 kWh of energy. Just recently, Akasol had delivered battery systems to Bombardier to be deployed in four bendy buses by Solaris that will serve in the German city of Brunswick (we reported). (in German)

Porsche 918 Spyder on fire: One of the 918 hybrid super cars in existence has caught fire at a gas station in Toronto, Canada. What has caused the fire is not clear yet but witnesses speak of overflowing fuel, which might have been ignited by the hot exhaust system., (video)

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Most clicked link on Monday was the announcement of Volkswagen’s plug-in Passat GTE to be presented in Paris next week.

Quotes of the day

California, Louis Palmer, Karsten Engel.

california-dream-big“Dear Mr. Musk: The California Congressional Delegation encourages Tesla Motors to bring the next state-of-the-art Gigafactory to our state.”

This is the opening of a letter sent to Elon Musk by a congressional delegation from California. It seems unusually long-term thinking for politicians, who are here lobbying for a second Gigafactory while the first one, to be build in Nevada, has not even been built yet.

Louis-Palmer“Today, electric cars are available and in everyone’s mouth, however, much more must be done to get them on the road in masses in order they can replace our existing petrol cars.”

Louis Palmer, organiser of the WAVE Trophy and known for his Solar Taxi expedition, on the discrepancy between mass media attention and widespread adoption of electric cars. Palmer has just finished a 1,400-kilometres tour through Switzerland in an electric bus to promote electric mobility. (with video)

Karsten-Engel“It’s the start of a revolution, which the car industry has awaited for over a century. This holistic approach to e-mobility is a solid step forward in China.”

Karsten Engel, president and CEO of BMW Group Region China, just launched the i3 and i8 in China and is not shy to see this as the beginning of a revolution of transport. Only time and sales will tell…

Fleets + Infrastructure

Total, Source London, Rolec Services, California.

“Multikulti” is German slang for multicultural and seems like a fitting description of Total’s idea behind its ‘Multi-Energie-Tankstelle’ (multi energy filling station). Together with Daimler, Linde and RWE, the company has inaugurated the fourth station at which drivers can refill their vehicles with either regular fuel as well as hydrogen and electricity via CCS and CHAdeMO. Total currently services four H2 stations in the German capital and one in both Hamburg and Munich. More stations are set to follow this year. (in German)

Temporarily unavailable: New owner of the Source London public charging network, French IER, has found 168 of the 464 charging stations to require maintenance work. That is about a third of all stations but IER says it is making good progress together with no less than six charge point manufacturers to fix the network. In the future, rapid charging is expected to be introduced.

Rolec Services is offering free 32 amp EV home chargers to private customers. Rolec subsidises its offer which is part of the British Government’s OLEV Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme. To be eligible, customers only have to own or have ordered a plug-in vehicle or drive a company EV for more than six months.

EV ready homes: California is musing yet another pro electric transport bill. This time, developers of new homes or large parking lots would be asked to have enough capacity ready for EV chargers to be installed at a later date. AutoblogGreen suggests, this anticipatory move could cost as little 50 dollars.

Service + Suggestions

Toyota Prius portraits, EV West.

Video tip I: In the US, Toyota has launched a new video campaign for its Prius. In the videos, different Prius owners tell their story on the reasons for going hybrid. A real family portrait!,

Video tip II: In this video, EV West introduces its latest electric conversion of a low speed neighbourhood van together with technician Trent, the company’s newest addition to the team. Even though this low speed conversion seems to be kind of boring, the team surely had fun shooting this walkthrough video.

Short circuit

Connected car.

Electric cars are more versatile than even we thought. While you might have dreamed about partly powering your home with your car’s battery, this Chevrolet dealer solved the more pressing problem of his broken internet connection by simply logging onto the 4G hotspot of the 2015 Volt. The temporary solution has become permanent now and serves as yet another EV sales pitch.