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BMW, Energica, Red Automotive Technologies, Bulgaria, VW.

BMW 5 PHEV from 2017: The new BMW 5 series is set for launch in mid-2017 and Autobild confirms that it will include a plug-in hybrid version as previously presumed. The PHEV comes with the usual hybrid range of 50 km and will make its first public appearance in Paris next year. (in German), (premiere)

Energica-EvaEgo and Eva: Energica presents its second electric motorcycle at the Milan Show. The new bike called Eva will join the Ego machine at a not yet specified on-sale date. As a streetfighter, Eva comes with 95bhp (70 kW) and a battery said to last for 124 miles if ridden in eco mode.,

Electric SUV from Oz: Red Automotive Technologies plans to develop an electric SUV with serious off-road capabilities. While the start-up is looking for funding, it aims to build 75,000 units in Australia over the next ten years with potentially 5,000 to be exported to the USA, Europe, or the Middle East. Targeted price is 85,000 dollars.

Several sound delays: The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) again delays its quiet car ruling that would require electric and hybrid cars to emit audio alerts at low speeds. A ruling and thus compliance has been pushed back repeatedly due to coordination issues, but is now expected in March.

EVs for Eastern Europe: Bulgaria reserved 1m BGN (5.4m dollars) to acquire electric cars for civil servants and hopes the measure will inspire citizens to mirror the government. Ukraine, on the other hand, has exempted electric vehicles from import duty. (Bulgaria), (Ukraine)

VW Jetta Hybrid review: The power is in the detail, finds Larry E. Hall, as he marvels at the “combination of an internal combustion engine, forced air induction and an electric motor,” making the Jetta the only turbocharged hybrid. It thus uses less mpg in the city than on the highway.

Number of the Day

Electric Renault sales.

About 2,200 electric vehicles were sold by Renault this October, Inside EVs preliminary counts reveal. That is a YOY growth of 27 percent, mostly because of the Zoe (1,850 units sold). Zoe is joined by almost 290 Twizy, as well as the Fluence and Kangoo ZE.

Research + Technology

Tesla, Orten, Nanyang Technological Univeristy, Hyundai Mobis.

Tesla has to tone down the Model S P90D performance data in Europe. While power was previously given as 568 kW(375 kW at the rear and 193 kW in the front), EU regulation requires the real world output. For the Tesla AWD this is limited by the maximum battery power of 396 kW. (in German)

orten-e-75Electric truck: Orten presented an retrofitted electric truck that once was a diesel. Compared to the original, the electric Orten E 75 has 30 percent more load capacity. Designed for urban operations, the 7.5 ton truck has a range of 100 km. Orten says its system is ready to go into serial production and will be marketed worldwide by the subsidiary Orten Electric Trucks., (both in German)

Battery health chip: Researchers from Nanyang Technological University developed a smart chip that detects battery failure like overheating early on, as it measures the exact state-of-charge. The chip also outlines the battery’s degradation and will be sold by the start-up, KVI Pte Ltd.,

Regenerative brakes for EVs: Hyundai Mobis developed an integrated regenerative brake system called iMEB (Integrated Mobis Electronic Brake). Specifically designed for hybrid and electric vehicles, the system integrates the pressure supply and control unit into a single electronically driven type.,

Quotes of the day

Christine Fleischer, Scott Harden, Zuo Shiquan.

Christine-Fleischer“There are a lot of numbers between 3 and 8. With that ‘room in the middle’ we’ll first offer something between the i3 and i8’s size and performance. It’s not coming in the very near future, because BMW wants to make sure each i-series model is an innovation benchmark, and that takes time.”

Based on the reasoning of Christine Fleischer, area manager at BMW North America, we may expect another four (partially) electric BMW in a distant future, not to mention the numbers before and after.

Scot-Harden“Let’s face it, we now are the only ones with a solid production, at least until the major, older OEMs start putting their own electric bikes in production. And they will, believe me!”

Scott Harden, VP Global Marketing at Zero Motorcycles, sounds a little bit like an Elon Musk for electric two-wheelers. It remains to be seen, when established manufacturers will join the race.

anonym“Because of government subsidies, many car makers have rushed to manufacture electric vehicles. But only a very limited number of car makers can produce up-to-standard electric vehicles.”

Zuo Shiquan, an official from China Center for Information Industry Development, on the difficulties the Chinese EV market and its regulation poses. Despite government subsidies, acceptance among Chinese customers remains low.

Fleets + Infrastructure

Berlin, Tesla, OPA, California.

Electric buses back in Berlin: The German capital launched its first electric bus line last August but had to stop it again only a few weeks later due to high-voltage problems leading to short circuits. Now, the four Solaris buses are back on track after adaptations. Operator BVG is confident that the trial will continue without any more major incidents on route 204. (in German)

Tesla connects China: North and South China are wired with 320 Superchargers and 1,500 Destination Chargers, the Californian EV maker announced. The Tesla network thus includes industrial hot spots like Shenzhen and Harbin and runs through major cities such as Shanghai and Beijing.,

1,000 Kandi K10 EVs will go to Tianjin after the Geely and Kandi joint venture sealed a deal with Tianjin Pang Da. The electric compact cars are destined for a carsharing programme to be set up in the Chinese city. Kandi expects to complete delivery before the end of the year.

Open standard: Open Charge Alliance (OPA) selected OASIS to further standardise the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) and to integrate it with IEC framework.,

California charges further: The city of Fremont will install eight public EV charging stations. An hour of charging will cost 1.50 dollars. The stations are funded by a state grant of 91,000 dollars and another 31,366 dollars will be paid by the city.

Service + Suggestions

EV sales, port quiz.

Reading tip: The one thing a car dealer does not want to sell is an electric car, this New York Times article finds. Only salesmen from Nissan and BMW were willing and well-informed enough to seal the deal.

Quiz time: Inside EVs has comprised a fun port quiz (not a pop quiz, as you may remember from school). See if you can name the car based on its charge port!

Short circuit


Useless retrofits are turning into a trend, as the combustion engine Tesla (we reported) is joined by a BMW i8 with a V8 engine. While the violation of the Tesla was just a step on the way to the dubious Deskla, Gabura does take its V8i seriously.