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Mitsubishi, Toyota, Gigafactory, Chevrolet, Kenguru, Porsche.

Mitsubishi-EX-ConceptThe eX electric crossover is Mitsubishi’s latest concept due to appear at the Tokyo Motor Show for the first time. The all-electric SUV with 400 km of electric range looks pretty dynamic to say the least and will give rise to more electric Mitsubishi’s to come – hopefully.,,

Fuel cell reloaded: The FCV Plus is Toyota’s vision of a future fuelled by hydrogen and will be presented late this month at the Tokyo Motor Show. The fuel cell stacks does not only power the car but also serves as an external energy source if connected to a (smart) grid or home.,

Battery rush: Tesla is pushing completion of its Gigafactory in Nevada. Already, works on the interior and data centre are underway and rumour has it that production could start in as little as four months. via

Talking about interior, new pictures of Chevrolet’s Bolt reveal insights on the inside. The next GM EV will feature a big centre touch screen (hello Tesla) and a shifter that reminds of those known from BMW.

Accessible: Kenguru, the wheelchair-accessible EV, has launched its new reservation system as it prepares for a 1,000-unit production run next year. Recently acquired by KLD Energy Technologies, the Kenguru will be on display at the Rehacare show in Dusseldorf (Oct 14-17)., (reservation page)

Porsche PHEV reviewed: The Porsche Cayenne SE-Hybrid is taking a bit of a backseat in this review as it initially only served as a backdrop for a photoshoot with ultra-fashionable Moti Ankari. Still, Hannah Elliot got to take a few rounds in the hybrid and was intrigued, by the interior in particular.

Number of the Day

Best-selling PEVs in August.

With 3,534 BYD Qin sold in August, the Chinese plug-in took the top spot on the “ev-sales” top ten list for the world’s best-selling PEVs. It thus outshone the Nissan Leaf (3,269) as well as the Tesla Model S (2,805).

Research + Technology

ZSW, Berkeley Lab, LMU Munich, Bolt.

Cheaper Li-ion batteries: Researchers at the German ZSW (Zentrum für Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung) have developed a new cathode material for Li-ion batteries. The lithium nickel manganese oxide obtained up to 40 percent higher energy density than existing materials and is more cost-effective, according to ZSW. (in German)

Berkeley Lab rewarded: Eight million dollars in funding habe been awarded to Berkeley Lab for two new research efforts by the Department of Energy. One is to find new materials for hydrogen storage and another for optimising fuel-cell performance and durability.

Light to hydrogen: German chemists have introduced a new class of porous organic materials that can be used for light-driven production of hydrogen gas. The so-called covalent organic frameworks (COFs) work well in molecular engineering.,

Kickstart the Bolt M-1 as it is asking for funding on Indiegogo. The electric two-wheeler hovers between a scooter and motorcycle (we reported) and it looks as if that mix appeals. Already, 160,000 dollars of the required 200,000 have been collected with another 20 days left. (campaign) via

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Most clicked link on Thursday were three queens gathering in Oz for a drag race. Watch the Tesla Model S P85D, a Holden Commodore V8 and a Walkinshaw HSV GTS together in action – again.

Quotes of the day

Elon Musk, Rolf Bulander, Lux Research.

Elon-Musk-Twitter“We’re probably only a month away from having autonomous driving at least for highways and for relatively simple roads.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk here refers to automatic steering functionality of the latest Teslas but went on to admit that true autonomous driving is at least six years away – in a regulatory sense rather than technologically.

Rolf-Bulander“We assume electrified cars will make up 15 percent of the market by 2025.”

Rolf Bulander, Bosch board member, does acknowledges the growing importance of electrification but also raised the flag for combustion engines, for which Bosch provides emissions reduction and electrification technologies.

anonym“Arguably, no major OEM is better positioned than they are to decisively accelerate the push towards plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles, putting the shine back on their tarnished image.”

We could not agree more with this analysis of Lux Research of Volkswagen’s very own Dieselgate affair. Yet, the researchers expect VW to “lack the vision, leadership, and ambition to do it, so they will most likely carry on as usual after some apologies.”

Fleets + Infrastructure

Fastned, Trikala, Edmonton, ADL, eMotorWerks & ClipperCreek.

Freedom Plan: A 4-tier vision for electric mobility has been presented by Dutch Fastned. First, Fastned plans to grow its number of fast-charging station in the Netherlands from 50 to 130 by 2017. Secondly, European expansion as well as the increase of power from 50 to 150 kW is to happen until 2018. Furthermore, prices have to decrease while Fastned plans to invest in its own solar power facilities.

Driverless e-minibuses: The Greek city of Trikala is testing autonomous electric minibuses as part of an EU project. Trials with the CityMobil2 built in France started already and will last until the end of February. The 10-seaters are guided by GPS and other sensors but limited to 20 kph.

Edmonton too is testing electric buses to see if they can withstand the Canadian cold climate. The buses will be tried in regular service in wintry conditions but with drivers steering.

Hybrid double-decker: Bus builder Alexander Dennis secured an offer from London for its new Enviro400H bus. 19 of these hybrid double-decker buses incorporating BAE technology are due to enter service in the British capital before the year’s end.

Smart EV charging: eMotorWerks has teamed up with ClipperCreek to integrate the JuiceNet platform for smart grid EV charging. JuiceNet transforms EVSEs into connected, smart appliances which are controlled via the cloud-based, self-learning software platform that includes an app.

Service + Suggestions

BMW i & Telekom, Toyota Highlander Hybrid, Events.

Video tip I: The humanoids of the future are animals with routines this spot by BMW i and Telekom suggests as it shows a morning in a smart, i.e. app-controlled home. Have you put the buns in the oven for tomorrow, honey, and most importantly, is the car plugged?!

Video tip II: Tom Voelk spent a weekend with the Toyota Highlander Hybrid and made a home video with special appearances by his son and his Frisbee-crazy friends. If only that “family-favourite” could be a little cheaper… (video)

Events for the upcoming week: World of Energy Solutions (October 12-14; Stuttgart, Germany) ++ Electronics in Vehicles (October 14-15; Baden-Baden, Germany)
You can find a complete list of upcoming industry events at

Short circuit

DIY diesel scandal.

The festive season is (almost) upon us and kicks off with halloween. A website got particularly creative as it puts out a manual on how to make one’s own dieselgate costume that involves a gas mask, fuel canister and lots of fumes. Pretty outrageous! (costume) via