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Volvo, Renault, NEVS, Rotterdam, Denza, Unu.

Volvo-XC90Another plug-in from Sweden: Volvo announced that its S90 limousine will debut in the second half of 2015. It will share mechanics and chassis as well as connectivity technology of the recently presented XC90 and will also be available as a plug-in hybrid.,

Renault to show plug-in hybrid: The French carmaker wants to present a 2-litre (117 mpg) concept car at the Paris Auto Show. It is said to build on a completely new platform. Details have yet to be released, but due to earlier announcements, a plug-in hybrid is considered as very likely.,,

NEVS to reorganise: A court in Swedish Vaenersborg approved NEVS’ application for protection from creditors, after first rejecting it on Thursday (we reported). The Saab-owner allegedly owes suppliers 57 million dollars. Negotiations with investors are progressing, but have yet to bear fruit. Meanwhile, NEVS lost the right to use the brand name Saab for new vehicles as well as those originally developed under that name., (reorgianisation), (name)

EV prices reach record low in Rotterdam: The Nissan e-NV200, i.e., starts at a mere 4,950 euros, the Leaf at 7,450 euros due to new subsidies, claimed to be the best in the world. These are, however, temporary and limited in terms of number of sales. Amsterdam is offering similar bargains, combining local and national subsidies.,

Behind the wheel of the Denza EV: Greg Kable from Autocar says the electric vehicle sets itself apart from other cars from China due to its “high standard of fit and finish.” Another positive point is its 208 mile range. With a weight of 2090 kg, Kable also criticises that the Denza is “hardly what you’d describe as quick.”

Introducing the Unu: The electric scooter has a range of 100 kilometres and a top speed of 45 kph. It features a portable 3000-watt lithium-ion battery, which weighs only 8 kilos. That enables users to charge their two-wheeler virtually anywhere. Pricing starts at 1,699 euros (2,231 dollars).

Number of the Day

Toyota hybrid sales worldwide.

Toyota sold 665,740 hybrid cars globally in the first half of 2014. Sales went up four percent compared to the same time last year. Best-seller was the Aqua, which is sold as Prius C in the U.S. via

Research + Technology

Ford, Toyota, Lexus, Google.

Predictive hybrid drive: Ford is working on a system that will use GPS data to efficiently control the driving modes in its hybrid cars based on road conditions. The Green Zone system is still a few years away but could potentially even make use of information from vehicle-to-vehicle networks.,

Hydrogen tank inspections: Toyota can now carry these out itself during the vehicle manufacturing process. To achieve this, Toyota became the first registered manufacturer of 700 bar hydrogen tanks under Japan’s High Pressure Gas Safety Act. Before, every tank had to be inspected by the Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan (KHK) during its manufacturing and again upon its completion.,,

NX 300h safety features: The new hybrid car from Lexus will be equipped with numerous safety features such as a pre-crash safety system, adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, blind spot monitor, rear cross traffic alert and automatic high beam. It is the first time for Lexus to offer the radar controlled pre-crash system as a standard feature.

Delivery drone from Google: In its Project Wing, Google is currently testing a drone for parcel delivery. The aircraft is propelled by four electric motors, which allow for two different flying modes – horizontal like an airplane and vertical like a helicopter. When in hovering mode, the parcels will be lowered by wire and dropped at the ground.,,

Quotes of the day

Paul Stein.

Paul-Stein“Elon Musk is fantastic, the world needs him. And the lessons big companies like us learn from him is the art of the possible.”

Paul Stein, Chief Scientific Officer at Rolls-Royce, watches the Tesla CEO with interest, saying he is a pioneer on a small market of revolutionary ideas.

Fleets + Infrastructure

Tesla, SAIC, Östfold, Shasta Lake, California.

China Unicom partners with Tesla: The second-largest mobile phone company in China and Tesla agreed to jointly build 400 regular charging stations and 20 Supercharger in 120 cities. Tesla will supply the equipment, whereas China Unicom will provide land at its outlets.,,

Electric car rental in China: Shanghai-based eHi Auto Services corporation signed a deal with SAIC Motor to supply 1,000 electric and hybrid cars (Roewe E50 and Roewe 550) over the next two years. Last year, eHi had already ordered 50 pure-electric Roewe cars and put them in service as as rental cars.

Foundations for charging infrastructure: Norwegian Östfold County is partnering with Swedish start-up Unimi Solutions, which supplies its foundations to help the county’s infrastructure goal of having 20% of all public parking EV-ready. According to the county’s industry advisor Joakim Sveli, the Unimi foundations deliver costs savings of up to 60%.

Solar charging from Envision: The Californian city of Shasta Lake installed one stand-alone solar charging station from Envision. Thanks to it 22 kWh buffer battery, the station does not need any foundation or grid connection. In May, Boulder in Colorado deployed two of these stations (we reported).,

Domestic charging by law: California issued a bill, which would make it easier for EV drivers who rent their homes to get charging taken care of. If Governor Jerry Brown signs it into law by end of the month, landlords have to allow the installation of charging equipment if the renter wishes and pays for it.,

Service + Suggestions

EVs in China, Tesla ad, Events.

Study tip: According to the “China Electric Vehicle Industry Report 2014,” more electric vehicles were sold in China in the first six months of 2014, than in the whole of 2013. 20,000 vehicles have already been registered. The market is still dominated by sales of electric buses. (Study, payment required) via

Video tip: Tesla has a new commercial. And as always, this spot was made by a fan. The message – live for today, with an eye on tomorrow.

Events for this week: Moscow International Automobile Salon MIAS (until September 7th; Moscow, Russia) ++ Fostering E-Mobility in the NSR Region: Final results (September 1st; Hamburg, Germany) ++ World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems (September 7th – September 11th; Detroit, USA)
You can find a complete list of upcoming industry events at

Short circuit

Pedestrians’ worst nightmare.

Be sure to keep the road clear for this bicycle! A Russian wanted to give his two-wheeler a little extra power and installed a chainsaw on the bike, which functions as motor.,