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North American climate partnership: The “Three Amigos” namely Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, U.S. President Barack Obama, and Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto have agreed to 50 percent clean power generation by 2025. The plan includes accelerated adoption of electric vehicles, i.e. in government fleets as well as the alignment of emission standards and regulations.

Fossil free transport by 2030? Germany’s roads may bear mostly electric cars comes 2030, according to the Climate Protection Plan 2050. The leaked draft requires fossil-fuel emissions cuts of 45 percent for cars and 54 percent for trucks by then. Otherwise the government’s target to reduce carbon emissions by 95 percent by 2050 as was defined at the Paris climate talks will not be met.

Citroen-DS-E-TENSEPSA’s Push to Pass is becoming more clear as Citroën announces it would roll out an electric model by 2019 to be followed by a larger C-segment EV a year later. In total, the French firm reportedly plans to launch seven plug-in hybrids and four electric cars by 2021.

EVs made in Iran with LG: Iranian carmaker Iran Khodro is in negotiations with LG International to develop electric vehicles for the former Persian empire. The Koreans would supply batteries, charging stations, and other components while Khodro would build up to 60,000 vehicles by 2023.

Elon Musk called out: CtW Investment Group that holds 200,000 Tesla shares demanded a more independent board as it asks to separate the chairman and CEO roles to cut Musk’s dominance. The call comes in the wake of the proposed SolarCity deal.,

Recalls widen: Toyota expands yesterday’s recall now calling on another 2,87m vehicles to return to the garage for faulty fuel emissions controls, including the Auris, Corolla, Prius and Lexus CT200h. Ford is running a few recalls as well with one affecting 900 Focus Electric. (Toyota), (Ford)

Number of the Day

Go Ultra Low Report.

Up to 1.3m electric vehicles could be sold annually in the UK by 2027, the Go Ultra Low campaign projects as it considers the turning point as overcome. If growth indeed accelerates, all new cars on the isles could be electric by 2040, the report says.

Research + Technology

Siemens, Primove, FEV, Le Mans, WEC

1bn euros for disruption: Siemens set up an incubator for start-ups and plans to invest 1 billion euros over the next five years. The unit called next47 aims to foster disruptive technologies with one of the first projects being a cooperation with Airbus to electrify aviation (we reported). Employees as well as founders, external start-ups and established companies are invited to tap into the new segment.,

Charging while driving: A 10 ton truck was charged wirelessly while driving with up to 70 kph in a test conducted by Bombardier Primove. Four charging segments with a total length of 20 metres provided up to 200 kW inductively and on demand. Primove technology is already in use in public transport systems around the world but trucks and ultimately electric cars are the next step. (in German)

German EV R&D in China: FEV has opened its Beijing Vehicle and Powertrain Development Center in the Chinese capital. At the facility, electric drives, batteries, and fuel cells will be developed and tested for both Chinese as well as international clients.

FCVs to enter Le Mans and WEC: FIA and Le Mans organiser ACO are working on a new set of rules that would allow hydrogen powered racers in the 24h and WEC competition. Also, a new hybrid LMP1 sub-class allowing for more retrieved energy has been confirmed for 2018 alongside a third KERS.,

Quotes of the day

Stefano Aversa, Kent Falck, Steve Tomlinson.

Stefano-Aversa“Electrification has to come to Europe to meet tougher emission standards and the diesel is going to pay the highest toll. This will cause huge challenges for automakers and suppliers because they will need to change their powertrain manufacturing infrastructure.”

AlixPartners Vice Chairman Stefano Aversa refers to a study that puts Diesel marketshare in Europe at just 9 percent by 2030. The decrease comes with growth in electric motor manufacturing as the study projects 40 plants by 2022, up from 26 today.

Kent-Falck“We sat in a room and reviewed all the facts, figures, whatever we have, with the specialists. But we can’t manage it, how are the others doing it? We don’t know.”

Kent Falck, a vehicle line executive at Volvo and his team became suspicious of Volkswagen’s TDI turbodiesel engine about seven years ago. Given they had the same suppliers like Bosch, they knew “this technology doesn’t exist,” Falck admits.

Steve-Tomlinson“Once we have these efficient engines then we can look at hybrid systems, but with a lower level of electrification to ensure we retain the fun-to-drive elements of ICE.”

Steve Tomlinson, Head of Fleet at Mazda Motors UK, defends the decision to work on making ICE more efficient – first. In Japan, Mazda already sells a hybrid but Tomlinson negated any plan to import it any time soon.

Fleets + Infrastructure

Israel, Leicester, Canada, Supercharger, Ruby Tuesday.

Israel electrifies: The country wishes to clean the air with the government spending about 57m dollars on initiatives for electric mobility and more. Grants for the acquisition of 2,000 hybrid taxes have been set up, and electric buses will be bought. On the private side, 4 carsharing schemes with at least 800 electric cars and 2,000 charge stops will be introduced in 4 Israeli cities including Tel Aviv and Haifa.

Diesel replacement: British Leicester will potentially replace a 95 strong diesel fleet with EVs if tests with ten Nissan Leaf proof successful. The Leaf will be joined by five Nissan e-NV200 within the following weeks and testing is to resume over six months.,

Rapid charging in Canada: Six EV fast-charging stations are to go up along Canada’s Highway that connects Montréal and Quebec. The province will pay half the price of each station that are estimated to cost 60,000 dollars and would like to see them go up within the next six months.

Supercharge and dine: Restaurant chain Ruby Tuesday plans to install a series of Superchargers at its diners. The first has gone up in Miner, Missouri, yet the chain has not specified how many EV charging stations will follow.

Service + Suggestions

World Energy Council, Fully Charged, Events.

Research tip: 16 percent of all new cars would need to be electric by 2020 for fleets to comply with emission regulations in Europe, the U.S. and China, according to the UN’s World Energy Council. The WEC refers to the EV Gap as all three major markets are yet behind their self-imposed targets., (study, pdf)

Video tip: Robert Llewellyn is being a little racy in this latest Fully Charged episode as he enters the eRallye in a special version of the Renault Zoe spinning around Coventry City ring road.

Events for the upcoming week: European Fuel Cell Forum (July 05-08; Lucerne, Switzerland) ++ MotoE, Round 1 (July 08-10; Zolder, Belgium)

You can find a complete list of upcoming industry events at

Short circuit

Accentuating detail.

In an advert promoting its services for a contactless payment provider, consultancy Accenture makes a point of how modern they are by using a BMW i3 as their poster child. Little did the agency know that the car is electric as they used a gas symbol instead of a plug. High Performance. Delivered. Not.