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Acura NSX, Audi, BMW, Vmoto, Beijing Auto, Tesla.

Acura-NSX-2015NSX successor to debut in Detroit: Honda is finally ready to present a production version of the new NSX under the Acura label at the NAIAS. First teaser images show the 2016 NSX Hybrid which will be powered by a mid-mounted V6 twin-turbo engine working together with three electric motors.,

All-electric Audi A3? Apparently, the German carmaker is pondering the idea of an all-electric Audi A3, Manager Magazine reports. It could use a revamped drivetrain from VW’s e-Golf and hit the market by spring 2016. We’d be up for it! (in German, part 5)

U-turn at BMW: Despite a press release by BMW USA stating otherwise (we reported), the German carmaker will not present a hydrogen concept at the NAIAS in Detroit. The concept was initially expected to showcase technology more advanced and capable than what’s found in the Toyota Mirai.

New Chinese JV coming up: Electric scooter manufacturer Vmoto says it plans to form a new joint venture with yet unnamed partners in China to produce electric three- and four-wheelers. Between 20,000 and 50,000 units could be build in the first year already.,

New EV for China: Beijing Auto has launched its all-electric sedan Senova ES210 EV in eleven cities in mainland China. After all subsidies that amount to 90,000 yuan (14,500 USD), the 80-kW EV costs 256.900 yuan (41.485 dollars) and offers a range of up to 175 km (108 miles).

Lowering expectations: Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas is reducing its sales forecast for Tesla due to low oil prices. He now predicts that the EV maker will sell less than 300,000 units until 2020, instead of half a million. Furthermore, Jonas believes the Model 3 could cost near 60,000 dollars, while Tesla is aiming at a price of 35,000 dollars.,

Number of the Day

AlphaElectric UK.

In Great Britain, 738 EVs are leased through AlphaElectric. The company has thus surpassed its 2014 EV target of 595 units by 24 percent, resulting in 240 customers using at least one electric car in their fleet. Alphabet expects this number to rise “significantly” next year.

Research + Technology

Scania, Rogue Rovers, Graphene ESD, Lithium-sulfur.

Scania-ElektrobusScania to charge inductively: Together with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Scania will be testing a plug-in hybrid bus in the Swedish city of Södertälje from June 2016. The bus is based on the Scania Citywide and will be charged inductively at a bus stop.,

Autonomous electric ATV: Rogue Rovers from Oregon has completed a prototype of an autonomous EV which could be used in agriculture to i.e. apply pesticides without a human driver. Potential customers could start testing the electric ATV by January.

Supercap investment: Lomiko Metals will invest in a new venture named Graphene Energy Storage Devices. Graphene ESD has been formed to commercialize graphene-based supercapacitor technology.,

Lithium-Sulfur research: Researchers from Cambridge and Beijing have devised a three-dimensional hierarchical sandwich-type graphene sheet sulfur/carbon composite to address performance-related issues in Lithium-sulfur batteries such as low efficiency and capacity degradation.,

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Most clicked link on Wednesday was the new electric mini bus service that now travels through the Old Town of Geneva, Switzerland.

Quotes of the day

Ian Robertson, Liam Neeson.

ian-robertson“To reach the 95g/km target we need pure electric vehicles, but to sell pure electric vehicles we need governments to provide the infrastructure and to incentivise the technology. All that takes time, not two or three years.”

BMW’s head of sales and marketing Ian Robertson once more moans about EU emission regulations which he not only finds premature but also one-sided.

Liam-Neeson“The mayor wants to replace carriage horses with electric cars. That’s exactly what New York needs, more cars.”

Actor Liam Neeson proves to be a traditionalist as he takes a rather ironic approach to NYC’s plans to replace Central Park’s most cherished tourist attraction.

Fleets + Infrastructure

Rotterdam, Stuttgart, Bristol, Westminster, Detroit, Mountain View.

Rotterdam electrified, pt. I: APM Terminals is to run a zero-emmision operation at its new deep-water terminal at Rotterdam port. The company leased 35 Nissan e-NV200 and already has electrified all its cranes and Lift-Automatic Guided Vehicles. All machines will be powered by wind-generated energy.,

Rotterdam electrified, pt. II: After successfully testing three electric cabs (we reported), Rotterdam Taxi Company (RTC) is to extend its electric fleet. The Dutch taxi company has ordered another 22 e6 electric cabs from BYD which are set to arrive next year.

Free EV parking extended: German city of Stuttgart is to grant free parking to electric cars on all public parking lots until the end of 2017. While the incentive already existed for EVs, it now applies to plug-in hybrids with an electric range of at least 30 kilometres as well. The city already has 175 charge points. (in German)

1m pound to improve air quality: The British government has granted one million pounds (1.6m dollars) to 24 projects. Successful applicants include 20,800 pounds (32,400 USD) to buy an EV for Bristol and 128,800 pounds (199,000 USD) for Westminster City Council to erect charging stations.,

Leading by example: GM is installing 23 new 120V charging outlets at its Renaissance Center in Detroit. The company now has built up about 500 charging stations at 45 GM sites in the States, where employees can charge their PEVs while working.,

Google to launch electric shuttle: After successfully completing the pilot phase of its electric shuttle service at Mountain View (we reported), the internet giant will start the Mountain View Community Shuttle in January. The four electric buses can transport up to 16 passengers and two wheel-chair users. Transport and wireless internet are free of charge.

Service + Suggestions

Tesla Model S vs. Porsche Cayenne S E Hybrid, Nissan Leaf batteries.

Video tip: Autoblog pitched the Tesla Model S versus Porsche’s Cayenne S E Hybrid in a drag race. While German engineering initially is faster, the Californian just needed some time to get warm before flexing its electric muscles.

Click tip: The making of Nissan´s Leaf batteries in its British Sunderland plant is brought to us by Inside EVs who prepared an info graphic, numerous photos and a video.

Short circuit

A true villain.

In the new Bond movie Spectre, Bond’s nemesis Herr Oberhauser is to flee in the Jaguar C-X75 Concept car the company shunned to produce. The film version will waive the original four electric motors for a V8. A villain with a conscience would have been out of character it seems.