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Gigafactory, BMW, GreenTech Automotive, Kandi, Ferrari.

Gigafactory update: Tesla’s application for subsidies in Nevada reveals new details about the battery production site. 1.1 billion dollars will be invested in the building and site infrastructure, another 3.9 billion in machinery and equipment including materials processing and product assembly. Tesla wants to start with 300 employees in 2017 and plans to have 6.500 employees by its eighth gigafactory year.

BMW-i8Power boost for the i8? George Kacher, European Bureau Chief at Automobile Magazine, rumours that there are two drivetrain combinations being evaluated, both with more than 500 hp, to make the BMW i8 more powerful. He says the BMW i8S could be available by late 2017.

MyCar getting closer: GreenTech Automotive just opened its production facility in Tunica, Mississippi, where it wants to begin building its all-electric MyCar starting next month. At the same time, GreenTech is working on setting up a distribution network for the two-seater.

Kandi develops new EV: The Chinese manufacturer wants to introduce a new model even before the end of the year. The only thing that has been revealed so far is that the four-seater, jointly developed by Kandi and Geely. will be named “Cyclone”.

Spy shots of LaFerrari XX: First pictures and a short video of the camouflaged hybrid supercar have emerged on the web. The XX version is said to deliver more than 1,000 hp, and only 30 units will be produced (we reported).,

Number of the Day

Charge NY campaign.

With 1,000 public EV chargers installed and 10,000 plug-ins on the road, New York is pushing ahead with its campaign ‘Charge NY.’ While it is well on its way of reaching its goal to install 3,000 chargers by 2018, in terms of EVs, California still leads with 100,000.

Research + Technology

Google, Honda, Visio.M, Salukis.

Google-selfdriving-carGoogle showed off its driverless vehicle to staff and visitors at its California campus this week. The electric cars have already driven themselves for more than 700,000 miles, but still have problems to cope in heavy rain or snow. Google hopes the cars will be roadworthy within the next five years.

Honda Fit is not so fit: For the fifth time this year, Honda had to recall its hybrid in Japan – a total of 426,000 vehicles there have to go back. 183 units overseas are concerned as well. The recall will cost about 53 million dollars. Honda CEO and two executives will take pay cuts to fund more quality control.,

Technical details on the Visio.M: The lightweight (450 kg) EV features a 13.5 kWh Li-ion battery and a 15 kW motor that allows for a maximum speed of 120 kp. The two-seater is equipped with a 360 degree monitoring system that activates integrated passenger protection ahead of a crash.;;;

E-bike for the desert: Three students from Dubai have developed the country’s first electric motorcycle fit for the dunes. The Salukis can be equipped with extra wide tyres for more stability, has a range of 80 km and a maximum speed of 93 kph.

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Most clicked Link on Thursday was Terra Motors preparing for its EU debut and presenting its electric scooter A4000i at the EICMA Show in Italy.

Quotes of the day

Mitsuhisa Kato, Tony Posawatz.

Mitsuhisa-Kato“Our goal in the mid-term is to offer a hybrid model in all the model segments. Yet we must get the costs down further in order to put this technology into the smallest cars.”

Toyota development chief Mitsuhisa Kato confirms that the carmaker’s push for hybridisation could even include the small Aygo city car.

Tony-Posawatz“I do have some general concerns around their ability to make a profitable model that’s a high-volume model.”

Tony Posawatz, formerly the CEO at Fisker Automotive and once an executive at GM, says Tesla’s business model is not sustainable because it depends too much on ZEV credits. And with his recent success, he should know a bad strategy when he sees one.

Fleets + Infrastructure, Volkswagen, Cork, Edinburgh, VGI test. kick-off: The new interoperability platform by German Smartlab and Dutch foundation ElaadNL counts 4,500 chargers from the get-go. The target is a fully operational roaming network across Europe. Smartlab also confirmed to that there will be talks with the competing roaming platform intercharge from Hubject, to enable communication between the two systems.,

Sharing the E-up: As part of the showcase project in the German federal state of Lower Saxony, Volkswagen provided 50 of the EVs to selected universities for carsharing programmes. Depending on demand, the number of vehicles can be increased.,, (all links in German)

Cork plugs in: The city wants to become the capital of electric mobility in Ireland. The Drive4Zero programme will allow EVs to park for free, double public charging points and create incentives for buying an EV. The first 2,000 buyers will even receive a rapid-charge home point.

Scotland gets first Supercharger: The Tesla fast-charger was installed at Edinburgh Airport. Tesla UK manager Georg Ell hinted that there is more to come, saying one should “watch this space for more activity.”

VGI test a success: Last week, eight manufacturers and a number of utilities came together to see, if energy providers could tell EVs to stop charging via a cloud, in order to not overload the grid (we reported ahead of the event). Using technology provided by Sumitomo Electric, the test was declared a success.,

Service + Suggestions

PEV forecast, Norway, McLaren P1 GTR, Events.

Study tip: According to Navigant Research, 2.4 percent of all new vehicles sold by 2023 could be plug-ins. Luxury brands are said to lead this trend, as they are increasingly focusing on EV development and could already make up 50 percent of all EV sales by 2018.,

Video tip 1: Norway is like heaven for EVs. Nissan looks at how the country came to love electric cars and what they are doing to further promote their use. It shows that the main reasons business choose electric cars is the environment and saving costs. via

Video tip 2: McLaren presents its P1 GTR programme that allows drivers to drive a simulator before taking the McLaren vehicles to a test track. The idea is to offer each driver a unique inside into the world of McLaren, before getting behind the wheel. via

Events for the upcoming week: New Mobility (Oct 27-29; Leipzig, Germany) ++ International Conference Electromobility (Oct 27; Leipzig, Germany) ++ Singapore International Energy Week (Oct 27-31; Marina Bay Sands, Singapore) ++ EV2014VÉ (Oct 28-30; Vancouver, Canada)
You can find a complete list of upcoming industry events at

Short circuit

Mass transportation.

After the stretched Hummer and the stretched Prius, here comes the stretched scooter. It was made by Chinese Lanbei and seats no less than 11 people and is all-electric, of course! Why they build this XXXXXL vehicle and show it all around the country? It could be solution for mass transportation – as long as the destination is just straight ahead.