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GM, Audi, Mercedes, Jaguar, Jeep, Tesla.

GM’s electric strategy for China: In the following three years, the American car giant intends to launch at least ten EV and PHEV for the Chinese market, said GM’s China CEO Matt Tsien in the course of the Shanghai Motor Show. He thus joined the rest of the carmakers in their electric promises made in the light of expected new energy quotas by the Chinese authorities. GM calculates with a sales potential of 150,000 electrified vehicles until 2020 and up to half a million until 2025. First aim is to start production of an all-electric model in the Asian-Pacific region within the next two years.,

Is this Audi’s EV no. 3? Rumours about a new luxury heavyweight above the A8 are persistent and have received some extra fuel through Auto Zeitung. The report speaks of a possible A9 that might emerge 2020 under the label C e-tron – thus being the third in Audi’s electrical line-up. Although sources are missing, the article assumes that the four-door coupé will be based on Q6 and Porsche’s Mission E and could be launched in three versions with 265, 320 or 400 kW. (in German)

Mercedes with updated S-Class: The German carmaker has face-lifted its top-of-the-line sedan. The updated version of its S-Class is supposed to hit the roads in July and will be available as well as PHEV version with a battery capacity of 13.3 kWh and an onboard 7.2 kW charger.,

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Serial style of I-Pace at the IAA: Jaguar wants to unveil the production version of its I-Pace in September at the IAA before starting sales next year, Auto Express has learnt. The final design of Jaguar’s first EV shall correspond to 80% to the concept car presented in Los Angeles last year.

Jeep shows plug-in: The Yuntu Hybrid has been revealed in Shanghai and was designed for China. Still no details on the actual drive of the seven-seater PHEV have been released.

Tesla recalls 53,000 Model S and X as they are equipped with a faulty gear in the parking brakes. According to the carmaker, the issue was caused by a third-party supplier and could end up in problems to release the parking brake. The recall affects vehicles launched between February and October 2016.,,

Number of the Day

Worldwide EV Sales.

A total of 873,000 EVs and PHEVs were sold worldwide last year, according to Germany’s Centre for Automotive Research (CAR). By far the most were purchased in China, namely 507,000 of which most were all-electric (409,000). CAR expects China’s NEV market to rise to 10.6m by 2025.

Research + Technology

Lilium, Webasto, XING Mobility,

Lilium-First-FlightLilium’s aircraft takes off: The start-up based by Munich has mastered the first test flight with its VTOL prototype. Equipped with 36 electric jets, the two-seated machine takes off vertically before switching in forward flying modus. It is supposed to accelerate to 300 kph and reach a range of 300 km. The ESA backed company also wants to develop a five-seated model and entertains the vision that someday we may hail a heli via app at taxi prices.,,,

Webasto introduces electric mobility division: The supplier used the Shanghai’s Motor Show to present its new business unit ‘E-Solutions & Services’. It shall focus on battery and charging solutions “in private and semi-private environments” and cooperate with OEMs and specialised partners.

Megawatt vehicle made in Taiwan: Start-up XING Mobility will bring its Miss R, a road-legal prototype of an electric racer to the upcoming EV Taiwan show. Four electric motors deliver an output of no less than 1 MW and claim to accelerate the vehicle in two seconds from 0 to 100 kph.,,

Batteries from waste glass bottles: UCR researchers have turned waste glass bottles into nanosilicon anodes for Li-ion batteries. A low-cost chemical process and the promise of storing four times more energy than batteries with conventional graphite anodes may make these batteries a success.

Quotes of the day

Adam Jonas, Christian Strube.

Adam-Jonas“We believe Tesla could sell its autonomous, electric semis without batteries, which would then be separately leased to customers.”

Referring to Tesla’s announcement to present its electric semi truck in September, Morgan Stanley analysts Adam Jonas and Ravi Shanker share their thoughts about an appropriate business model, like a battery leasing approach with swap stations.

Christian-Strube“We have said that the Vision E is our first car on MEB. And we have said that it is our first electric show car. But we haven’t said that it is our first production car.”

According to Christian Strube, member of the Skoda’s board for technical development, it looks like there will be an electric version of an existing model before MEB based EVs. AutoExpress considers the Citigo the most probable candidate.

Fleets + Infrastructure

BMW, Lynk & Co, Hyundai, TransLink, Tesla.

German car sharing in China: BMW hopes to tap into the potential of dense Chinese cities with its mobility brand ReachNow. In a first step, 100 BMW i3 shall join traffic in the city of Chengdu within the next month, Handelsblatt cites Peter Schwarzenbauer, member of BMW’s board, who said that Chengdu authorities had been particularly open to the approach and would even install the necessary infrastructure. Different from DriveNow in Europe, BMW sharer in China will have the option to book a car with a driver. Mercedes has been on the market since last year. In Chongqing 180,000 users share 600 Smarts, making it the car sharing service’s most busy location – albeit not for Smart ED. (in German)

Chinese car sharing goes west: On expansion course in the opposite direction is Lynk & Co. The Geely brand decided to launch in Berlin and San Francisco, which it considers “cities with a high penetration of shared- economy services.” Drivers whose 01 EVs are idle shall get the possibility to share them simply by flipping a switch within the Lynk vehicle. This car sharing approach is to debut in early 2019 in the German capital and shortly after in California.

Subscription EV: Californians who want to drive emission-free may now choose Hyundai’s Ioniq EV for a fixed payment for three years. This subscription starts from 275 dollars a month and a $2,500 initiation fee that the state’s rebate offsets. Costs for charging and maintenance incur after 50,000 miles.,,,

TransLink extends bus fleet: Still this month, the metropolitan area of Vancouver will benefit from 26 new hybrid articulated buses operated by the transportation company TransLink. The electrified fleet of the company then counts a total of 252 hybrid buses and 262 trolley buses.

Tesla boosts quick charging in Korea: The Asian country is to see 14 new Supercharger installed by Tesla within the ongoing year. Six of them will be implemented in Seoul, three along main traffic routes, and five in other major cities in South Korea.,

Service + Suggestions

Elon Musk, BWM,

Click tip I: Tesla CEO Elon Musk already suggested that charging may eventually be as autonomous as future cars. Elektrek discovered a first indication in an official document – namely in a construction permit referring to “Tesla automated parking Superchargers.”

Click tip II: The inauguration of EV charging stations at the Thomas Edison National Historical Park installed by BWM delivered great pictures as the audience could admire Edison’s already 1904 created DC charging station as well as an EV of Detroit Electric from 1914 that Edison and his wife used to drive. As reported, BMW wants to implement up to 100 EV charging stations at the U.S. nature reserves.

Short circuit

Ball based next-gen segway?

German engineer Olaf Winkler developed a vehicle dubbed Üo that could dwarf existing segways as users balance on a highly mobile ball that relies on three electric motors. Control works through weight transfer and a handlebar including a joy stick. Practise is a must.