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Tesla, Chevy, Hyundai, Mercedes-AMG, Hong Kong.

Is Tesla closing the solar deal? The planned SolarCity takeover may go down very soon, Reuters reports, citing people close to the matter. The merger could be signed in the coming days. However, there is still a possibility that negotiation won’t bear any fruits after all.

Chevy-Bolt-ProductionChevy Bolt update: According to Automotive News, GM will begin with production of the all-electric Chevy Bolt in October, shooting for a yearly output of 25,000 units. The range extender version Volt is said to get a makeover in 2019 that will also increase its all-electric range. via

Hyundai’s H2 plans: Hyundai’s next fuel cell model will be ready in time for the winter Olympics in 2018 in Pyeonchang. It will be a mix of CUV and SUV and feature a smaller electric motor with more output, as well as a fuel cell that requires less platinum in the catalyst.

AMG hybrid? Mercedes-AMG is allegedly planning a super sports car with hybrid drivetrain for its 50th anniversary in 2017. The R50 would have 1,300 hp and feature two electric motors to drive the front wheels. The limited edition hybrid will then sell for two or three million euros.

Tour cars electrified: As part of the third Formula E season kick off in October, Hong Kong wants to conduct the world’s first electric tour car race. It will see 15 retrofitted e-Golf go up against one another. A first model has already been tested successfully.,

Tesla 60 priced: The carmaker announced the leasing rates for the 60 kWh variants of its Model S and X in the U.S. The Model S 60 will thus be available for 667 dollars per month, while the dual-drive version will go for 742 dollars per month. The monthly leasing rate for the Model X 60D has meanwhile be set at 788 dollars.

Number of the Day

ChargePoint supports charging network expansion.

ChargePoint promised 20m dollars for the expansion of a national fast-charging network in the U.S. This comes after the White House announced private and federal sector actions to accelerate EV uptake in the country (we reported).

Research + Technology

Jaguar Land Rover, Argonne Lab, Jülich, Hyundai.

Battery alliance in the works? Jaguar Land Rover may be talking with BMW about setting up a joint battery factory, The Times reports. The production facility could provide batteries for hundreds of thousands of EVs. However, neither manufactured commented on the rumours.,

More efficient trucks: The U.S. DOE’s Argonne Laboratory will head a consortium under the US-Chinese Clean Energy Research Center (CERC) to improve the efficiency of medium- and heavy-duty trucks by 50 percent. The focus is i.e. on hybrid powertrains, light weighting and aerodynamics.

Longer running times: Researchers at Jülich’s Institute of Energy and Climate Research (IEK) say they have found the reason for silicon-air batteries’ short running times – the consumption of electrodes. They developed a pump system to refill electrolyte fluid as part of the AlSiBat project, reaching running times of up to 1,100 hours. They are now looking for ways to keep the battery running without refilling the fluid.

Hyundai mobility research: Hyundai has opened the Ioniq Lab in Pangyo in South Korea, where the carmaker works together with several universities to develop new ideas and concepts for future mobility. Electric mobility will play a major part – which is why the centre was named after Hyundai’s newest electric and hybrid model.,

Quotes of the day

August Achleitner, Elon Musk.

August-Achleitner“Right now it wouldn’t make sense in our opinion to offer an electric 911, or hybrid version, because there are so many disadvantages of such a concept within this narrow layout of a 911.”

According to August Achleitner, head of Porsche’s 911 and 718 sports cars, a purely electric or even hybrid 911 is not currently on the table. But, as the automotive world changes, so could customer demand, which the German company is keeping a close eye on.

Elon-Musk-Twitter“The easy decision would be to, or easier, I suppose, from the standpoint of minimizing attacks and criticism, would be to delay it and try to wait for some point where it’s theoretically better. But if you wait for any point past the point that it’s better than the cars that exist, you’re making a decision to kill people with statistics.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk explains why he has no intention of removing the Autopilot from his EVs, despite critics saying Musk is using customers as “guinea pigs” and is “sending the wrong message” by calling it Autopilot.

Fleets + Infrastructure

EV Hub, Kandi, Seattle City Light, Dubai, New Flyer, Proterra.

New UK charging network planned: EV Hub wants to set up a charging network at supermarkets and cafés in the UK. It is currently looking to collect 500,000 pounds via crowdfunding to kick start its project in London, which will then successively expand to other parts of the country.

Sells like hotcakes: Kandi has signed another deal, this time with Pang Da Automobile that ordered 60,000 EVs that will be delivered over the next four years. The electric cars will be stationed at universities across the country.

Seattle plugs in: Utility Seattle City Light will install 20 new rapid-chargers, as well as set up charging at several hundred private homes. Previously, the company had announced plans to set up 10 fast-chargers.

Electrifying Dubai: The UAE’s biggest city wants that by 2020, at least two percent of all new cars registered there will be electric of hybrid – a number said to grow to 10% by 2030. Meanwhile. Dubai’s taxi service Careem is working with Next Future to set up a shuttle service with self-driving electric pods., (pods)

Public electrification: Thanks to federal grants, Portland is looking to purchase four all-electric New Flyer buses and the corresponding charging infrastructure. Service will start in 2018. The city of Everett, located in the U.S. state of Washington, has received 3.4m dollars in grants to replace four older buses with electric ones from Proterra. (Portland), (Everett)

Service + Suggestions

DHL, Hong Kong.

Reading tip I: Starting this autumn, DHL will deliver parcels right to the boot of your Smart in the German town Stuttgart – also home to an all-electric Smart carsharing fleet (car2go). The cars will serve as mobile address. If successful, the scheme will be extended to Cologne, Berlin and Bonn.

Reading tip II: When a short circuit caused one of Hong Kong’s police electric motorbikes to go up in flames while charging, all of the 50 e-bikes were laid up. The Zero S ZF9 also set another electric motorbike and a van ablaze…

Short circuit

Easy travel.

Running through the airport to catch a flight is a thing of the past. If time is of the essence, just hop onto your luggage. The Modobag can be ridden like a mini motorcycle and reaches 8 mph (13 kph), has a 6 mile range and even two USB ports to charge mobile devices on the go. (with videos)