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Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tesla, E-Tense, electric Beetle, Maybach, GreenTech

kreisel-electric-schwarzenegger-suv-g-classElectric surprise: Kreisel Electric and Arnold Schwarzenegger presented the first electrified G-class in Kitzbühel this weekend. The Austrian battery specialist electrified the Mercedes G 350 d (model year 2016) in just two weeks. The now electric SUV offers 300 km of range and can charge with 80 kWh. Meaning it can be charged up to 80 percent in just 25 minutes. (in German)

Tesla without the P: Tesla now offers a 100D variant of its Model S and X, so without the “Performance.” It accelerates a little slower than its P-counterpart, but offers a higher range at a considerably lower price. The Model S 100D costs 42,000 dollars less than the performance version and the price of the Model X drops 37,000 dollars. Also interesting: the 100D versions only cost 3,000 dollars more than the 90D models., (Model S), (Model X)

E-Tense could become a reality: There are more and more clues that the DS E-Tense, which was presented in Geneva last year (we reported), will reach serial production. However, according to Autocar, it could take the PSA Group until 2021 until the electric sportscar will be available for sale.

Electric Beetle in the works? According to Klaus Bishop, VW’s head of design, it’s a real possibility. The issue is being heavily debated, but no final decision has been made so far.,,

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Maybach GLS as PHEV: Mercedes wants to add a Maybach GLS to its SUV offering, Autocar reports. The Maybach SUV will launch in 2019 and will also be offered with a plug-in hybrid drivetrain.

GreenTech looks ready to fold: The U.S. company that had wanted launch the electric two-seater MyCar (we reported) may be ready to call it quits. Part of the staff has been let go, while the factory in Mississippi will be closed. U.S. media reports that GreenTech is having trouble paying back a state-issued loan on time.,

Number of the Day

1,000 Destination Chargers

Tesla has installed more than 1,000 Destination Chargers since the beginning of the beginning of the programme in Europe a year ago. Those are on top of the 270 Supercharger locations with their 1,800 charging points on the old continent. (in German)

Research + Technology

VW and JAC, Tesla’s Autopilot, StreetScooter, GM

VW and JAC kick off production: According Jochem Heizmann, head of VW China, the German carmaker and Chinese partner will begin churning out first EVs next year. As reported, the two signed an agreement for the development, production and distribution of electric cars in September. Since China is considering an EV quota, VW is planning to sell 400,000 electric and hybrid cars there by 2020 – and 1.5 million by 2025.,

Tesla-AutopilotAutopilot not at fault: The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) completed its six-month-long investigation following a deadly crash with a Tesla Model S, where the Autopilot had been activated at the time of the incident. It says it did not find any safety related defects that would warrant a recall.,

StreetScooter gets new drivetrain: GKN Driveline presented more details about its eTransmission, which will be used in the StreetScooter from Germany’s postal service. The GKN system has a torque of up to 2,000 Nm and will also be featured in the Citroën Berlingo electric and Fiat 500e.,

Bolt becomes independent: General Motors got some bad press, after a California Chevy Bolt driver said his EV drove into the garage wall on its own. Not he nor his wife were anywhere near the vehicle at the time. GM is taking the issue serious and has sent and engineer to take a closer look at the car in question.

Quotes of the day

Kevin de Leon, Dr. Jens Thiemer, Takashi Shirakawa

Kevin-de-Leon“California will continue to lead the world in addressing climate change and advancing clean energy regardless of who is in the White House or at the EPA.”

Kevin de Leon, president of the California senate, is not ready to be stirred off his or his state’s clean path to clean energy and vehicles. Even though many fear that now President Donald Trump will favor the gas-guzzling industry over electrification.

Jens-Thiemer“We will see EQ cars in every segment, from compact cars to big [SUV] segments.”

Mercedes’ vice president for marketing Dr. Jens Thiemer set the scene and pains a pretty picture about Mercedes’ electric future. The carmaker is investing heavily in its sub-brand ready to launch between 2019 and 2025.

takashi-shirakawa“Our current priority is to shift into EVs for the future, but we still need a bridge. We are now working on a plug-in hybrid solution for Europe.”

Nissan’s European R&D boss Takashi Shirakawa confirms that following the acquisition of a significant part of Mitsubishi Motors, the Japanese are shifting away from their EV-only ambitions and are planning a plug-in hybrid vehicle for the European market.

Fleets + Infrastructure

Ford, Chargemaster, Sortimo Innovation Park, USA, New Zealand i

Ford provides test fleet: Ford kicked off a project in London, aimed at helping reduce air pollution. For 12 months, Ford will provide 20 Transit Custom PHEV to select fleet operators, while collecting data about their use, costs and environmental effects. The 20 plug-in hybrids were developed with help of a 4.7m pound grant from the Advanced Propulsion Centre.,

Takeover: British charge point operator Chargemaster says it has received the green light for the takeover of company Elektromotive and subsidiary Charge Your Car. The deal, which is to be completed next week, will consolidate the UK’s EV infrastructure market.

Sortimo Innovation Park: Germany’s Zusmarhausen in planning an e-mobility innovation park, for which construction will start mid-2017. In a first instance, it will feature 12 multi-standard fast-chargers with charging capacities of up to 350 kW. Another 40 “average fast-chargers” will also be erected.,, (articles in German)

USA expands DC infrastructure: Rocky Mountain Power received 4m dollars in funding from the U.S. Department of Energy to equip 1,500 miles of highway in Utah, Wyoming and Idaho with fast-charging infrastructure. The money will also be used to develop programmes to push the use of e-carsharing and b-bike sharing, as well as employer subsidies for the installation of EV chargers or purchase of electric cars.,

Funding e-mobility: New Zealand is digging 3.5m dollars deeps into its pockets to push the use of electric vehicles. The money will be allocated to a total of 15 projects concerning electric buses, electric taxis, e-carsharing and the construction of charging infrastructure., (project overview)

Service + Suggestions

China, Chevy Bolt EV

Download/Video tip : China wants to take the lead in terms of EV technology, also to get a grip on its own air pollution. Can electric mobility really change transport systems in China’s cities longterm? These and other questions where on the agenda of the Sino-German cooperation project on “Electro Mobility and Climate Protection in China” carried out by GIZ and CATARC. Their insights have been made available for download and in form of a video. (dossier), (video)

Video tip: While the rest of the U.S. is still waiting for the Chevy Bolt EV to arrive at dealerships, one owner is already documenting or reviewing the vehicle. The YouTube series is called “Out of the Blue” and is actually quite entertaining and informative. (part I), (part II) via

Short circuit

Product placement

Toyota found an interesting spot to place an ad for its fuel-cell-powered Mirai – an EV charging station in California. Apparently, the carmaker believes drivers are most receptible to going hydrogen, while they’re waiting for their battery to charge…