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Denza, Skoda, Audi, Jaguar, Smart.

DenzaCash injection: Daimler and BYD both want to invest 500m yuan (72.6m dollars) into their indebted EV joint venture in China. Shenzhen Denza New Energy Automotive Co. will thus recapitalise to 3.36bn yuan, up from 2.36bn in order to strengthen its brand and distribution. To date, Denza has failed to turn a profit since its first and only jointly developed EV hit the market in 2014. Since then, BYD and Daimler increased the range to 400 km last year but apparently to little avail.

Electric super Skoda? Volkswagen’s Czech subsidiary is eyeing a sports EV, Auto Express reports. It will fit into the planned line-up of no less than five electric cars by Skoda although it will be most likely be the last in line by 2025. All electric Skoda will utilise VW’s MEB platform.

Austria is next for Audi after the brand opened its order books for the e-tron quattro in Norway first. Alpinist may pay a 1,000 euros to secure their place on the waiting list. A launch is only due by the end of next year, although a concept appeared as early as 2015. Audi told about its plans to add an 11 kW on-board charger to charge the 95 kWh battery that is to last for about 500 km. (in German)

Jaguar I-Pace is making the rounds in Monaco where the brand’s first EV was caught bare. More revelations had to be made by Jaguar CEO Ian Callum on Twitter, where he admitted the I-Pace’s inability to tow a trailer unlike its opponent the Tesla Model X. (images), (trailer)

U.S. pricing Smart ED: The next-gen Smart for two ED will be 1,200 dollars cheaper than its predecessor. Prices start from 23,800 dollars in the USA , where sales are to begin this summer.,

Number of the Day

Renault Zoe Top Seller.

With a marketshare of 14.7 percent the Renault Zoe is the secret star of the EV show in Europe. Renault’s compact EV dominated electric car sales in the first quarter of 2017 and is particularly loved in France, where it accounts for more than 70% of all BEV sales.

Research + Technology

BMW, Subaru, Sweden, Hydrogen Production.

BMW-5er-PHEV-300x150BMW to increase R&D spending: The German carmaker bets on in-house innovation and wants to increase its budget for development to account for about 6 percent of sales this year, up from 5.5% in 2016. The money is to flow into electrification, autonomy and dealing with CO2 emissions, CFO Nicolas Peter informed. If sales develop as planned, R&D spending will amount to about 5bn euros in 2017.,

Japan increases e-mobility investments as well with Subaru being the latest to jump on board the electric train. Bloomberg suggests an EV is in the cards as it looks at increase R&D spending. The latter is a trend in Japan, where all seven carmakers including Suzuki intend to raise their stakes considerably. (Subaru), (the big 7)

Sweden to foster EV research? The Nordic nation is considering to build a test centre for electric cars in a bid to bring manufacturers and researchers closer together. The initiative is governmental but already representatives for Volvo and Scania met this week in Gothenburg with several universities to discuss the plan. A research institute has now been tasked to study the feasibility of such a test bed.

Low emission H2 production: Researchers from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation launched a 2-year project that aims to produce hydrogen without generating emissions at the same time. Funding stands at 2.5m USD through Toyota, Hyundai and others.,

Quotes of the day

Indian government, Jessica Caldwell.

anonym“FDI policy also permits wholesale of imported goods in India without sourcing conditions.”

After yesterday’s Twitter exchange over Tesla’s Indian market entry, the government was quick to respond it would be able to make an exception as the commerce and industry ministry clarified that Tesla will not have to source local components – if it plans to set up a factory in India.

Jessica-Caldwell“If we’ve learned anything from the phenomenon of Elon Musk, it’s that Wall Street likes a tech/innovation guy.”

Concludes Jessica Caldwell, senior analyst at Edmunds, after Ford appointed Jim Hackett as new CEO. He had previously run the carmaker’s smart mobility division.

Fleets + Infrastructure

Ecotricity, Japan, BYD, Tritium, Envision Solar .

End of flat rate charging: British EV drivers will have to pay as they charge along the Isles’ motorway as Ecotricity changes its fee system. The eco utility initially offered free charging at its 300 stations before introducing a 6 pound flat fee for 30 minutes – much to the dismay of its users. Now Ecotricity will drop that flat rate and introduce PAYG instead, based on 0.17p per kWh, with an additional 3 pound fee every time you plug your car in. Ecotricity customers get 52 free charges a year though and also won’t pay the 3 GBP connection charge.

A H2 network in Japan has been agreed between Toyota, Nissan, Honda and eight other companies among them JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy and Iwatani. The agreement had been awaiting pen and paper for almost a year and will reportedly lead to 400 hydrogen fuel stations over the next ten years with 160 to be operational by 2020.

BYD builds on Montevideo’s electric cab fleet as it delivers an additional 20 e6 EV to join the existing 50. The government supports the effort with an impressive subsidy that practically amounts to 50 percent of the purchase price and also exempts EVs from import tax.

Fast-charge China: Australian infrastructure provider Tritium brings its Veefil-RT 50kW DC charger to China together with Oxford University’s Hong Kong office. The first trial is in Jiangsu Province, close to Shanghai, and Tritium is actively seeking partners in the country.

Sun-powered Fresno: Envision Solar comes to Fresno, where 13 mobile solar charging stations will be deployed. 12 of the EV Arcs will benefit people living in so-called disadvantaged communities.

Service + Suggestions

Tesla, Fleet and Mobility Services Manifesto.

Click tip: This is the most detailed direct comparison between the Model S and Model 3 you can think of as it is what Tesla officially circulated among its employees – and on the web, deliberately or not. (with chart)

Reading tip: The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) published the Fleet and Mobility Services Manifesto ahead of the UK general election on June 8. It is calling for a diesel scrappage scheme and outlines how to lower emissions.

Short circuit

Rest in peace.

Even undertakers gather in a jolly fashion and at this year’s trade show, an electric hearse drew a crowd, esp. as it was a repurposed Model S. After all, an electric carriage for the deceased would allow mourners to follow the EV without breathing fumes that bring them closer to their own death. (in German)

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