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JAC Motors, BMW, Lexus F, EV-Fleet, Tesla.

Chinese EV for the US: Carmaker Anhui Jianghuai Automobile aka JAC Motors from China signed an EV export framework agreement with American GreenTech Automotive (GTA). GTA is supposed to sell at least 2,000 units of the JAC IEV electric car in the States.

BMW i3 sales start in Singapore but only in the range extended version REx because the city state’s lack of charging infrastructure. The Germans expect to sell about 50 units of the i3 this year together with about ten BMW i8 sport hybrids. Deliveries are set to start shortly.

Lexus F hybrid? Lexus’ high performance F division is looking into hybridising its line. However, the hybrid technology with nickel-metal hydride batteries currently used by Lexus would not provide enough power and range. Therefore, the F is now “studying” supercapacitor solutions.

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Electric light-weight truck: EV-Fleet is about to launch its all-electric truck in its home state North Carolina. The Condor comes in pick-up size and with a load capacity of up to 500 kilos while its 50-kWh battery is said to offer a range of at least one hundred miles.,, (videos)

America’s least stolen car: Tesla’s Model S might appear to be one of the most wanted cars in the States but its “theft rating” speaks otherwise, according to a report by the Irish Times. Per 1,000 produced Tesla EVs only 0.15 get stolen and the newspaper pins that low number down to a yet very low demand for second-hand Model S parts.

Number of the Day

Nissan Leaf sales in Japan.

Nissan sold 8,209 Leafs in Japan in the first seven months of this year. July was particularly strong in both the domestic and the U.S. market, because combined sales exceeded 4,000 units for the first time (4,427). Meanwhile, sales of the Outlander PHEV weakened a bit and Mitsubishi is looking at 6,500 units sold this year until August. (Nissan), (Mitsubishi)

Research + Technology

Irizar, Malaysia, R-Tech Services, Johanson3.

Irizar-i2eE-bus made in Europe: Spanish Irizar presented its first electric bus, the i2e. Its secret is hidden under the hood as the company uses sodium-nickel batteries. The huge packs offer 376 kWh which should be good for a range of 200 to 250 kilometres. The i2e can already be found on the streets of Barcelona and San Sebastian., (with video)

Malaysian battery: The Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI), Australia’s AutoCRC Ltd and Swinburne University of Technology want to develop high energy density Li-ion batteries for EVs. Already next year, a prototype produced in Malaysia shall be presented and is first aimed at the Malaysian market.,

Early warning system: British R-Tech Services will receive 300,000 pounds in funding from the Technology Strategy Board to develop a monitoring system for hydrogen storage tanks. R-Tech’s system will give an early warning if any damage is detected using optical, digital and electron microscopy equipment.,

Foldable cargo bike: The Johanson3 is a new type of electric trike currently looking for crowd funding over 1.7 million dollars. It features solar panels and is a mixture between a bike and a scooter as it can go as fast as 45 kilometres an hour but transports up to three grown up people.

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Most clicked link on Monday was the electric scooter with its portable Panasonic battery system from Munich-based start-up Unu.

Quotes of the day

Christina Bu, Wolfgang Ziebart.

Christina-Bu“It’s too early to remove the fiscal incentives. The market isn’t competitive enough yet.”

Christina Bu, general secretary of the the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association, is calling for keeping the pro EV policies as they remain the strongest argument for EV buyers with 50% of them stating saving money as their main reason for buying.

Wolfgang-Ziebart“The share of electric power will increase, and the combustion will be downsized so that you have more opportunity to drive electrically.”

Wolfgang Ziebart, Jaguar Land Rover’s head of product development, on the possibility of building hybrids or EVs. For the latter he sees less potential in the urban market but for “wealthy families being attracted to electric vehicles” as a second or third car option.

Fleets + Infrastructure

Renault Samsung, Toyota, Hamburg, Graz, Munich.

Spearheading e-volution: South Korea’s Renault Samsung has agreed with the city of Seoul to supply ten electric taxis free of charge. The SM3 Z.E. will be used in a pilot project designed to showcase the suitability of EVs for public transport. The South-Korean capital will take care of charging infrastructure.

H2 station from Toyota: The Japanese carmaker began construction of its first commercial hydrogen refuelling station in Nagoya, Japan. The fuel will be provided by French Air Liquide. Another two stations are set to be build with in the next few months before the planned introduction of Toyota’s FCV car in March 2015.

Hamburg’s harbour electrifies fleet: Hamburger Hafen and Logistik AG (HHLA) is adding another four Renault Zoe and three Smart ED into its fleet of now 64 EVs at the European port. They will replace older petrol models and will have their own charge point each.

E-bike sharing in Austria? The E-Mobility-Graz-Gesellschaft has come up with a bike sharing system which might go into operation in the city of Graz already next year. The system will include pedelecs with digital locks to be opened via bluetooth and smartphone app. The project plans to work with existing rental stations. (in German)

Meanwhile in Bavaria, the ‘Mobility Station’ is already past planning stage as construction has started. The station in Munich will include parking reserved for car sharing vehicles of multiple operators, an EV charging spot and a centre for rental bikes. Its opening is set for November. (in German)

Service + Suggestions

BMW i8, Tesla showroom.

Video tip: A new video by BMW shows the making of the hybrid i8 from production to delivery. With appearances of the first delighted owners as well as Carsten Breitfeld, head of the i8 project, who has some insight to offer.

Click tip: If there is no Tesla showroom in your city look no further as the Californian carmaker now offers a virtual tour of its Seattle store via Google Maps. With love from Silicon Valley… (Showroom) via

Short circuit

Supersize me.

The Porsche 918 Spyder surely has many virtues but space is not among them. This is what two ladies and their two helpers discovered the hard way when trying to stuff their bags under the hood. In Porsche’s defense we’d like to say that part of the problem might have to do with packing abilities – or the lack of them. (video)