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Volkswagen, Tesla, BMW, Urban Glider, Ford.

Volkswagen-E-GolfGolf to borrow from XL1: Again it is Autocar leaking news from Volkswagen. Apparently, the next generation Golf will come with aerodynamic improvements first tested on the XL1. Flywheel technology as well as electric turbochargers are also being discussed, the inside source said.

There might be no more tax rebate for Tesla when its Model 3 comes out. The IRS, revenue service in the U.S., has capped its 7,500-dollar incentive at 200,000 units per manufacturer. If Tesla stays within its production plan, 75,000 electric cars will be build next year, followed by another 100,000 the year after so when the economy class Tesla enters the market, the rebate credit would be as good as gone.

First impression BMW i3: Consumer Reports has now taken delivery of its range extended electric BMW after a nine months wait. While real testing has yet to start, first impressions add up to a “quirky” car with a ride that is a bit “stiff” and an extender engine that resorts to a “rough thrum” at certain speeds.

Electric unicycle: The ‘Urban Glider’ was looking for backers on Kickstarter but stopped 20,000 dollars short of its 75,000-dollar funding goal. It seems that Inventist, maker of the Solowheel, sees its patents violated and may consider taking legal actions., (campaign video), (patent)

Review Ford Fusion: The Fusion Energi gives Jerry Kronenberg hope for the American car industry. He calls the plug-in the “ultra-green” sibling of the regular hybrid Ford and is impressed by its 19-mile electric range, but also by the rather high price.

Number of the Day

Nissan Leaf drivers pass 850m kilometers driven.

Nissan counts 850 million km (528m miles) that were driven electrically in its Leaf around the world. The Japanese expects to crack the one-billion kilometre mark at the beginning of 2015.

Research + Technology

LG Chem & Audi, Samsung SDI, POSCO, ORNL.

LG-Chem-CellsGerman-Korean battery deal: LG Chem will start to supply batteries for Audi’s plug-in and micro hybrid vehicles, says the battery maker. No further details have been released, except that the deal is “worth hundreds of millions of dollars”. LG Chem now supplies batteries to 20 customers worldwide.,

New Samsung SDI facility: The battery maker has started building its new production facility in China where cells for EVs will be made. An investment of 600 million dollars shall return 40,000 batteries annually for Samsung with production set to start this October.,

Lithium extraction facility: POSCO is building a large demo plant in Argentina to showcase its latest lithium extraction technology. The facility is being shipped in parts from Chile. The mining company mentioned growing demand from electric carmakers as one reason for expanding its operations.,

A 100-mile range is enough: The Oak Ridge National Laboratory tells drivers and makers of EVs in its latest study, to not expect more than a 100-mile range to keep costs at an affordable level. At least until battery prices have fallen to less than 100 dollars per kWh.,

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Most clicked link on Tuesday was the news about the electric revival of Spanish Loryc and its Electric Speedster.

Quotes of the day

Li Shufu, Jim Wunderman.

Li-Shufu“It’s best if it’s completely open, like in the United States and Europe. Whoever wants to produce cars can do it.”

Geely CEO, Li Shufu, is urging the Chinese government to deregulate the market, saying it would be “fair” and might help the industry to “develop better.”

Jim-Wunderman“We urge Tesla to build this plant in its home state. We urge the legislature and the governor to step out of their comfort zones to make this happen in California.”

Jim Wunderman, president and CEO of the Bay Area Council, is practically begging politicians to do whatever is in their power to bring the Gigafactory “home.”

Fleets + Infrastructure

Clean Energy Partnership, ADOMANI, MPG Car Rental, Mitsubishi.

New partner for CEP: Bohlen & Doyen is the 19th member to join the ‘Clean Energy Partnership’ and will support the hydrogen initiative with its expertise in the installation and service of H2 gas stations. The company’s first contribution will be a mobile H2 station that is set to be ready by 2015.

Electric school bus approved: The California Highway Patrol has given its approval for the ADOMANI electric Blue Bird school bus to start its service this fall. The bus was developed together with the Gilroy Unified School District which installed a solar-powered charging station to make the school bus a true zero emission vehicle.,

Model S for a day: In Los Angeles, the MPG Car Rental group is now offering a Tesla Model S at 375 dollars per day. The Model S is also part of MPG’s test drive programme, where drivers will get reimbursed the costs of the car rental when buying the car they have tested.

Mitsubishi wins 2nd year in a row: The Outlander PHEV came first in the electric vehicle class of the FIA-certified Asia Cross Country Rally. The rough trail ran over almost 2,000 kilometres and the team completed it in 19:17:12, winning the 14th place overall.

Service + Suggestions

Eurobike preview, How EPA determines EV range.

Reading tip: This year’s Eurobike show in Friedrichshafen, Germany, will be dominated by electric bikes in all shapes and sizes with multiple systems and uses. This article is just the start…

Reading tip: If you ever wondered how the EPA actually determines EV range, look no further. Even though the Multi-Cycle Test (MCT) procedure for electric cars only delivers an estimate – it mostly is a pretty good one.

Short circuit

Anti-Tesla conspiracy.

Mysterious leaflets showing up on windscreens of Model S have been trying to warn the owners of the “toxic tesla crime-mobile” for some time now. The Tesla enemies are now taking things to a new level, suspecting politicians, White House staff and bloggers alike to be part of Tesla’s conspiracy to… make the world a greener place?!