BMW receives first solid-state cells from Solid Power

The US solid-state battery specialist has produced the first A-samples of the solid-state cells and handed them over to BMW. The carmaker wants to put its first demonstration vehicle based on Solid Power technology on the road before 2025.

Image: Solid Power

The information comes from Solid Power’s current Q3 annual report. With the delivery, the formal automotive qualification process has now begun, the report continues. And these cells will also be used in BMW’s demonstration programme.

“It is a reflection of our team’s strong execution that we produced and delivered our first A Sample EV cells for BMW a little over a week ago, marking a major milestone for Solid Power,” said John Van Scoter, President and Chief Executive Officer of Solid Power. “We are very excited to make these deliveries, begin the formal automotive qualification process, and continue on our path towards commercialization. These A-1 EV cells will also support BMW’s demo car program, which we expect will also be a major proof point for our technology.”

BMW reportedly plans its first demonstration vehicle using Solid Power’s technology before the middle of the decade. BMW has obtained a research and development licence from the US company. Based on Solid Power’s designs, it will build a prototype line for solid-state battery cells at its Cell Manufacturing Competence Centre in Parsdorf near Munich, Germany.

Solid Power was founded in 2011 as a spin-off from the University of Colorado. Today, the company is one of the world’s most promising developers of solid-state battery cells. In the summer of 2022, the US company announced that it had completed the installation of its pilot production line and intended to deliver the first cells for qualification tests to its investors and customers before the end of the year. Alongside BMW, Ford is one of the most prominent supporters.

All-solid-state battery cells with the company’s sulphide-based solid electrolyte material will be produced automatically on the pilot line. At full capacity, the pilot line is expected to be able to produce around 15,000 cells per year. Series production should start in 2026, according to earlier information.

The company announced details of its solid-state battery platform in May 2021. It uses conventional NMC cathodes, meaning production does not have to be changed. In combination with a silicon anode and a solid electrolyte, Solid Power wants to build a cell with a gravimetric energy density of 390 Wh/kg. If a lithium-metal anode is installed instead of the silicon anode, the cell (still with NCM-811 cathode) achieves an energy density of 440 Wh/kg.


about „BMW receives first solid-state cells from Solid Power“
09.11.2023 um 13:08
No information about power density, charging time and life span?
Wesley Ford
20.12.2023 um 17:28
Just like the energy density they have targets, for the silicon anode >80% charge capacity retention after 1000 full cycles, 30min 1 to 80 charging on a semi regular basis and 15 mincharging on an irregular basis...
11.11.2023 um 01:53
390 is hardly sufficient for a new generations, sill using old tech
10.03.2024 um 21:41
390 in a BMW 4695 will result in a pack density of around 275, which is about the current best density Tesla gets at the cell level. So it is much better than current and expected next generation batteries
20.12.2023 um 16:52
Not sure what makes you say that CATL just announced there next breakthrough battery coming out next year will have an energy density of 240Wh/kg so 390Wh/kg and 440Wh/kg is quite an improvement even if it is at least 3-4 years away from serious production.
11.11.2023 um 04:59
Thought Soild Power dropped off a load of batteries earlier this yr
11.11.2023 um 20:30
Does solid state own the patents for the battery andi it's components?Toyota has solid state battery technology.
Rex Lee
08.03.2024 um 13:27
They have a variant. I doubt you can patent an arbitrary idea that encompasses all solid state batteries.

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