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Tesla eyes Arizona and it seems as the U.S. state is considering a compromise in return. The reason – the electric car giant is considering opening its Gigafactory there. Along with Texas and New Jersey, Arizona had banned Tesla from owning its own retail stores, a ruling it might now reverse. And while Tesla is also considering building in Texas, no word there about lifting the ‘Tesla-ban.’
greencarreports.com, hybridcars.com (why Tesla should be allowed to sell own cars)

Twizy Cargo priced: The latest addition to the Twizy family will be available starting at 8,080 euros (11,140 dollars) in France. The battery rental begins at as low as 50 euros (69 dollars) per month, depending on the contract period. The EV is clearly aimed at businesses, featuring a 180-litre/75-kilo boot instead of a backseat.

Mia Electric is dead: Motor Nature takes a look at the the recent developments at Mia Electric and tries to explain why Mia will eventually disappear whilst electric cars turn into a mature market. Is it just a sad story or also a good sign?

Hannover, Messe, April, 2014, Fachbesucher

Mitsubishi starts ‘Green Mobility’ campaign: The i-MiEV (which sounds like the German word for ‘smelly’) will be sold under the new name Mitsubishi Electric Vehicle. The EV will also be tagged with a lower price, starting at 23,788 euros (32,780 dollars). Overall, the Japanese car manufacturer wants to focus on cars with alternative drives in Germany. The highly anticipated Outlander Plug-in will be launched there in May.
kfz-betrieb.vogel.de (in German)

Formula E Driver’s Club grows: Four more drivers have signed up to be among the possible drivers of the Formula E Championship. Jarno Trulli, Nick Heidfeld and Jérôme d’Ambrosio, all three of which have competed in the Formula One join the pool, as well as Sam Bird, who came second in the GP2 series last year.


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