May 19, 2014 - 08:25 am

Mitsubishi, BMW, Hyundai, Terra Motors, Tesla.

Ready for Russia: The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has successfully managed eight weeks of very cold weather testing (-30°C) in Russia. Now, everything is ready for the market launch set for the end of August at the Moscow Motor Show.

No bigger battery, yet: After an unspecified battery option on the Spanish i3 configuration page had nurtured hopes of a bigger battery to be introduced (we reported), BMW now clarified that this was just about a 12 V battery. However, a bigger battery for the EV is in the making, the German carmaker said. (in German)

Hyundai hybrid in Middle America: The South Korean company announced it would start selling the hybrid Sonata in Ecuador this month. It will then be made available to other countries too, like Chile and Colombia and the Bahamas later this year.

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Terra Motors to expand: The Japanese two-wheeler specialist has successfully raised 10 million dollars. The investment will be used to expand further into Asian markets, namely India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand and Taiwan.

Right-hand drive Model S: Tesla will deliver its first electric car with a right-hand drive to the UK on 7th June with more to come. In Britain, the Model S costs up to 98,000 pounds (165,000 dollars) and its uptake has been rather low compared to other European markets.


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