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Tesla-GigafactoryFinal battle for Tesla Gigafactory: The Californian carmaker now wants three instead of just two U.S. states to compete as location for its Gigafactory. The first finalist will be announced this month and a ‘winner’ will be named by the end of the year. The move is good news for California, which Tesla CEO had said, would not be among the initial two states.

NCAP puts quadricycles to the (crash) test: In the EV category, the Club Car Villager 2+2 LSV, Renault Twizy 80, and Tazzari ZERO had to hit wall at 50 kmh (37 mph). The Twizy performed the best, also compared to petrol-driven models. Still, Euro NCAP criticised the outcome, saying it is worrying that these vehicles do not meet the same safety levels as cars.
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24 laps completed: It is the first time the Nissan ZEOD RC took to the track at Le Mans. And while it was delayed by a few technical issues, drivers and engineers see it as an important part of the car’s development. The goal is to complete an entire lap at Le Mans on electrical power only.

Let’s talk about S-E-X: Because Ford had filed for trademarks for the letter ‘E’ and later the ‘Model E’ and threatened to sue Tesla, the electric carmaker dropped the name for its next mass-market sedan (we reported). Elon Musk has now referred to it as “Ford killing sex”, with Model S and Model X missing that certain letter.
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