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Honda-FCX-ClarityHonda updates: The Japanese carmaker will issue a new version of its FCX Clarity featuring a smaller, yet stronger, fuel cell by 2015, reports Automotive News. Furthermore, the Civic will receive a new hybrid system enabling it to drive all-electrically. A new Fit EV is also on the agenda, but not to be expected before 2016.

Nissan updates: The compact SUV Rogue, which is only available in the USA, is set to be hybridised by the end of 2015, or latest the beginning of 2016. Furthermore, Nissan is thinking about electrifying the Frontier pick up, also known as Navara, at some point. (Rogue), (Navara)

Tesla in Hong Kong: Eight Model S have been handed over in Hong Kong and are the first right-hand drives sold outside the UK. Like all Tesla’s in China, they come without a navigation system as Google maps are not supported in the country. Tesla says they are working on a solution, which will then be delivered to Chinese Model S customers via over-the-air software updates. (Hong Kong) (navi) via

Hybrid racing toy: McLaren sent a sketch of the P1 GTR design concept to its 375 customers of the plug-in hybrid supercar. The P1 GTR is designed to take things to the next level – on the race track only – and will be made exclusively available to existing P1 drivers for about 3-4 million dollars.

BMW vs VW vs Nissan: Back in May, German magazine Auto Bild compared the VW E-Golf, the BMW i3 and the Nissan Leaf. Overall, the BMW i3 could impress with the longest range, most efficient motor and best drive, though the E-Golf was not too far behind. Last in the test comes the Leaf. But one has to take into account that this EV is a generation behind, or the longest serving of them all., (German original)

Test drive BMW i8: Ray Massey saw a lifelong dream come true when driving the “futuristic gull-winged” plug-in hybrid, so similar to the cars in the sci-fi series UFO he loved. Apart from backseats, which should only considered “for luggage or in emergencies,” Massey finds no fault in the i8 but enjoyed the attention of onlookers.


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