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Truly electric Mercedes: Apparently, Daimler is working on an EV that is designed as electric from the start, Gordon Wagner, head of design, told German Auto Motor Sport. He dampened expectations a bit though, saying that the potential rival for the BMW i3 is a “study” at this point in time but one that could already be presented in 2015. (in German)

Volkswagen-E-GolfFull service offer: Volkswagen and Audi will come well prepared for the U.S. launch of the E-Golf and A3 e-tron. Their optional services include the installation of a Bosch wallbox and solar panels from SunPower. Furthermore, VW will cooperate with ChargePoint to give customers access to the 18,000 charging stations as well as installing them at VW dealers. The A3 comes with ‘Audi Energy,’ a clean energy package.,

Trademark troll under control: Tesla says it has resolved its issues with the Chinese Zhan Baosheng “amicably” and will henceforth be able to trade as ‘Tesla’ in China. If or how much money has been paid remains undisclosed but Zhan has transferred domain names on “commercial terms.”,

Lorries of the future: Daimler will present its purely electric Fuso Canter E-Cell as well as the Canter Eco Hybrid at this year’s International Commercial Vehicles Show (IAA) in Hanover. Next to the models of today, Mercedes will present the autonomously driving ‘Future Truck 2025’ (we reported).

Electric folding bike: Klever Mobility takes yet another step into the urban commuter market, this time tackling city dwellers with limited space. Its latest pedelec, the Q25, will be presented at this year’s Eurobike. The electric folder with 20-inch wheels features the same rear-wheel drive system as the young company’s other award-winning designs.


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