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Saleen-FourSixteen-FinalTuned Model S presented: Saleen has unveiled its ‘FourSixteen’ as promised. This altered Model S looks even more sportive, features an optimised gear box, stronger brakes and better cooling. Pricing starts at 152,000 Dollar while all upgrades are available to retrofit any Model S individually.,

Most exclusive super hybrid: McLaren presented the design of its P1 GTR at Pebble Beach. This super hybrid costs almost two million pounds (3.34m dollars) and will only be build 30 times. Exclusively reserved for previous P1 customers, the 1,000-hp car is to be driven on race courses.,

Will there be an VW XL2? Volkswagen is working on a four-seat model based on its super efficient XL1, Autocar reports. What would possibly called the XL2 might already hit the market by 2015 and is said to come with more battery capacity and power while still being as efficient as the original two-seater.

Delayed Acura coming soon: Honda’s subsidiary initially planned to release its RLX Hybrid sedan already this spring. Technical issues concerning the battery and electric motor have now been solved and sales are set to start very soon. The drivetrain is similar to that of the upcoming NSX of which a prototype had recently burned down at the Nürnburgring (we reported).

BMW delivers first i8: At the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach, the German carmaker has handed over the first units of its hybrid sports car to its American customers. A total of seven production i8s were delivered to an exclusive circle of owners.,

The Honda Accord Hybrid is in short supply in the States, where dealers and customers currently do not know when they can get their hybrid car. According to the carmaker, the Ohio-based production of the hybrid Honda is suffering from “component supply constraints.”


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