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Nov 24, 2015 - 08:58 am

Good for doing business.

This new public toilet in Beijing not only lets you answer nature’s calling, but surf the internet, get cash from an ATM or a candy bar from a vending machine. You can also charge your mobile and even electric scooter while on the throne. The toilet paper remains low-tech, however.

Nov 26, 2014 - 09:21 am

BMW, Cadillac, Toyota, Saleen, Kandi, Malaysia.

BMW-530-LeBMW 5 Series PHEV debut: The German carmaker has presented its 530Le at the Guangzhou Auto Show. The plug-in hybrid will be produced in China with JV partner Brilliance and is based on the long wheelbase 5 Series. The BMW 530Le combines a four-cylinder engine with an electric motor for an overall power output of 200 kW and is said to have a range of 36 miles (58 km).
bmwblog.com, autoevolution.com

New Caddy ELR delayed? Cadillac did not bring the new ELR to the LA Auto Show as expected but displayed the current model instead. ‘GM Inside’ believes the reason being Caddy trying to turn the new ELR into a “highly autonomous vehicle” after Tesla presented its Autopilot system.
gminsidenews.com via insideevs.com

Toyota Ranz EV: At Guangzhou Auto Show, Toyota showcased the Ranz EV in what seems to be a production ready version. The all-electric sedan is based on the Corolla and developed together with FAW. However, Toyota confirmed the ‘Leahead’ EV brand together with GAC, which will presumably beat Ranz to the market next year.

Model S enhanced: Saleen has begun deliveries of its tuned Tesla Model S with prices starting at 132,000 dollars. The tuner also plans to modify the upcoming AWD Tesla and expects its version to go from 0 – 60 mph in less than three seconds. In the meantime, “Jalopnik” reports that Saleen is running out of cash and owes more than 5m dollars, which includes about 500,000 dollars in payroll taxes.
soec.org, saleen.com, jalopnik.com (financial situation)

Kandi EV gets the go: Kandi Technologies has got the approval of the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) to bring its new model SMA7002BEV05 to market. Buyers of the electric SUV are thus eligible for all national and local subsidies and incentives.
money.cnn.com, newsfilecorp.com (picture)

EVs made in and for Malaysia: Malaysian Automotive Institute says it will develop prototypes of two electric sedans for 2015. Set to launch by 2016 and 2017, the EVs shall come at a price tag of less than 100,000 ringgits (about 30,000 dollars). To keep costs down, the institute considers battery leasing.

Aug 19, 2014 - 08:20 am

Saleen, McLaren, Volkswagen, Acura, BMW, Honda.

Saleen-FourSixteen-FinalTuned Model S presented: Saleen has unveiled its ‘FourSixteen’ as promised. This altered Model S looks even more sportive, features an optimised gear box, stronger brakes and better cooling. Pricing starts at 152,000 Dollar while all upgrades are available to retrofit any Model S individually.
greencarreports.com, topgear.com

Most exclusive super hybrid: McLaren presented the design of its P1 GTR at Pebble Beach. This super hybrid costs almost two million pounds (3.34m dollars) and will only be build 30 times. Exclusively reserved for previous P1 customers, the 1,000-hp car is to be driven on race courses.
hybridcars.com, autovolt-magazine.com

Will there be an VW XL2? Volkswagen is working on a four-seat model based on its super efficient XL1, Autocar reports. What would possibly called the XL2 might already hit the market by 2015 and is said to come with more battery capacity and power while still being as efficient as the original two-seater.

Delayed Acura coming soon: Honda’s subsidiary initially planned to release its RLX Hybrid sedan already this spring. Technical issues concerning the battery and electric motor have now been solved and sales are set to start very soon. The drivetrain is similar to that of the upcoming NSX of which a prototype had recently burned down at the Nürnburgring (we reported).

BMW delivers first i8: At the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach, the German carmaker has handed over the first units of its hybrid sports car to its American customers. A total of seven production i8s were delivered to an exclusive circle of owners.
transportevolved.com, greencarreports.com

The Honda Accord Hybrid is in short supply in the States, where dealers and customers currently do not know when they can get their hybrid car. According to the carmaker, the Ohio-based production of the hybrid Honda is suffering from “component supply constraints.”


Aug 15, 2014 - 08:36 am

Saleen, Tesla, Toyota, NEVS, Riese & Müller, Mitsubishi.

Saleen-FOURSIXTEENShowtime for Saleen: The carmaker will present its EV ‘Foursixteen’ this Sunday at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. It is Saleen’s first all-electric vehicle project and it is based on the Tesla Model S. No detailed information or technical specs have been released at this point, though the specialty manufacturer of high performance vehicles did promise more details and pictures ahead of the launch.
hybridcars.com, marketwired.com

Difficult relationship: According to Bloomberg, engineers of Tesla and Toyota were unable to work together and even clashing over minor details, such as the parking brake of the RAV4 EV. Tesla and Toyota co-developed the electric SUV, but it was anything but a sales hit. The Japanese are now focusing on fuel cells, a technology Elon Musk apparently “ridicules.”
bloomberg.com, insideevs.com

Saab escapes bankruptcy: Chinese company NEVS, which had bought the car brand, stopped its already limited production, saying it was unable to pay suppliers (we reported). Now, the supplier who had filed a petition trying to force NEVS to declare bankruptcy will withdraw that request.

Riese & Müller search fountain of youth: With a new design strategy for their e-bike ‘Culture,’ the German e-bike manufacturer hopes to target a younger clientele. The pedelec will be available in four categories and feature the Bosch Active Cruise system.

Testing the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV: Carsguide seem to like the plug-in hybrid SUV and technology behind it, but wish for more ways to engage the driver. Since all systems are interconnected, he or she becomes “less of a driver and more of a machine operator.”

Apr 15, 2014 - 08:31 am

Volvo, Volkswagen, Saleen, Formula E, Bosch eBike Systems.

Volvo electrified: The Swedes’ new SPA platform, the XC90 is based on, is most variable. According to Dennis Nobelius, VP for the 90’s models, the XC90 drivetrains will include everything electric, from a mild and plug-in hybrid to a fully electric version. Even a version featuring Volvo’s flywheel KERS is likely.
autocar.co.uk, transportevolved.com

Jetta update: Volkswagen has freshened up its sedan for the New York Auto Show. Even though the 2015 Jetta is presented with a new diesel engine, the hybrid version remains. Apart from improving the aerodynamics, VW also introduces new driver assistant systems.
greencarreports.com, autocar.co.uk

Tuned Tesla tease: Saleen has released first renderings of its redesign of the Model S (we reported) making it look even more racy. Still it is not known though, which mechanical advances we can expect from the tuning specialist when the first cars hit the streets this summer.

No electric race in Rio: The Formula E has issued an updated calendar for its inaugural race sessions. Rio de Janeiro has been dropped and a new host city is to be named shortly. Furthermore, the electric racing series will adopt the scoring system of the F1.
green.autoblog.com, fiaformulae.com

Bosch eBike Systems U.S. launch: The German company has officially launched its Performance Line in the states. As in most countries in Europe, Magura will carry out the service of the e-bike system starting from September this year.

Mar 10, 2014 - 09:45 am

The New Fisker, Chevrolet, Saleen, A2B, Cadillac.

The New Fisker: This is the name under which Wanxiang will start selling the plug-in hybrid “as soon as possible.” Production of the Karma is to be restarted in Finland while all planned Fisker models like the Atlantic, Surf Shooting Brake and the Sunset convertible are said to be launched eventually.
autoweek.com, greencarreports.com, thenewfisker.com (new website)

Chevy Volt redesign: Industry insiders believe GM to launch an update of its Volt in the U.S. by 2015. It will possibly feature a new front-wheel drive platform while the body style is not expected to change too much.
edmunds.com via electric-vehiclenews.com

Saleen to enter China: The automotive manufacturer has chosen GreenTech Automotive (GTA) as its distributor in China. The US-based GTA will start selling in spring and offer the full Saleen range in China. Saleen has recently made the news when it teamed up with AC Propulsion to work on a new electric sports car (we reported).

Review Alva+ e-bike: This model of the A2B company is a hybrid between e-bike and pedelec, combining pedal-assist and throttle operation. While Jason Fogelson concludes that the Alva+ is “a very attractive form of alternative green transportation” he cannot see it outperform a scooter or motorcycle yet.

The Caddy ELR is more than just a luxury version of the Volt: John Voelcker joins the club of reviewers who admit that GM has launched a “very stylish coupe with a luxurious interior” but still thinks it overpriced by as much as 30,000 dollars, esp. as its electric drive is “just not there” in freezing temperatures.


Feb 20, 2014 - 09:47 am

Dongfeng, PSA, Fisker, Barack Obama, Via Motors, Saleen, BYD.

Saving PSA: Both, Chinese Dongfeng and the French government will inject 800 million euros (1.1b dollars) into the PSA corporation and get 14% shares each. Apart from this capital increase, the companies also vowed to strengthen their industrial partnership while Carlos Tavares, former Renault executive, is taking over as CEO.
greencarcongress.com, automotive-business-review.com

Fisker deal finalised: Judge Kevin Gross at Delaware bankruptcy court has approved the sale of Fisker to Wanxiang America for 149.2 million dollars. The company wants to restart production asap and expects to sell about 1,000 Karmas in the next 18 months.
thegreencarwebsite.co.uk, greenpowertrain.automotive-business-review.com

Fuel efficiency standards: U.S. President Barack Obama has announced plans to further increase fuel economy standards for medium and heavy-duty vehicles. As the private sector is expected to introduce things like hybrid systems and aerodynamic designs, the Obama administration continues to work on its ‘SuperTruck’ program.

New Chair of Via Motors: The company has made board member Bob Lutz its new Chairman. Lutz, former GM manager also known as the father of the Chevy Volt, is replacing Carl Berg who will remain Via Motor’s largest shareholder.

Saleen teams up with AC Propulsion: The tuning specialist is adding the electric car specialist to its design team to work on a new electric sports car. AC Propulsion has provided technology to Tesla in the past for developing the Roadster and will now take care of the motor and batteries of Saleen’s upcoming model.

BYD’s domestic sales: Last year the carmaker sold 1,544 units of its electric e6 and 142 Qin plug-in hybrids. Numbers for the Qin are low because it was only launched in December. January already saw stronger sales of 637. BYD hopes to sell 2,000 units a month.

Feb 3, 2014 - 10:00 am

Mahindra, Terra Motors, Mini, Renault, Saleen, Audi.

Mahindra-e2oMahindra’s many EVs: The company has now announced to exhibit a new electric sports car concept called HALO along with its Formula E racing car at the upcoming Auto Expo in India. Furthermore, Mahindra will have a fast-charging version of the e2o (photo), the new Verito electric sedan and Maxximo electric light truck on display. The latter two are set for commercialisation at the end of this year.

Zero S copy? The electric super-bike presented by Terra Motors as the Kiwami a few days ago in India (we reported), seems to be a re-badged Zero S from California. When asked, Zero Motorcycles said that it does not have any licensing agreement with Terra Motors and plans on seeking “legal remedy.”

Electric Mini in the making: Peter Schwarzenbauer, BMW’s board member in charge of Mini, said to German Wirtschaftswoche, that the electric drive is essential for a city car like the Mini. First prototypes are already being built but a decision on the final design has yet to be made.
wiwo.de (In German)

Drive less, pay less: Renault offers a new Zoe deal for its UK customers. Based on a three year contract with 3,000 miles per annum, the battery hire price goes down to 45 pounds (74 dollars). So far, the cheapest option was priced at 70 GBP (115 USD) with 7,500 mi per year. A 7 kW wall charger is complimentary for all Zoe buyers.
thegreencarwebsite.co.uk, electriccarsreport.com

Tuning Tesla: Californian tuning specialist, Saleen Automotive, has set eyes on electric cars and is currently drafting a high-performance Model S. While details are yet unknown, it is expected that Saleen might twist the suspension and come up with some stylish bodywork.
motorauthority.com, greencarreports.com, electriccarsreport.com

Sport Quattro Concept review: Georg Kacher got hold of Audi’s latest hybrid concept and put it to the test against its ancestor, the “Ur Quattro,” as he calls it. Even though he could only drive a pre-prototype, Kacher found out it “is much further down the road to production than the PRs would have us believe” and calls on all “bean counters” (on the Audi board) to just “drive it” if still in doubt…

Found on electrive.com
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