Aug 20, 2014 - 08:43 am

Volkswagen, Tesla, BMW, Urban Glider, Ford.

Volkswagen-E-GolfGolf to borrow from XL1: Again it is Autocar leaking news from Volkswagen. Apparently, the next generation Golf will come with aerodynamic improvements first tested on the XL1. Flywheel technology as well as electric turbochargers are also being discussed, the inside source said.

There might be no more tax rebate for Tesla when its Model 3 comes out. The IRS, revenue service in the U.S., has capped its 7,500-dollar incentive at 200,000 units per manufacturer. If Tesla stays within its production plan, 75,000 electric cars will be build next year, followed by another 100,000 the year after so when the economy class Tesla enters the market, the rebate credit would be as good as gone.

First impression BMW i3: Consumer Reports has now taken delivery of its range extended electric BMW after a nine months wait. While real testing has yet to start, first impressions add up to a “quirky” car with a ride that is a bit “stiff” and an extender engine that resorts to a “rough thrum” at certain speeds.

Electric unicycle: The ‘Urban Glider’ was looking for backers on Kickstarter but stopped 20,000 dollars short of its 75,000-dollar funding goal. It seems that Inventist, maker of the Solowheel, sees its patents violated and may consider taking legal actions., (campaign video), (patent)

Review Ford Fusion: The Fusion Energi gives Jerry Kronenberg hope for the American car industry. He calls the plug-in the “ultra-green” sibling of the regular hybrid Ford and is impressed by its 19-mile electric range, but also by the rather high price.


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