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Volvo-Bus-Plug-in-HybridVolvo’s plug-in hybrid bus will be shown at this year’s International Commercial Vehicles Show (IAA) in Hanover in September. Volvo expects the 7900 Electric Hybrid bus to cover 70% of its routes in electric mode, on average. Hamburg, Luxembourg and Stockholm have already placed orders. Serial production is scheduled to commence in 2016.,

Tesla infinite-mile warranty: The eight-year, unlimited-miles warranty could become standard on future Tesla models. Elon Musk confirmed on Twitter that the Model X and Model 3 will be covered by a “similar” warranty. via

Fusion Energi review: Jeff Cobb took Ford’s plug-in hybrid limousine for a thorough spin and compared its properties to those of direct competitors – Chevrolet Volt, Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid and Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid. He finds the Ford a good alternative, but as with every plug-in hybrid, it all depends on personal preferences.

E-Up evolution: In a recent presentation, Volkswagen showed which advancements it has been making in the development process of the E-Up. From the concept in 2010 to the serial car in 2013, battery capacity decreased by 21%, while range improved by 7%. Also, material costs were reduced by 16% and total energy consumption improved by 23%. (PDF presentation) via (in German)

A seriously mind-blowing experience did Marc Prestley have when he first put his foot down in a Tesla Model S P85+ during his recent test drive. The former mechanic and member of the F1 McLaren Racing pitstop crew enjoyed his ride and sees the Tesla as the most important car of the future of sustainable mobility, along with the Spark-Renault Formula E racer.


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