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New Peugeot PHEV concept: The French carmaker will chose his home show in Paris to present its crossover study called Quartz. Its design speaks of strength which is matched by a 500-hp plug-in hybrid drivetrain featuring one petrol engine and two electric drives.,

Freeride E is ready: KTM finally presented its new electric Freeride E. It will be available in two different trims from October in Europe. With 42 Nm torque and 16 kW peak power, the Freeride can run for an hour with its removable 2.6-kWh battery. Price: 10,995 euros (14,200 dollars).,

Lamborghini released a teaser image ahead of the Paris Motor Show. The graphic only shows a few lines but came with the slogan: “Once perfection is achieved, you can just double it.” Is the brand talking about two power sources and thus working on a plug-in hybrid?,


Kia’s mild hybrid: The Korean company will show its diesel mild hybrid system at Paris Motor Show. It debuted earlier this year in Geneva and is now ready to be put to use in a concept Kia Optima T-Hybrid.

As exclusive as it gets: Top Gear got the chance to test drive Renault’s Eolab concept which will only be unveiled in Paris. They tried everything, from the “comfy seats” to the mainly electric “weekday” drive mode made for commuting and the “weekend” hybrid mode for more fun. We now know: this “concept” is actually a fully functional prototype. Still, Renault says it will not go serial.

Volvo XC90 R: The Swedish carmaker will unveil its new SUV in the R-design in Paris. It will become available to order next month and also the hybrid XC90 can be bought in the R-look that features a sportier look and includes paddle shifters and sports pedals.,


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