Sep 30, 2014 - 08:31 am

PG&E, EDI, Siemens, Akasol, Porsche.

Plug-in-TrucksTruck with power to spare: PG&E and Efficient Drivetrains Incorporated now introduced two jointly developed plug-in hybrid trucks designed for utility providers. With 120 kW exportable power, one of the trucks can provide enough energy to keep the lights on in a neighbourhood while crews are trying to fix whatever problem has caused an outage.,

Internet of Energy: Within EU-funded ‘Internet of Energy for Electric Mobility (IoE)’ project, Siemens is developing solutions for even smarter grids. One of the technologies the company works on, is the integration of EVs into the energy management systems of large buildings.,

Busy Akasol: The battery manufacturer just sealed a deal with the British bus builder Alexander Dennis London (ADL) to supply Li-ion batteries for London’s plug-in double deckers. The battery packs consist of 30 modules, which allow for a charging power of up to 170 kW and can store 61.2 kWh of energy. Just recently, Akasol had delivered battery systems to Bombardier to be deployed in four bendy buses by Solaris that will serve in the German city of Brunswick (we reported). (in German)

Porsche 918 Spyder on fire: One of the 918 hybrid super cars in existence has caught fire at a gas station in Toronto, Canada. What has caused the fire is not clear yet but witnesses speak of overflowing fuel, which might have been ignited by the hot exhaust system., (video)

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Most clicked link on Monday was the announcement of Volkswagen’s plug-in Passat GTE to be presented in Paris next week.


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