Tesla, Kia, Rolec EV & WF Senate, Air Products & Suzuki Shokan.

News from Tesla: The EV pioneer is building a new showroom combined with a service-centre and a row of Superchargers in Rocklin, California, with a massive array of photovoltaic solar cells to power the entire site. Meanwhile, Tesla hopes to be allowed to open as many as twelve of its stores in Texas.
greencarreports.com (California), wfaa.com (Texas)

Taking a back seat: Kia wants to refrain from bringing electric and hybrid vehicles to Australia, as long as there are no clear signs from the government. At the moment, there are no plans for subsidies, nor policies that would push for the development of charging infrastructure.

WF Senate and Rolec EV plug in: Electrical wholesaler WF Senate and Rolec EV announced a cooperation under which the former will distribute Rolec’s EV charging stations for the domestic and commercial sector.
voltimum.co.uk, pandct.com

H2 deal in Japan: Together, U.S. company Air Products and Japanese industrial gas company Suzuki Shokan want to push construction and operation of hydrogen filling stations for the material handling vehicle market in Japan. Talks with a number of “high-profile clients” are allegedly already taking place.

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