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Finns may cut EV taxes: A working group at the Finnish Ministry of Transport is looking at lowering or even eliminating the sales tax on electric cars, hoping to push EV sales. So far, no decision has been reached. There are currently only an estimated one thousand electric cars on the roads of Finland.

Free the road for EVs: Beijing has implemented a further incentive for electric vehicles. A rule dating back to 2008 that only either cars with odd or even numbers are allowed to drive during rush hours was lifted for electric cars as of June 1st. The acceptation will be in place until April 10th, 2016.

Tesla outsources in Germany: Tesla is working with information-technology services company NetSol Technologies to manage auto leasing for customers in Germany. The company will manage all of Tesla´s financing and leasing back-office operations in the country.

Money back: Some 825 plug-in electric vehicle owners in the U.S. state of Georgia are being notified that the state wrongly denied them a 5,000 dollar tax credit last year for owning a zero-emission due to a data entry error. The mistake will of course be rectified.

Pajero outlook: Patent drawings have emerged online, showing the design of the new Mitsubishi Pajero for the first time. It was confirmed that the vehicle will also become available as a plug-in hybrid.

Accord headed to India: Honda confirmed that it will offer its 2016 Accord in India. In addition, a hybrid version of the sedan might follow.


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